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My Minimalist Makeup Collection & 5 Minute Simple Yet Polished Makeup Routine!

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I love makeup as much as the next girl, but makeup routines that take hours involving an army of products are not my thing. First off, the skill. I don’t have it. Baking, creasing, contouring, highlighting…Yep, those are all beauty terms and yep, I got passed over when those skills got handed out. And don’t even get me started on applying false eyelashes.

Okay, you got me started. When I attempted to put false eyelashes on myself I somehow glued my fingers together. The eyelashes were nowhere to be found.

But secondly, the time. Who’s got it?

Unless makeup is something you enjoy applying, most of us want to look good with very minimal effort. That’s when a minimal makeup routine and collection come in handy. I’m a big fan of having a minimal makeup collection for several reasons!

The benefits of a minimalist makeup collection

Save money
A minimal makeup collection can save you tons of money because you’re not buying into every trend or new product out there in the beauty industry and instead, you’re sticking with the core items (just like capsule wardrobes).

The average woman will spend $225,360 over the course of a lifetime on her appearance. I have even heard of women that have gone into debt over makeup! Now, I’m not saying that spending on your appearance is wrong. In fact, I’ve recently just dabbled in getting facials.

The difference, however, is that I know exactly where my money is going and what I’m doing with it instead of spending $40 here and there on random makeup only to throw it away a few months later, barely used. A minimal makeup collection not only saves you money because you’re buying less, but it helps you to be more intentional with what you’re spending your money on too.

Save space & have less stress
There are times when I’ll browse through a makeup aisle and go a little crazy, only to feel the consequences of my actions later. My makeup bag is overflowing. My backup storage basket is overflowing. How can one person use all of this? Do I really need 15 lip colors?

It took me a while to give myself permission to either pass these on or toss them because I didn’t want to “waste money”, but by not even using them, the money was already wasted. So why not just clear them out and get my sanity back? That’s worth all the money in the world to me!

It’s scientifically proven that clutter and mess can cause stress. Having less makeup gives you more breathing room in your home and storage spaces because you’re not having to make room for a makeup collection that rivals one of a professional makeup artist.

Save time
Your minimalist makeup collection consists of just a few steps instead of a million. Looking put together in 5 minutes or less? Yes, please! Using minimal products not only saves you time getting ready in the morning, but it also saves time cleaning because you have less to organize. AND it saves you time shopping because you have less to buy. Plus, once you find your favorites all you have to do is quickly reorder (if you shop online), taking your shopping down to mere minutes.

Have healthier skin
Using higher quality products can help acne-prone skin and putting less makeup on your face can give you more youthful skin too. After all, it’s good for the skin to breathe and research has shown that regular use of excess makeup can lead to early aging and aggravate fine lines.

Embrace your natural beauty

I’ve always thought that I don’t want someone to see me without a full face of makeup and think that I look tired, sick, or worse, completely different. Using less makeup helps you appreciate your natural look more. This will only help you embrace and love the real you!

If I were to wear a ton of makeup daily, I’d get used to that being my look and when it was time to take it off, I’d feel naked and if I’m being honest, probably a little ugly. Heavy makeup is reserved for photoshoots and special events; I don’t give myself a chance to think a glam look is my main look.

As you can see, a minimal makeup collection not only saves time, space, and money, but it can give you more radiant skin in the long run too. Now here’s what I use to achieve my simple and polished makeup routine that takes less than 5 minutes. Yep, I timed myself!

My 5 Minute Makeup Routine

After doing my skincare routine and mixing my moisturizer with these tanning drops for a little glow, I’ll start with my cream concealer from Glossier.


I LOVE this cream concealer. It melts into your skin and looks very natural. Plus, there are so many shades that can cater to every skin tone. This product is just the thing for natural-looking makeup.

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If I’m having a breakout or my skin tone is looking uneven and I need a little extra coverage, then I’ll lightly apply bareMinerals powder.


This step makes me feel like I’m “coming alive” and this bronzer is perfect for adding a little bit of color to your face. I love this particular product because it looks so natural. Plus, I can feel good about the products that will be sitting on my face for hours. Just like in fashion, fewer products but higher quality is the goal.

Cloud Paint (Cream Blush)

A little bit of this product definitely goes a long way. Though Glossier products can be on the expensive side, they’ve been lasting me for a long time. Blush in general is great to add some warmth and rosiness to your face and I love this one because it looks so natural.

Brow Gel

Brows can completely transform your face! I embrace the more natural brow look, so I love a little bit of brow gel just to keep them in place. My brows keep their shape all day thanks to this gel! This is another one of my all-time favorite products.


I don’t feel complete without mascara. Mascara makes your eyes pop and it’s like the lipstick to your face. Wait, no never mind, that’s actually lipstick. 😉 Either way, mascara is more than worth having in your makeup bag!

Lip gloss or lip balm

A little swipe of something on your lips and you’re ready to head out the door! For home, I usually just complete my makeup look with chapstick, but something with a little bit of color is a great way to look put together too.

Puting Together Your Minimalist Makeup Collection

When putting together your own minimalist makeup bag, it’s important to personalize it to suit your needs.

My skin is acne-prone so I personally don’t use liquids, but a bb cream or tinted moisturizer instead of concealer or powder foundation can be great for a light yet polished look. The best makeup routine is the one that takes into account your skin type!

With so many new beauty products constantly hitting the shelves, it’s tempting to want to fill your makeup drawer with things you probably don’t really need. And then there’s social media, where beauty influencers can sometimes make you feel like you just need that latest eyebrow brush or new technique. And I’m not criticizing, I understand that it’s their job!

But when looking to add something new to your makeup collection, ask yourself what it is you’d like to conceal or improve. If you have dark under-eye circles then add a concealer that’s made for under-eye creasing. If you’d like to improve your skin tone, then look into getting a great bb or cc cream.

Before buying new, try to shop your stash first. If you have tons of products threatening to topple off your bathroom shelf, then you won’t even use what you have!

Here are some essentials of a minimalist makeup collection to put together your own minimal makeup look:

  • Concealer
  • Lightweight foundation, bb cream, cc cream, and/or tinted moisturizer
  • Bronzer and/or blush (something to add a little color)
  • Mascara
  • Brow gel or pencil
  • Lip balm

Makeup brands to check out:

The best part is that you customize your makeup collection to work for you. Though I skip the eyeshadow, that might be the one thing that makes you feel alive. Whatever the products, try to keep it 9 products or less, if you start getting into 10-15, well, then that takes away the whole point of a minimalist makeup collection!

Another way to have less and get more bang for your buck is to look for items that can take the place of other products.

For example, a tinted multi-stick can work for your cheeks, eyes, and lips. Or instead of having an eyebrow pencil and a clear brow gel, just get tinted brow gel so it shapes your eyebrows and colors them in at the same time. Having items that can be used in different ways is a great thing to keep in mind for your capsule makeup collection!

If you want to enjoy the process of putting on makeup every morning, then make sure your bathroom or vanity is clean and organized!

Now, complete your collection! Find your chic minimalist makeup bag in the widget below:

Don’t worry about trying to keep up with the latest beauty trends or fads. It’s all going to change anyway. Remember when beauty blenders were the huge thing? Then contouring and highlighting? Then having groomed brows was the style. Then bushy brows were cool again. And now I’m sure there’s something else that’s popular that I’m not even cool enough to know yet.

Find what you love and stick to it! Of course, if you want to switch something up you totally can, but do it because you want to, not because social media or marketing makes you think you need to.

I hope this minimal makeup routine has shown you that you don’t need a lot of makeup to look put together! Using a few quality items will have you looking polished in no time, ready to start your day with style and confidence.

If you’re looking for other ways to start your day off right, check out the post below for my best getting ready tips!

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minimal makeup collection
minimalist makeup collection


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