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11 Chic Beach Outfits That You’ll Want To Book a Vacation Just to Wear

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Struggling to make it through the winter? I’ve got a cure for you. It’s VacayRX. Take for 1 week. Do not take it on an empty stomach. Make sure you take it with pool food and fruit smoothies. Wash it down with salt water. Next, check with your fashion provider for your outfit prescription. Whether you’re already planning for your upcoming beach vacation or still just in the dreaming stage, here are 11 chic beach outfits to wear from sightseeing to walking along the beach. If you haven’t already booked a vacation, these outfits are going to make you want to do that.

1. printed dress + dangle earrings + straw clutch + strappy sandals

When it comes to cute outfits for vacation, you can never go wrong with a dress. To add that tropical vacation vibe, opt for a subtle pattern like this coral print. The dress looks chic, not cheesy, because it’s made of neutral colors. A button-front dress could also double as a beach dress!

But if you want to wear this look to dinner? Throw on some dangly gold earrings. Bonus points for an irregular asymmetrical look, as that adds an organic feel that fits right in for a beach vacation. Grab a straw clutch to elevate your look and take it from beach to beautiful restaurant. In search of beach wedding outfits too? Add this contender to the mix.

chic beach outfits

dress | earrings | clutch | sandals

2. white jeans + striped tank top + sandals + straw bag + sunglasses + hoop earrings

A tank top is a vacation workhouse and this striped one is incredibly versatile. Paired with white jeans, it creates a crisp, chic, and practical look. Keep this one for rainy days or cool snaps, as the outfit provides a good balance for the cooler beach days.

But what’s great about this look is that it has a shelf life that extends past vacation. This outfit combination could easily fit into your summer wardrobe and be something you wear for date night or to a beach party.

chic beach outfits

tank | jeans | bag | sunglasses | earrings | sandals

3. white blouse + denim shorts + strappy sandals + straw tote

Denim shorts are a vacation must-have. They can create all the best cute beach outfits! For a stylish yet casual beach vibe, pair your shorts with a white top. This beach look can easily transition into a sightseeing look as well.

Planning to wear this look on a day trip? Simply swap out the sandals for a minimalist pair of sneakers. To match the casual aesthetic, pair this outfit with a straw tote bag. It’s great for stashing your lip balm or storing a good book to read.

chic beach outfits

blouse | shorts | sandals | bag

4. striped tank top + pencil skirt + straw bag + sandals + sunglasses

Though a pencil skirt may not sound like vacation wear, trust me, it can be! The key is to pick a ribbed material. The best beach outfits are as comfy as they are stylish, so this is not the place for any restricting zippers.

The length of this pencil skirt gives the feeling of a maxi dress, but because you can switch out the shirt, it gives more options. Even on vacation, it’s nice to have chic silhouettes. This outfit strikes the right amount of polished and summer vibes for a vacation.

chic beach outfits

tank | skirt | sandals | bag | sunglasses

5. one-piece swimsuit + striped skirt + sandals + straw bag + sunglasses

Yep, your one-piece swimsuit counts as chic beach wear! The great thing about a simple black swimsuit is that it gives you so many great options.

Swimwear is the most obvious one, but to dress it up, all you have to do is wear your bathing suit with a chic skirt or classy pair of shorts. Accessorize it with a stylish bag and chic sunglasses. Now you’re ready to go out to lunch or have an impromptu pool party.

chic beach outfits

swimsuit | skirt | sandals | bag | sunglasses

6. striped shirt + white shorts + bucket bag + espadrilles + sunglasses

Looking for beach outfit ideas for Europe? Try this one. This outfit idea is also perfect if you don’t like to show too much skin. With a long sleeve shirt and longer shorts, you can still feel chic without feeling too exposed.

Plus, how chic is the pairing of matte sunglasses, a bucket bag, and espadrilles? Even if you aren’t going to Europe, you can still dress like it!

chic vacation outfit

shorts | top | shoes | bag | sunglasses

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7. t-shirt + linen pants + espadrilles + satin scarf

For a low-key look, pair a t-shirt with comfy linen pants. To add a nautical vibe to your beach vacation, choose a striped shirt and accessorize it with a silk scarf. Opting for a silk, satin, or cotton scarf gives the chic touch without overheating. It’s not the time for wool, acrylic, or polyester!

By pairing your striped shirt with linen pants, you’ll be ready for playing a beach game, exploring the city, or lounging around your hotel.

chic vacation outfit

pants | t-shirt | shoes | scarf

8. button-down + denim shorts + espadrilles + straw bag

Is a crop top on vacation not your thing? No worries. Go the opposite route and opt for a roomy button-down instead. Bare clothes aren’t the only type of beach clothes!

Balance out the excess material by pairing your top with a pair of cut-off denim shorts. Plus, the contrast of a chic top with casual bottoms creates a nice juxtaposition. Slip on espdarille flats for a practical yet stylish touch.

chic vacation outfit

button-down | shorts | shoes | bag

9. embroidered dress + shoulder bag + sandals + rattan earrings

Embroidered dress with puff sleeves? Feminine yet breezy, this has resort wear written all over it. The right place to wear this look would be out to lunch or dinner. And if you want to dress it up, swap out the sandals for espadrilles.

But those aren’t the only places you can wear this look! Headed out on a beach date? Going shopping? This is a great option for those situations as well.

chic vacation outfit

dress | bag | sandals | earrings

10. shirt dress + sandals + hoop earrings + straw bag

A shirt dress or an oversized button-down shirt makes for some of the best beach cover-ups. This classic silhouette coupled with the stripes makes this a dreamy summer beach outfit.

Lean into the effortless chic vibes by pairing it with strappy sandals, gold hoops, and a straw bag. And if you want to add some definition to your waist, you can belt it with a straw belt for a cute touch.

chic vacation outfit

shirt dress | sandals | bag | earrings

11. sweater + denim shorts + straw hat + sandals

This chic beach outfit embodies simple yet stylish. The boxy fit of the top adds interest, as do the stripes. It’s balanced out with a pair of timeless white shorts.

This is a summer outfit you can wear all season, whether you’re on vacation or not. Need sun protection? Complete your outfit with a wide brim hat. This outfit looks extra chic with this straw number!

chic vacation outfit

sweater | shorts | hat | sandals

Follow these outfit formulas to elevate your beach style or freshen up your summer style at home! If you want even more beach wardrobe style tips, keep reading: A Minimalistic and Chic Tropical Vacation Capsule Wardrobe


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