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7 Best Women’s Shoes for Foot Pain

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Life can be hard enough as it is, so why add to the burden by making your foot pain worse? There are plenty of shoes to make your feet happy, it’s just a matter of picking the right one! So, what are the best women’s shoes for foot pain?

Before we head on to the 7 best footwear to soothe your throbbing joints and ligaments, make sure you see a doctor first to investigate what is causing your foot pain. Here are the most common reasons:

  • Achilles tendinitis – This is mostly a runner’s condition. If you are an athlete, this is probably causing your frequent yelps of pain. It’s a mild ache along the back of your leg, or just above the heel. The pain gets worse when climbing stairs or doing sports.
  • Bunions – Do you notice that bump on your big toe’s joint? Yes. Painful, especially if you’re wearing narrow shoes. This is caused by either the natural shape of your foot or arthritis. I have bunions and sadly, they run in the family. But you can do surgery to remove them.
  • Bursitis – Achy and stiff sensation or swelling and redness on the base of your big toe or heel. Age could contribute to this or an underlying medical condition.
  • Foot and Ankle Arthritis – You experience pain when you walk or put weight on your foot. It is also characterized by stiffness in the joints, swelling, and even warmth. The pain gets worse at rest.
  • Hammertoe/mallet toe – You may be suffering from this condition if you notice an abnormal bend in the middle joint of your toe. This could be a result of trauma or injury. It can also be a result of very bad shoes for you, like high heels.
  • Metatarsalgia – It is a pain and Inflammation in the ball of your foot. Sometimes it feels like you have a pebble in your shoe (you’re not hallucinating, don’t worry). Sometimes you feel sharp, shooting pain in your toes. Most athletes suffer from this.

7 Best Women’s Shoes for Foot Pain

1. OrthoFeet Women’s Sneakers

shoes for foot pain

Though this may look like just a regular sneaker, Orthofeet creates shoes that are designed for those suffering from foot pain. Whether you are suffering from arthritis, plantar fasciitis (even back, knee, or hip pain!), this sneaker offers guaranteed comfort from those conditions.

Its innovative technology offers arch support, heel cushioning, and superior comfort. Give these shoes a try if you’re looking for pillow-like support!

What women are saying: “I received these shoes this morning. As I love to walk for weight control and my dog was due a walk, I put on these shoes and away we went. Elvis (my chiweenie) and I walked in the river walk path in our town for 2 miles. My feet, ankles and legs felt wonderful. First time in years!”

2. Taos Women’s Trulie Wedge Sandal

up to $174.95

You can walk with style even with plantar fasciitis! The New Mexico landscape was the inspiration for the embroidery, stitching, and colors. This 100-percent leather and synthetic sandal can match your summer dress, cute skirt, or shorts–and that smile of yours (because it’s so comfortable!)

Equipped with metatarsal support, it is lightweight with a suede footbed, and straps fashioned to fit snugly. The sandal also gently curves at the bottom, which significantly reduces heel pressure. The 1.5-inch heel is crafted to improve your walk.

What women are saying: “This is shoe that feels like you have already worn when you first walk in it, no breaking in, so easy to put on. I am 90 years old and love the Velcro instead of buckles like some sandals have. Wore them today, did not tire my feet light enough to wear all day. I love them. Yes even 90 year olds like comfortable sandals for our aged feet!”

3. Birkenstock Tracy Mary Jane

up to $150

These pretty shoes look like your typical Mary Jane’s, but lo and behold! They are actually designed to target one debilitating foot condition: metatarsalgia, (or ball-of-foot pain). The shoe is not chunky, but slender and narrow, like ballet shoes, which look great when going for a simple yet chic look.

The perfect arch height and the anatomically shaped footbed create wonders to alleviate your suffering and despair, making them one of the best women’s shoes for foot pain. It’s got leather uppers in dainty, feminine colors, such as sand, silver, and dark mauve.

What women are saying: “My Dr recommended Birkenstock’s for their arch support as I recover from a running injury. I had the classic sandal style but needed something for work. These are incredibly comfortable and much cuter on than I was honestly expecting. I will be wearing them as I heal, and long after. Love these shoes.”

4. Rockport Cobb Hill Nicole bootie

up to $118.86

Hey, hammertoe sufferers! There’s a lovely pair of ankle boots lovingly designed for you. It’s also the choice pick for those with bunions, as it is wide enough not to hurt that bony bump.

Stylish and versatile, they can go with tights, ankle-length dresses, straight-leg jeans, maxi, or short dresses. The distressed leather upper and soft fabric lining, plus the ethylene-vinyl acetate with added cushioning, make these boots a dream comfort wear.

What women are saying: “The moment I tried these on I felt like I never wanted to take them off. They are beyond comfortable along with superior arch support. I am seriously considering buying another color of them because they are so fantastic in style and comfort.”

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5. Alegria Classic Clogs

clogs for foot pain
Up to $149.95

It is very difficult to find the best women’s shoes for foot pain if you have rheumatoid arthritis, plantar fasciitis, or even back pain. Thankfully, that’s where these clogs come in. These shoes are certified by the American Podiatric Medical Association as a recommended footwear!

Like medicine for sick feet, the footbed is made of ergonomic cork and latex, with a rocker sole. It has a slip-resistant outsole to decrease metatarsal pressure, making them the choice of footwear for those whose work demands long walks, hours of standing, and other occupational types of work.

What women are saying: “The Chiropractor is officially off my list! For the past two years I have been dealing with extreme lower back pain. I could no longer do the things I once enjoyed doing and was in constant pain. It didn’t help that as a sales associate I was in my feet all day. So, I took early retirement and mostly stayed home for the next seven months because my pain continued to get worse…

I have now been back to work for over two weeks now, am on my feet all day long and have not experienced any lower back pain! It is absolutely amazing! These shoes have made an extraordinary difference in the quality of my life and I am now optimistic about getting back to the things I used to love doing.”

6. Vionic Women’s Tawny Platform Wedge

up to $120.77

The summer season calls for open-toe sandals to match your warm-weather outfits. If you think that all orthopedic shoes are ugly and chunky, you’re wrong. Sometimes they come in gorgeous wedge platform sandals just like this one from Vionic.

Say goodbye to your nightmarish plantar fasciitis symptoms with this timeless pair of sandals with a footbed designed by a podiatrist so you can wear them all day long with pure comfort. Weep with joy because of the sandal’s top-quality smooth leather upper, nice 3-inch heels, which are all combined with the brand’s shoe ortho-technology. These shoes look like normal sandals to the naked eye, but every detail has been crafted specifically for medical conditions.

What women are saying: “I have a few vionic sandals, and they have helped my plantar fasciitis heal. But these shoes are the best Vionic has ever made! I wore this at a wedding, and my feet never ached at all! I was on my feet from 2 to 10 pm. The design and color were gorgeous too. I only wish they would go on sale, so I could buy another pair.”

7. ASICS Women’s Running Shoes

best shoes for foot pain
Up to $265

The art of finding the best women’s shoes is not so easy; but here’s a tip–read reviews and testimonials. One well-reviewed shoe for the pained woman is ASICS’s running shoes.

Not only does this shoe alleviate the aches and pains of a sensitive foot, but it also enhances your running performance. It features technology that is responsible for a thrilling bouncy feel and excellent responsiveness. For shock absorption, the heel is clothed with super-soft cushioning.

What women are saying: “Finally found relief from heel pain (plantar fasciitis). This shoe is very supportive around the arch and provides the perfect amount of cushion under the heel. True to size with plenty of space for toes to lay completely flat. Just wish they offered additional colors/patterns.”

I feel your pain, and the list above are the best women’s shoes for foot pain based on reviews to help you enjoy the simple pleasure of getting from Point A to Point B without any discomfort!

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