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6 Best High-End Non-Slip Shoes for Women (That Are Actually Stylish)

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Who said slip-resistant shoes have to be unattractive? Certainly not. I know that when you’re on the search for the right non-slip shoes, most search results are bulky men’s shoes from Walmart or Dr. Scholls. However, it is possible to find the best high-end non-slip shoes for women. If your work demands you to travel a lot or if you work in the restaurant industry and you need slip-resistant shoes, we have a list of the best non-slip shoes. But before you here pick a new pair of high-end shoes, here are some features to look out for:

What To Look For in High-End Non-Slip Shoes for Women

Material: The best way to identify non-slip shoes is whether they have a rubber sole. This material makes it ideal for walking on wet or slick floors to stop accidental falls.

Pattern: An interlocked tread pattern on the outsole of a non-slip shoe is a good feature to have for slippery conditions. This pattern leaves no room for water to enter the outsole as it channels the liquid away from the shoe.

Comfort: Besides a non-slip feature, the shoes should have a cushioned insole and arch support. This is great if you have long shifts at your job. Another great thing to look out for is a roomy toe box.

Water Resistant Upper: Most shoes with slip resistance often feature a waterproof upper.

Now without further ado, it’s time to help you pick a high-end non-slip shoe!

1. Cole Haan GrandPro Topspin Sneaker

If you’re looking for a travel sneaker, this is a great option for your jet-setter lifestyle. It has 456 reviews and a 4.6-star rating on Nordstrom for a good reason. The shoe not only has a classic look, but it also has rubber caps at the toe and heel for a better grip. It also has a cushioned footbed for a comfortable fit and a rubber sole.

What people love about these shoes: “Ordered these on a whim and pleasantly surprised! They are extremely light, very comfortable and really cute! I’ve had a couple of Rag & Bone sneakers, Stan Smith, Nike, etc and these are by far the most comfortable.”

2. Adidas Originals Women’s Swift Running Shoe

These are the types of shoes that would be perfect for healthcare workers who spend a long time on their feet. The athletic shoes have 11, 214 reviews on Amazon and a near-perfect 4.5-star rating. They are a good option because the EVA midsole is there to help your feet feel comfortable during long days at the hospital. Reviewers love how the shoes have a genuine grip.

What people love about these shoes: “I bought these to wear at work as a nurse. They are very comfy and my feet don’t ache too much at the end of the day. They’re great for sprinting down the hall during crazy rapid responses and I find that they have a great grip on slippery surfaces.”

3. Nike Revolution 6 Next Nature

The Nike Revolution 6 sneakers are the perfect pair of shoes for restaurant workers. It has a computer-generated design that combines cushioning and flexibility to create durable traction. The stylish shoes also have a breathable mesh fabric for a comfortable feel.

What people love about these shoes: “My wife loves jogging through our neighborhood and these are her new favorite shoes. They have great grip on the pavement, comfortable arch support, and snug fit which she prefers.”

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4. Vivaia Margot Ballet Flat

Equally stylish and durable, these ballet flats have a rubber outsole for an efficient grip. The elegant flats also feature a cushioned insole making them comfortable shoes for a work environment. These ballet flats have a cult following and a 4.7 review!

What people love about these shoes: “Comfortable and great shoes for traveling. I gave a talk at a conference recently and I slipped into these comfortable and stylish shoes before stepping onto the stage – bliss!”

5. FitFlop Allegro Leather Ballet Flat

Give your feet all-day comfort by slipping on these timeless ballet flats. They feature a leather upper and non-slip soles for secure walking. Thanks to the cushioned footbed with arch support, the shoes have an American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA) Seal of Acceptance.

What people love about these shoes: “This is an exceptionally comfortable, versatile, incredibly well-made flat that I am absolutely sure I can stand in for hours, walk miles in, and pair with anything. Perfect little flat!”

6. Tory Burch Minnie Travel Ballet Flat

If you’re looking for a new pair of luxury shoes with non-slip qualities, I have good news for you: These Minnie travel flats will tick all your boxes. These chic flats have a rubber sole which is suitable for slip-resistance on greasy or wet floors. Not to mention they have a 4.7 review!

What people love about these shoes: “The most comfortable flats I’ve ever worn. The leather is soft and supple and adds to the premium feel. The cushion is just right; not too much, and not too little. The soles are grippy while not taking away from the elegant design.”

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These best high-end non-slip shoes for women are perfect for work, traveling, or any leisure activities. With style and function, these features will give you all the stability that you need.

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best high end non slip shoes for women


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