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  1. I usually go with a list as well, but I love the idea of also making a schedule- it makes packing a whole lot more practical. You can run through the occasions/locations ahead and prepare accordingly!

  2. Ahh! I love your ideas so much. And I also love that they’re not all super bright colors or vibrant patterns. It’s nice to keep things neutral and easy to mix and match for vacation. Such great options here. I bet you’re so stoked for your trip!

    • Thank you! So excited to finally make LA happen. Hope you get to go sometime soon!

  3. I’m definitely a carry on only traveler when I go abroad but domestic I usually fly Southwest and since they give you free checked bags, I take advantage of it. I’m looking to book a beach vacay soon, so these tips came just in time! Thanks girl

  4. I don’t know yet where I’m going for spring break but a warm place would be nice. I like the idea of shorts and crop tops!!! Loved your picks <3

  5. Packing in a carry-on only is never easy but can be so worth it! Love this break down and your picks – so many fun finds!

  6. These are some really great tips. Beach vacay is always easier since you don’t have to pack bulky jackets. But the fact that you got so many outfits from 12 pieces is super impressive!

    • Totally agree. You have more room when you don’t have to worry about boots and coats!

  7. These tips are great! I’m definitely an overpacker and unless it’s just a night or two, I’ll always check a bag— I just can’t get everything I want to bring in a carry-on!

    I hope the LA weather is nice for your visit– it’s been chilly lately!

    • Oh man! I hope it’s nice for me too. But I’m coming from Iowa, so it will probably feel like the Bahamas haha!

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