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Top 10 Best Jeans for a Pear Shaped Body You Need in Your Closet

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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As women, we come in all different shapes and sizes, making us all uniquely beautiful. However, shopping for your body type and figure can be challenging, especially when finding the perfect pair of jeans! You’re not alone if you’re a woman searching for the best jeans for a pear-shaped body. Luckily, some options can make you feel and look your very best while also being comfortable in what you wear daily. 

Once upon a time, an overbearing beauty standard dismissed the value and beauty of certain body types. Fortunately, our society has begun marching into a more accepting era that sees beauty in those who fall under these categories. Pear-shaped bodies are no less valuable, but finding clothes that make you feel physically comfortable can be challenging. Jeans can be especially difficult to find since many styles tend to cling to women’s skin, and denim can be restrictive.

This is not to say it is impossible to find comfortable jeans for a distinct body type – just that you must take care when selecting a brand and style. Fortunately, jeans are one type of clothing that is constantly being adapted as the years pass, and 2024 should generate a perfect pair for you. Check out these top 10 best jeans for pear-shaped bodies – you won’t regret adding these to your wardrobe!

Top 10 Best Jeans for Pear Shaped Body You Need in Your Closet

A pear-shaped body, which means your hip area is wider than your upper body (bust and shoulders), can sometimes be harder to shop for jeans because of denim’s tight, figure-hugging nature. Generally, bootcut and wide-legged/flare jeans in a dark wash will be perfect for your bottom half.

Just remember not to be ashamed of your full hips and that you’re not confined to only one jean style! The denim options below are highly rated for a pear-shaped body.

1. Madewell Straight Leg Jeans

best jeans for pear shaped body

When in doubt, go with a dark-wash straight-leg design. The dark color elongates your legs, while the straight cut stays true to your natural curves. This pair is ideal for a pear-shaped body because of its versatile styling options and flattering high-rise waistline.

2. Madewell Skinny Jeans

best jeans for pear shaped body

Despite the current popular jean style at the moment (baggy and loose), skinny jeans are still a good option to have in your closet. This pair from Madewell offers a chic ankle-length hem and a flexible, semi-stretchy denim material that flatters every woman’s body type – pear-shaped bodies included!

3. Everlane ‘90s Cheeky Straight Jean

best jeans for pear shaped body

Looking for something a little lighter? Add these adorable light-wash jeans to your cart. The vintage-inspired look is made with non-stretch Japanese denim, so the structure will never wear out on you. The simple straight-leg, high-rise cut, and backside-firming fit make this one of the best jeans for a pear-shaped body.

4. Everlane Curvy High-Waisted Jeans

Every woman needs a black pair of jeans in her wardrobe. The curvy pair from Madewell is ideal for a casual yet cool outfit of the day. The high-waist fit accentuates your curves and makes you appreciate your body shape even more!

5. Madewell The Perfect Vintage Jean

Madewell is best known for their plethora of flattering denim options and range of inclusive sizing, offering the best jeans for a pear-shaped body. The waist-accentuating high-rise style is a classic style, and these jeans will surely end your tireless search for a pair of pants that fits you as well as you deserve!

6. Good American Straight Leg Compression Jean

Good American is known for making jeans for those with wider hips and an hourglass shape, but they’re also dedicated to creating denim options that work for any and all body shapes and sizes! This pair is especially flattering on women with a pear shape figure because of its extra stretchy material, higher rise, flat tummy technology, and gap-proof waistband that hugs you in comfortably.

The medium-wash color of these jeans is perfect for almost every outfit you can dream up with the ability to be dressed up or down for any occasion.

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7. Old Navy Mid-Rise Dark-Wash Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans

Mid-Rise Dark-Wash Kicker Boot-Cut Jeans for Women

The boot-cut outline and dark wash shade of these jeans are sure to make your legs look a mile long. They can easily be paired with any blouse, sweater, or tank top depending on the season, making them perfect for styling at any time of the year. Every woman with a pear shaped figure needs a pair of bootcut jeans in her closet. You can throw on a pair of high heels with bootcut jeans too!

8. Everlane The Original Curvy Cheeky Jean

Black jeans are a necessary staple that every woman, no matter what her body type may be, should have in her wardrobe. They can easily be upgraded with a cute button-up shirt for a business casual outfit or paired with a more casual top for a night out. This pair from Everlane has a curvy fit and this denim is designed specifically for hourglass shapes. An hourglass shape has a wider lower body and a small waist, which is the same as a pear-shaped body.

Curious what your body type is? I have a resource to help you figure that out!

9. J. Crew Curvy Vintage Straight Jean

j.crew pear shaped body jeans

Calling all curvy girls! The high-rise waistline with the straight-leg silhouette delivers the denim of your fashion dreams. The fit gives instant definition to your waist but with enough room to cover your hips, thighs, and backside with ease. You’ll feel more fierce than ever the second you slip these jeans on.

10. Madewell Kick Out Crop Jeans

Kick-out or flare jeans should be on your shopping list when finding the best jeans for a pear shaped body because they add balance to your thigh and hip area. This “magic” material hugs the body and bounces back quickly – avoiding any mid-day bagginess.

Finding the Perfect Jeans for Your Pear Shape Body

Remember that everyone’s body is unique. What works for one person might not work for you. It’s important to feel confident and comfortable in your clothes. If a pair of jeans makes you feel good, that’s the pair for you. So ultimately, the best denim style is the one that makes you feel confident.

But to further help you in your denim search, here are even more tips to keep in mind when shopping for jeans if you have a pear-shaped body:

  1. Emphasize Balance: As a pear shape, you’re likely to have wider hips and thighs compared to your shoulders and bust. Because of this, opt for jeans that balance your lower body with your upper body.
  2. Go For Stretch Denim: You want to hug those curves, after all, so choose jeans with some amount of spandex or elastane in them. The stretch will make them more comfortable and allow them to fit better on your hips and thighs.
  3. Consider Boot Cut: A slight flare at the end of your jeans can balance out your hips, making your body appear more proportionate.
  4. Try Straight Leg Jeans: They streamline the leg, making the hips look slimmer. They also have enough room to accommodate the hips and thighs without being too tight.
  5. Mid to High Rise: High-waisted jeans can help define your waist and give you an hourglass shape, whereas low-rise jeans might create a muffin top.
  6. Dark Washes Are Flattering: Darker wash jeans give a slimming effect, drawing less attention to the lower body.
  7. Opt For Wide Waistbands: These give better coverage for the hips and stomach area and also offer better support.
  8. Avoid Extra Embellishments: Anything that adds volume to your hips and thighs (like cargo pockets or flashy decorations) should be avoided.
  9. Know Your Measurements: Your waist, hips, thighs, and inseam measurements are critical for shopping online or for trying new brands. This makes it easier to choose the right fit.
  10. Invest In Tailoring: Sometimes you might find a great pair of jeans but they don’t fit perfectly. Consider tailoring to make them fit you well. It can really make a difference.
  11. Be Patient and Try On Several Pairs: Jeans are tricky and even with all these tips, finding the perfect pair can take time. Try on several styles and brands to figure out what works best for your body shape.
  12. Size Doesn’t Matter: The perfect fit does! So don’t worry if you have to go up a size or down. All brands size differently. Your comfort is paramount.

The Best Jean Brands for Pear-Shaped Bodies

We’ve already covered popular brands like Everlane, Madewell, Good American, and J.Crew, but there are still other brands worth checking out!

  1. Levi’s: Their Curvy line was designed specifically with the pear-shaped woman in mind. Levi’s Curve ID Bootcut jeans are perfect for the job.
  2. Gap: The ‘Gap Resolution’ collection offers a good fit for pear-shaped women. These jeans come in various colors, sizes, and styles.
  3. American Eagle: American Eagle’s High-Waisted Artist Flare Jean gives a balanced look for pear shapes with its wider leg style.
  4. NYDJ: Their signature Lift Tuck technology will help contour your waist, hips, and backside.
  5. Lee Jeans: The Modern Series Curvy Fit from Lee is fantastic for those with pear shapes.
  6. 7 For All Mankind: They offer high-waisted, bootcut styles that are perfect for a pear-shaped body.
  7. Joe’s Jeans: Their Honey Curvy Bootcut offers extra room through the hip and thigh and tapers out into a slight bootcut to balance your wider hips.
  8. Silver Jeans Co: Specifically, their Suki line is constructed to hug your curves and prevent gapping at the waist.
  9. Lucky Brand: Their Lolita Skinny and Ginger Boot are both designed for curvy body types, providing extra room in the hip and thigh area.

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