These DIY Bath Recipes Will Take Your Bath From Basic to Blissful

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After a long hectic day, there is nothing more enjoyable than taking a soothing bath to soak the stress away. And given the ongoing global threat from 2020, there is no better time to indulge in an anxiety-relieving soak using these bath recipes. It is one of the most effective ways to enhance your self-care and overall well-being.

So, why not end (or start) your day off with a revitalizing soak-in? These three bath recipes will take your bath time from boring to a spa-like experience. From tub teas to Himalayan and Coconut milk baths, scroll on to get refreshed, rejuvenated, and relaxed.

Bath Tea Recipe

To make your tub time more blissful, opt for a bath tea. As the name suggests, bath teas are tea sachets dunked in a warm bath. They are a sure way of finding calm and inner peace, while also delivering silky, smooth skin.

If you’re ready to become a DIY Queen, and make a bath tea from scratch, follow the instructions below:

How to make a bath tea


Tea sachets

Besides the fact that the tea sachets will make your bath time look aesthetically pleasing and fancy, they will hold all your ingredients with ease. Plus, you don’t have to worry about messing up your tub with herbs and salts.

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Lavender flowers

If you want to turn your bath time into a 5-star spa-like experience, lavender will help add a touch of glamour to your bath. Not to mention the gentle and heavenly scents can treat a variety of conditions like anxiety, restlessness, and sadness.

Lavender Flowers for Tea

Colloidal oatmeal

Colloidal oatmeal is the perfect ingredient for self-care purposes. It works well for soothing, softening, and boosting moisture in the skin. It may be a splurge sometimes but it is worth every penny, particularly if you have eczema flare-ups, itchy skin, or rashes.

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Epsom salt

This is not your ordinary table salt, but rather a compound of pure magnesium and sulfate. It is a great ingredient for detoxing the body. So, if you are experiencing inflammation, sore muscles, or you just need to flush out the toxins – Epsom salts will absorb in your skin and reduce any of those issues.

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Time for the exciting part!

  1. Use a spoon to fill each tea sachet with lavender flowers, Epsom salt, and colloidal oatmeal. Once you’re done adding those lovely ingredients, pull the sachet’s drawstring closed as tight as possible, to ensure that the contents don’t escape the bag and clog your bathtub.
  1. When you’re ready to use it and pamper yourself, add the bath tea to warm water for five minutes before hopping in.
  2. After you are done treating yourself to a nourishing bath, remove the teabag before you drain your bathwater. You can either throw it in the trash or use it as compost for your home garden.

Himalayan and Coconut Milk Bath

A good Himalayan and coconut milk bath provide a perfect element of escapism — a moment of self-care to take your mind off any stress-inducing thoughts.

Taking this soothing bath soak is also the best way to achieve baby soft and sweet-scented skin.

Creating a lavish Himalayan and coconut milk bath may sound complicated, but it’s actually easy. So, if you’re ready to achieve soft and supple skin. Scroll on to learn the recipe:


Mason Jars

Mason jars are handy for storing any leftover ingredients for your next relaxing ath. Plus, just picture how pretty it will look perched next to your bathtub.

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Himalayan Sea Salt

Dealing with redness or skin irritation? Look no further than Himalayan Sea salt. It’s not just used to spice food. This salt can be added to a bath as well! It helps treat eczema and psoriasis.

Viva Doria Himalayan Pink Sea Salt

Rose Flowers

Dried rose petals will make you feel like you’re taking a flower bath in Bali, but a fancy rose petal bath isn’t just about the aesthetic. It soothes irritated skin, brightens your complexion, and tightens your pores for flawless-looking skin.

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Dry Rose Petals, Red and Fragrant


If you love mint tea, you’re going to enjoy sprinkling dried mint leaves in your cleansing baths. On top of making your bathroom smell amazing – Mints are used for a multitude of ailments like improving cold symptoms, alleviating allergies, etc.

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Coconut Milk

If you can’t seem to deal with dry skin, the best way to moisturize and hydrate your skin is with coconut milk.

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Organic Coconut Milk - 13.5oz - Good & Gather™

½ Cup of Himalayan Sea Salt or Epsom Salt
¼ Cup of Rose Flowers (Fresh or Dried Petals) Or 3 drops of Rose Oil
¼ Cup of Mint (Fresh or dried sprigs)
½ Cup of Coconut Milk


  1. Create a tranquil experience by adding a relaxing ambiance in your bathroom with candles, music, and incense.
  2. Add all the ingredients in a bowl and toss gently to combine. When it is well mixed, transfer it in a mason jar to store. Keep the jar in a cool dark place and use it within two months.
  3. Fill up your tub with a handful of the mixture. and allow it to dissolve in hot water before you hop in the bath.
  4. Enjoy your lavish bath and soak in all the detoxifying minerals.

Lavender Epsom Detox Bath Recipe

Taking a lavender Epsom detox bath will take your bathtime from basic to blissful.

This specific detox mixture is popularly used to soothe and calm the mind. Plus, the Epsom salt makes this bath recipe rich in minerals that can do everything from detoxifying the skin to soothing sore muscles. So, when you need to treat both your body and mind, a lavender Epsom detox bath will help soak the bad vibes away.

Ahead, you’ll find a quick and easy Lavender and Epsom Detox Bath recipe:


20 Oz Epsom Salt

1 Tbs Lavender

2 ML (about 40 drops) Vetiver essential oils

  1. In a large mixing bowl, combine the Epsom salt.
  2. Add the Vetiver essential oils. Use your hands to thoroughly mix in.
  3. Add the dried lavender and mix in thoroughly.
  4. Transfer the finished mixture to mason jars. Store it in a cool dark place.
  5. Once you’re ready for some tub time, add a large handful to hot bath water.
  6. Sit back and enjoy your luxurious bath.

There is nothing more peaceful than sitting in a hot bath. But instead of just sitting in plain hot water, try using one of these three ritual baths to unwind and destress. It’s the best way to feel cool, calm, and collected.

Now that you have chosen the right bath recipes, it’s time to transform your bathroom into a spa with this affordable bathroom makeover idea!

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