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The Outfits We Should Really Be Copying in “Emily in Paris” (Season 2)

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Hate it or love it, everyone is talking about it: Emily in Paris. With French fashion being covered extensively on this website, of course I have to do my due diligence when a TV show comes out about an American in Paris. How’s the fashion and what inspiration does this give us?

Emily, the main star of this show, has a very colorful and bold approach to fashion. Though it’s not exactly my cup of tea, it’s done strategically. Most of her outfits are eclectic, cheesy, and a little bit trying too hard, representative of what a young American professional woman would think being “chic” is in the city of lights (and style).

Throwing a beret on every outfit and donning the Eifel tower on her clothes further proves the outfits are naive and literal of what an American may think Parisian fashion is.

In fact, in the show, the French have a word for her that’s used repeatedly- ringard. It means lame, cheesy, and corny, and no, you don’t want a French person calling you this!

I’m sure as the show continues and Emily’s character develops, her style will change and become more inspirational, though, to be fair, her outfits aren’t all bad. In fact, she does have some pretty amazing evening wear moments.

But you know whose style is really worth copying? Camille, her beautiful French friend. Well, ex-friend, since the current episode I’m on, but you don’t need to know about any of that!

Parisian Camille has many chic and stylish outfits that are inspirational, and with a few styling tricks, attainable too. Here are some of the best Camille Emily in Paris outfits that are worth copying!

Best Camille Emily in Paris Outfits Worth Copying (Season 2)

1. black sunglasses + basic white tee + black and white blazer + black pants + black basket bag

If this black and white blazer is wrong, please don’t ever, ever let me be right.

This simple yet statement jacket is beyond chic and is the perfect topper for the rest of the outfit. High-waisted black pants (with coordinating gold buttons) look even better with unique yet classic black matte sunglasses and a cute basket bag that puts a twist on this stylish ensemble, as it’s not a bag you’d usually expect to be seen with this Balmain-meets-band-instructor blazer.

That delicious red lip is the cherry on top. Or should I call it the cherry red lip on top? And can we talk about the right blazer that makes even the simplest of white crewneck tops look like a million bucks?

There are many style notes we can take from Camille’s outfit, such as:

  • Dress up basic tees with chic blazers
  • A subtle red lip is always a good idea
  • Black, white, and gold always looks expensive
  • Add an unexpected bag to your outfit for a dose of style
  • Look for unique black sunglasses for a twist on the classic staple
camille emily in paris outfits

sunglasses | tee | jacket | pants | basket bag | loafers

2. white blazer dress + white embellished loafers + red sunglasses + basket bag

Talk about business-but-make-it-St-Tropez-chic. An oversized blazer (or blazer dress) is an unexpected yet chic item to bring to a St. Tropez vacation. White loafers are on theme for a classic outfit, yet the sparkle embellishments add a playful side to this look.

Statement red sunglasses in a retro cat-eye are very Parisian and on-brand for a French holiday and seem to be a signature for Camille, including this Jane Birkin Esque wicker basket bag. A carbon copy of her black wicker basket bag, it makes us ponder, “Well, why shouldn’t we get something we love in every color then?”

There are many style notes we can take from Camille’s outfit, such as:

  • Retro cat-eye sunglasses are a definite yes for a summer vacation
  • Wear the unexpected clothing items to places to jazz up your look, such as a blazer dress to an ocean hot spot
  • A straw basket bag is the perfect Parisian accessory
camille emily in paris outfits

blazer dress | loafers | sunglasses | basket bag

3. tweed blazer and skirt set + knee-high boots + white purse

It’s true what they say: two is better than one. Thanks to Coco Chanel for making tweed iconic, we can always count on this classy clothing material to be something we can wear to work or to a dinner party, as shown in this episode.

A tweed set with a mini skirt is a great way to update this generally thought of as matronly material. Pair the mini skirt with knee-high boots and a cute bag to update and complete this look.

Style notes to take from Camille’s outfit:

  • Tweed is always chic
  • Pair a mini skirt with taller boots to balance out the skin exposure
  • Jewelry doesn’t need to be complicated. A simple ring will do the trick
camille emily in paris outfits

jacket | skirt | boots | purse | ring

4. green blazer + wide leg pants + beret + crossbody purse

A structured blazer with exaggerated shoulders is the perfect example of an elevated basic. It looks casual chic paired with wide-leg pants, loafers, and a simple crossbody bag.

A leather embossed beret perched on top of the head is yet another great example that you can love timeless, Parisian fashion and still have fun with clothes.

Style notes to take from Camille’s outfit:

  • Try pairing a beret with clothing items other than a striped top and trench coat
  • Consider wearing a blazer buttoned up, as a top
  • Look for a twist on staples to elevate a basic look (such as a leather beret)
  • Structured is always chic. Consider having one fitted blazer option in your closet
camille emily in paris outfits

blazer | beret | pants | purse | loafers

5. red striped crop top + cropped sweater + high waist jeans + cat-eye sunglasses

If you’re on the hunt for some warm weather outfit inspiration, look no further than this look. Camille proves that it’s oh so Parisian chic to don stripes and cat-eye sunglasses, paired with high-waisted jeans and loafers, of course.

Easily adaptable if you don’t want a bare stomach, the idea behind this outfit is layering and stripes, mixed with classic pieces and some good ol’ statement sunnies. Oh, and how about that leather and canvas weekend bag? It gives off Longchamp vibes, classic handbag French brand, and Parisian favorite.

Style notes to take from Camille’s outfit:

  • Try pairing a a trendy item (cropped sweater) with a classic element, such as stripes
  • Add a statement to your outfit such as vintage cat-eye sunglasses
  • High-waisted jeans with a flared leg are very Parisian

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camille emily in paris outfits

sunglasses | cropped sweater | cropped striped shirt | jeans | loafers

As you can see, Parisian fashion is not boring. There’s room to have fun with fashion, such as a blazer worn as a dress, statement earrings, unique bags, or bedazzled shoes. But the key takeaway is that it’s always done balanced out with classic items and with a touch of class.

With her elevated basics, select statement items, and timeless staples, Camille, in my opinion, is the true style icon of the show. Sylvie is a close second. If you are looking for all of the exact items Camille wore (most of them are many, many euros), you can check them out on wornontv.

And if you’re looking for more French fashion tips, then get an espresso and croissant and keep reading, because you’re in the right place!

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