Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers

12 Christmas Gift Ideas for Plant Lovers That Are Unique and Fun

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If finding the perfect gift for your plant-loving friend feels like a challenge, I understand. What are the best gifts to get? The most immediate and perhaps obvious gift idea would be to get them more plant babies (I mean, they love plants, right?), but chances are they have a lot of plants already. Try to think beyond the plants. Devoted plant people are known for having a creative taste, which means you need to find unique gift ideas that will please them. To make your search easier, here are Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers.

1. Plant-Based Reusable Coffee Cup with Lid and Sleeve

Gift the plant enthusiast in your life this earth-friendly piece. They probably have a plant-themed mug already in their kitchen, so this plant-based travel mug is the next best thing.

The mug is durable, biodegradable, and made from low-carbon bamboo and natural starches. It has a leak-proof lid and a thermal sleeve to protect their hands from hot beverages. This reusable mug is lightweight, so your loved one will enjoy sipping on their favorite latte on the go.

2. 3 Pack Macrame Plant Hangers

This macrame plant hanger set is the perfect present for the plant person in your life. The planter baskets will help them show off their indoor plants in style and will elevate the look of their living space.

This pack of 3 contains three hooks, so your gift receiver does not have to buy them separately. Did I also mention that the plant hangers are made from sturdy and durable cotton?

3. Stainless Steel Watering Can

Help your favorite plant parent take care of their beautiful plants by getting them this gift. If their current water can is looking old and worn out, this water can would be a good replacement (and a great gift).

This stainless steel water can has a modern design and a long spout that will make navigating around foliage easier. The ergonomic handle is also good for easy pouring.

4. Green House Terrarium

If their favorite hobby is growing new plants, but they don’t have a garden, then getting them this greenhouse terrarium is a great idea. They don’t need a traditional garden to have lovely plants, this greenhouse will be just as fun to work on.

This terrarium has a swing lid to allow ventilation for plants. Your green thumb friend will also love the four wheels as they will be able to easily move the terrarium kit around. He or she can grow plants such as succulents, moss, ferns, cacti, and venus fly traps.

5. 8 Piece Heavy-Duty Gardening Tools

Do you have a new plant parent on your gift list? Gifting them garden tools would be a perfect choice as it will make them feel like a real garden pro. The floral print kneeling pad and gloves feature a fun yet cute design.

On top of the beautiful designs, these tools are durable. For example, the gloves are made of oxford cloth which is easy to clean and tear-resistant.

6. Terrarium Propagation Stations

True plant lovers will instantly fall in love with this propagation station; It will be the perfect addition to their living room. The hexagon shape will look so stylish on their wall and it will add instant interest.

They can add small plants, beautiful flower arrangements, and air plants to the stations. Plus, if your friend or family member has pets that always eat their plants, this wall propagation station will protect both the plants and pets.

7. Self-Watering Planters with Drainage Hole

Is the nature lover in your life a little busy to water their plants? Get them this low-maintenance, self-watering planter. This top pick has a reservoir that can store up enough water required by plants for a week or even longer.

The pots also feature a drainage hole and a water lip to provide air circulation for the plant roots. This special gift also has a stylish design. The sage green, white, or matte black matte will look so effortlessly stylish in their living space.

8. Vintage Glass Spray Bottle

Help them keep their beautiful garden hydrated with this glass mister. It’s such a fun way of watering the plants! The glass mister is small, but it can keep 300ML of water which is great for a small indoor plant.

This vintage spray bottle is made out of high-grade glass, which is durable and shatter-proof. Additionally, the top pump is made from plastic to prevent rust from forming.

9. LED Plant Light for Indoor Plants

This grow light will help your loved one take care of their precious plants. The set of two plant lights is designed like halos to help plants grow faster and better. They emit wavelengths that mimic the natural sunlight.

It’s a great tool for growing plants such as herbs, succulents, tomatoes, and more. It is a unique and fun way of growing plants!

10. Botanical Wall Art

Plant lovers would love to be surrounded by beautiful artwork that reminds them of their hobby and passion. So elevate your friend’s office, living room, or bedroom with this botanical wall art set.

Printed on thick paper, these high-quality art prints add the perfect vintage touch to a living space. Complete the gift by including a set of beautiful frames.

11. The Complete Gardener Book

This gift will marry two of their pastimes: gardening and reading. This updated classic book is by gardening expert, Monty Don, so you can be sure the reader will walk away with helpful tips and ideas.

This book is filled with advice, tutorials, and other gardening info. Plus, it can double as coffee table decor too.

12. Mid-Century Tabletop Planters

These tabletop planters from West Elm are chic yet practical. The artistic mid-century legs and the ceramic finish are a must-have for every plant-lover. The indoor planters are perfect for decorating a floor space and tabletop. They come with the pots too!

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Coming up with Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers is not easy; it calls for thinking outside of the box (or more like a pot). Thankfully, this gift guide is here to help you find the perfect gift for your green-fingered friends.

Now that you have found Christmas gift ideas for plant lovers, it’s time to focus on the minimalist in your life.

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