8 Date Night Ideas for Winter That Are Romantic and Fun

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The temperatures have dipped, Christmas trees are up, and the days are shorter — that can only mean one thing! The most wonderful time of year is here. There are so many reasons to be excited for the cold winter months. The beautiful snowy landscapes. Cheerful holiday music. The sweet holiday season deals. And most importantly, to spend quality time with the special person in your life.

Wintertime is undoubtedly the most romantic time of the year. The cold weather is the perfect excuse to cozy up with your partner in front of the fireplace while you reminisce about your love story.

If you are looking for fun winter date night ideas that do not only involve playing board games in the living room, you have come to the right place. Whether you are celebrating your anniversary together or just trying to find fresh and fun winter date ideas as a couple – there are many ways to have a good time together. And the best part? It doesn’t have to cost you too much money. This includes indoor picnics, group dates, enjoying the great outdoors in a hot tub, and more.

Scroll on to find fun things to do as a couple.

1. Brewery tour

Brewery room
Date night ideas winter. Source: Unsplash/ Roberta keiko Kitahara Santana

If going to your local bars has become a little bit old, a great date night idea would be to go on a brewery tour. A brewery tour is an easy way to have the best time with your significant other. You can stay warm by sipping on some delicious beer while you learn about the beer-making process together.

2. Winter Wonderland

Couple watching ice skaters
Date night ideas winter. Source: Unsplash/ Designecologist

Are you are short on winter date ideas? Try going to a winter village. It doesn’t get more romantic than winter dates to a winter wonderland-inspired village. The lovely houses in the snowy valley, fun Christmas decorations that exude holiday cheer, and delicious treats – making it the perfect place to go for a date night.

This picture-perfect place is a great escape from the typical scenery of your city. It will make you feel like you are walking through a real-life Disney movie.

Just imagine how intimate it would be admiring the twinkling holiday lights?

3. Movie night

Cold nights are perfect for hot chocolate and movie nights. It is the perfect opportunity to wind down and cozy up together, especially if your busy work schedules haven’t given you chance to do this in a long time.

For added romance, watch a movie that you both watched when you first met. And If you want to add a little creativity to your movie date night, make a movie night basket. fill it with your partner’s favorite snacks and a couple of cute love letters that will touch their heart.

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4. Indoor picnic

Indoor modern picnic
Date night ideas winter. Unsplash/ Chris ainsworth

Since it’s too cold to have a picnic outside, why not have one indoors? It will be a fun way to spend Saturday night with your significant other. You can bake cookies or order your favorite takeout for your special night indoors.

Break out your cheese board and place crackers, fresh fruit, pepperoni, blue cheese, and more!

Play romantic music in the background while you and your partner enjoy a bottle of wine.

5. Double date to the coffee shop

A great way to have a romantic night is to have a group date with your closest friends.

Spending time with your friends and your partner is a definite win-win. You can have a good laugh while you sip on some hot cocoa However, if it gets a little chilly to go out then you can have an at-home cooking session.

Another good idea would be to add a little friendly competition to the cooking session. Both couples can try delicious recipes they have never tried before. The couple that makes the best dish wins.

6. Spa day

This is a fun date especially if you and your partner have had a long day doing Christmas shopping for the family. Unwind from your stressful day or week by treating yourself and your significant other to a relaxing spa day.

You can enjoy aroma & salt steam rooms and herbal saunas at a fancy spa. There is also the option to have an at-home spa day if you want to save some money. Go the D.I.Y route and make a coffee body scrub, or a cucumber and mint sugar body scrub.

7. Carriage rides

How much fun would it be to go on carriage rides with your partner during the winter season? It is one of the best winter date ideas that will impress your significant other.

Going to the bowling alley or a comedy show is fun, but there’s just something extra special about going on a carriage ride with the person you love.

You can use a private carriage tour to either see the beauty of the winter weather at night or to explore the picturesque scenery of your city.

8. Hot tub

Hot tub in a hotel
Date night ideas winter/ Unsplash: Jonathan Borba

Spending your Friday night at a cozy winter cottage is the perfect way to spice things up. You can have a great time having a long walk while you enjoy a hot dog. And you go on a nice winter hike.

Odds are, there is a hot tub for you to hop in. It is a good way to escape the cold weather and to cuddle up as you enjoy the mountain view.

There is so much pressure when it comes to thinking of the best winter date night ideas. 1) Figuring out a cute way to make your partner extra loved is stressful. 2) the extreme winter weather elements make going out on date nights a little difficult. Thankfully this list of winter date night ideas is perfect for days when you are snowed-in and for days when the weather is kinder.

Now that you have found a winter date night idea, it’s time to find the right outfit that will get you many compliments from your partner.

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