classy master bathroom reveal

Classy Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

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This master bathroom makeover is one of those rare renovation times where it ends up not being all *that* hard and on budget. Though in the past we did have big plans for this bathroom, we decided not to do anything major and just do cosmetic changes. You can read why we decided that here.

Even though we had a pretty small space to work with, I’m really happy with how it came together. It feels bigger, nicer, and classier!

Let’s start off with the before & afters and then we’ll get into the details. Stay till the end because I’ll list all the sources!

Classy Master Bathroom Makeover Reveal

Before & After

The Details

The shower tile needs a major update in the future (see photo above) and this curtain works fabulously in the meantime. It looks so elegant and hides the eyesore. Plus, the tall curtain draws your eye up and makes the room feel bigger!

I wanted this space to feel glam yet a little rustic at the same time to fit in with the rest of the house style. You can see our exterior here. I felt like I was able to achieve that with the spa-like details such as the bowl sink and the white towels, mixed with the warm wood rustic floating shelves and decor.

french country bathroom

For our hardware, I went with antique brass. Gives the glam of gold and yet a touch of vintage at the same time!

You may have read my updated master bath plans and well, I didn’t get all the storage and the big vanity that I wanted. So what did I do instead? Well, I took my own advice that I give you for your wardrobes and I PARED DOWN!

I limited all my beauty items to one small basket that I keep under the sink where the towels are. I did move it for the photos because it doesn’t match. 😉 Surprisingly, I don’t need as many products as I thought. Funny how that happens…

If I do need something though, I head to the guest bath closet to get it. I don’t go back and forth much and right now it’s not a bother.

The floor is one of my favorite features. The original floor was carpet, then we ripped that out and lived with painted subfloor for a while, so this cool & pretty marble-esque tile feels very luxurious to me.

We decided to do a console table as a vanity for a couple of different reasons. I wanted it to feel more open because it’s such a small space, I thought a unique piece like this could achieve the classy/rustic look I was going for and well, price. Vanities are pretty pricey and ones in our budget were pretty basic and not worth getting in my opinion when we could spend less or the same for something a bit more interesting.

I’m sure future homeowners would probably prefer more storage, but we all know most people go rip everything out and put in what they want anyway haha. At least we do… 🙂

This console table was $70 (!!) from Hobby Lobby. We did a clear matte sealer to protect against water.

french country bathroom


open weave basket under sink- Michaels, similar
mirror (FB Marketplace (only $20!!), similar here)
soap dispenser
shelves- Hobby Lobby, similar here and here
leaf print- Hobby Lobby, similar
urn/pot- Michaels, similar
trash can (not pictured)
frames for print on shelves (prints are from online)
white towels
natural toothbrushes that look good on display– (not pictured)
ceramic tile- Lowes {clearance find}
console/entryway table- Hobby Lobby, similar here and here

Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll answer them in the comments!

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