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5 Things That Half Moon Cay Has to Offer

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Excuse me while I try not to photo dump all over the place for the next several weeks, okay? 😉

Titus and I returned from our Caribbean cruise with Carnival Cruise a few weeks ago and though it wasn’t an ideal time to travel (it was booked before the virus outbreak), I’m thanking God that we’re healthy and like everyone else, we’re feeling all sorts of emotions for those whose health, families, jobs, & lives are being greatly impacted by this.

I’m also well aware that the coronavirus is limiting pausing travel and though this may affect some of your travel plans for now…tuck this post away for the future! Or if you just need to be in a sunny state of mind, then, by all means, keep reading! I don’t know many (nay ANY) people that aren’t interested in tropical destinations and sunny photos. 😉 Take a break from the news scrolling and start some photo scrolling…sometimes it’s nice to just take a break and fly somewhere…mentally, of course. 😉

With that being said…

snorkeling at half moon cay

Half Moon Cay is a private island in the Bahamas owned by Carnival Cruise Line. It very well may be one of your ports if you’re cruising with Carnival in the Caribbean!

Though I was excited to debark on this island, my expectations were exceeded! It was way bigger and more beautiful than I imagined and Titus & I both said it was one of our favorite destinations on the cruise!

Here’s a little bit about our experience on the island as well as 5 things it has to offer. And some pictures…okay, okay, A LOT! 😉

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5 Things That Half Moon Cay Has to Offer

1. Private beach areas
Okay, so the whole island itself is private, but the beach is HUGE! So as long as you’re willing to walk to the end of the beach, you can have a private beach spot all to yourself (and maybe 2 others) for as long as you want.

There’s a nice spot all set-up with chairs, music, and activities closer to where you’d dock, but if you want something a little more private then just keeeep walking!

2. Cute cabanas
The cabanas are not free so if you actually want to get inside, you have to fork up the dough. But you can benefit even if you don’t pay. They’re so cute to look at….and take pictures with! 😉

beach cabanas

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3. Snorkeling opportunities

Whether you book an excursion or just bring your own gear, there is some good snorkeling on this island. I’ve always wanted to go snorkeling and it didn’t work out on our honeymoon, but almost 6 years later it finally did. Talk about a happy day!

snorkeling in the bahamas

4. Free lunch

You don’t have to worry about starving all day on this island. Not only do they provide lunch…but it’s good too! I had one too many hotdogs hehe and Titus said it was like having a picnic on the beach. #bliss
{there are some restaurants that aren’t free FYI}

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5. Beautiful foliage
Carnival did a great job developing some of the island for use but also keeping a lot of the natural foliage. You can go on a nature walk and it’s super peaceful. Plus, you’ll see cats, chickens, goats, and more!

carnival cruise to the bahamas
carnival cruise to the bahamas

I can’t really think of a negative thing about the island, besides the fact that it’s not a city (obv) so if you get tired of water and sand then you’ll get bored quickly. I’m that way, but kept plenty busy with snorkeling and picture taking.

It’s so fun to relive this day as I sit here in leggings and a beanie at my dining room table haha. There will be plenty more posts and photos so be on the lookout for our adventures in Miami, Nassau, Grand Turk, and around the cruise ship!

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