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41 Cute Gift Ideas for Women From Small Businesses on Etsy

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We all love shopping at popular retailers (Amazon, anyone?), but there is something extra special about buying from lesser-known brands on Etsy. Supporting small brands can make all the difference to the entrepreneurs working tirelessly behind the scenes. Every sale counts for them, so if you are looking for cute gift ideas, consider shopping small on Etsy. Not only are you supporting a small business, but you can find some unique gifts that even big corporations don’t have. With that being said, I wanted to spotlight some of my favorite gift ideas from small businesses that have gifts your friends or sisters will love. Scroll on to find cute gift ideas for women from Etsy!

1. Paris Embroidered Sweatshirt (Etsy)

Upgrade her sweatshirt collection with this handmade pick! It’s more affordable than sweatshirts from fashion retailers like Urban Outfitters, which is a win-win for your pockets and your friend’s wardrobe. As a bonus, the sweatshirt design is embroidered instead of ironed on, which means the design will last longer.

2. Ciao Ring with Twisted Band (Etsy)

For the sister who loves French culture, consider these chic rings. You can choose the classic French words, “ciao” and “oui”, or you can personalize the ring in her name or other favorite words. Also, they are stackable! Reviewers say “the band is thin, but sturdy, yet still delicate and dainty.”

3. CC-inspired Hair Claw Clips (Etsy)

Spinning her hair into an effortless updo will be made easier with these pretty hair claws. The claws look like the chain straps on a classic Chanel handbag, so they will make her whole outfit and hairstyle look luxurious.

4. Tweed Headband (Etsy)

Transform her bad hair days into good ones with this tweed headband. It is handmade from real tweed and features a classic knotted detail. The best part about the headband is that it can make an outfit look classy, with barely any effort! Plus, the headband is flexible and can fit anyone.

5. Cannes Tennis Sweatshirt (Etsy)

You can’t go wrong with this preppy sweater. It is perfect For the sister who plays tennis, but also dreams of visiting Cannes.

For the best oversized fit, go one size up.

6. Recycled Wine Bottle Platter (Etsy)

Want something unique for the wine lover in your family? This repurposed wine bottle platter is a good pick. They are cleaned and melted into a beautiful, glossy platter for serving cheese and fruit.

7. Press For Couture Bell Sign Decor (Etsy)

If she is obsessed with glam and girly home decor, get her this pretty gift. It would be the perfect finishing touch on her makeup vanity, bookcase, or desk.

8. Handmade Luxury Champagne Themed Cushion Cover (Etsy)

Another cute gift for the champagne-obsessed friend. This pillow is a great accent piece and it will make her couch, or bed pop.

9. Handmade Personalized Rhinestone Brooch (Etsy)

Get her a personalized brooch in the first letter of her name. It features pretty rhinestones that will definitely add a statement to her blazer or top!

10. Thin Bracelet (Etsy)

Give her wrist an elegant upgrade with this thin 14K gold chain bracelet. The bracelet is flexible, so she can adjust it to the size of her wrist for the perfect fit. The bracelet is can look pretty its own, but it can also be perfect for stacking with other bracelets too.

11. Rose Peony Shaped Candle (Etsy)

This rose-shaped soy candle is undeniably beautiful. The seller allows you to choose the fragrance. So whether your gift recipient loves the scent of chocolate-coffee or spicy orange, you can find her favorite fragrance. Plus, the seller can make the candle in the color of your preference. This includes pink, purple, white, light blue and more.

12. Christmas Tree Decoration Handbag (Etsy)

If your friend loves to shop and has a penchant for high-end designer bags, then help her elevate her Christmas tree with a designer handbag ornament. The quilted design just screams Chanel.

13. Paris Inspired Fragrance Bottle Purse (Etsy)

For your stylish and quirky friend that loves the style of Sarah Jessica Parker from her hit TV show, this fragrance bottle purse will be her new favorite accessory. She an use it for date nights and other special occasions. You may be wondering, “Is it even practical?” One reviewer said: “It’s pretty sturdy and I managed to fit my phone, credit cards, keys and a lipstick in it.”

14. Monogram Tote Bag Canvas (Etsy)

Anyone can appreciate a roomy tote bag, but fashion lovers will especially appreciate this Chanel-inspired gift. Plus, having her initials on this tote bag will make it that much more special.

15. Champagne Bottle Beaded Earrings (Etsy)

Looking for a gift that’s small yet eye-catching? You found it! Spice up her party looks with these fun champagne bottle-beaded earrings. It doesn’t just have to be champagne, however. Browse through this Etsy shop and you’ll find several more adorable designs.

16. Rose All Day Clutch (Etsy)

If you have a vibrant friend who loves to get drinks or do weekend girl’s trips, then she’ll love this colorful clutch. It will add the perfect splash of color to her party or vacation outfits too.

17. Chloe Inspired Personalized Canvas Tote Bag (Etsy)

Is she obsessed with the Chloe canvas tote bag? Spoil her with this personalized version.

The best part about buying from this seller is that her initials will be printed on the bag for free!

18. Adjustable Bag Strap (Etsy)

A sister that values practical gifts will appreciate this detachable bag strap. It will give her old bags new life.

19. Personalized Fedora Hat (Etsy)

Get your bestfriend a fedora hat with her initials on it. She will feel very fashionable wearing it on vacation. The details like the black ribbon and gold embroidery make it a classic summer hat.

This handmade hat can wrapped in a beautiful gift for free by the Etsy seller.

20. Angora Wool Cap (Etsy)

What’s more elegant than a wool cap? The glossy visor and the wool beret will pair perfectly with her trench coat. This cap is from a small Ukrainian brand, so it’s another way to support a family there during these hard times.

21. Croissant Necklace (Etsy)

Does your gift receiver love to eat (or make) croissants? Fuel her love for this French pastry with an adorable, dainty croissant necklace.

22. French Toast Sweatshirt (Etsy)

Sometimes all a woman needs is a stylish casual t-shirt. So skip the t-shirts with the cheesy sayings and opt for this Sézane-inspired one instead.

23. Linen Dress With Pearl Straps (Etsy)

Yes, that’s right, you can find stylish vacation dresses on Etsy. This slip dress has straps adorned with sleek pearls. And pockets!

24. Cone Shaped Straw Hat (Etsy)

It can be hard to find straw hats these days that are unique and different. This cone-shaped hat fits the bill. It would look so chic for an upcoming voyage. Plus, it doesn’t look too stiff or too floppy.

25. La Parisienne Canvas Jute Bag (Etsy)

This canvas bag is far from basic. The colorful French words make it feel fun and cute. She can use it as a shopping bag for running errands, work or bringing books home from the library.

26. Sacre Coeur Paris France Blown Glass Christmas Ornament (Etsy)

Give her Christmas tree a French flair with this ornament. It’s so cute, she will want to reuse it for many more Christmases to come.

27. Diptyque-Inspired Coffee Cup (Etsy)

Does she have a large collection of Diptyque-scented candles? Then she’ll love this uber cute Diptyque-inspired coffee mug. The seller allows you to select what type of espresso label to add to the mug. So even if she is a boba lover and doesn’t drink coffee, you can still get her this cute gift.

28. Minimalistic Brown Calfskin Leather Box Bag (Etsy)

Every woman needs a versatile, all-year-round bag. If you’ve noticed that she doesn’t have one in her closet, surprise her with this classic Celine-inspired bag!

29. Gold Coin Necklace (Etsy)

This elegant gold necklace will jazz up any t-shirt or blazer. It is dainty, so she can layer it with her other necklaces. The pendant is also great because it is made from 14K non-tarnish gold filled.

30. Pearl Water Ring (Etsy)

This freshwater pearl ring is unique and beautiful; she will never want to take it off. It will look so chic with her other rings too.

31. Padlock Initial Necklace (Etsy)

Who doesn’t love something that’s customized for them? Personalized necklaces are always a good idea. Not only is the design minimalist and cute, but getting the first letter of her name engraved on it makes this gift extra thoughtful.

32. Paris Poster Life in Pink By Alecse (Etsy)

If she’s a Francophile at heart and an interior decorator, surprise her with this Paris poster. It will look chic in her living room or home office.

33. Personalized Makeup Bag (Etsy)

Treat the makeup-lover in your life with this cute cosmetics bag. It has a good amount of space to fit her makeup for a quick trip, including lip lipstick, foundation, primer, and more.

Get it personalized with her name in a font color and design she will love.

34. Personalized plush robe (Etsy)

Her self-care Sundays are just about to get an upgrade, thanks to this plush robe. Pick the embroidery style, robe color and the initial of her first name to make it an extra special gift.

35. Friendship Gift Box (Etsy)

What better way to make her smile and feel loved than to get her this friendship box? It includes lovely items like a “get cozy” wine tumbler, a spa headband, a succulent candle with matches to light the candle and more!

36. Personalized Jewelry Dish (Etsy)

Your jewelry-obsessed friend will be so elated to receive this gift. Seeing her name elegantly printed on the jewelry dish is going to make her love displaying her earrings on it.

37. Personalized Gift Song Plaque (Etsy)

I’m sure you have a song that symbolizes your friendship with her. Get it printed on the plaque alongside a sweet photo of each other to make the gift extra thoughtful.

Send the seller a link of the song and she will create a QR code of it. So once your giftee receives it, she can scan it and play the song.

38. Custom Bestfriend portrait (Etsy)

She already has thousands of selfies in her phone with you, but I doubt she has a custom bestfriend portrait. So for a sweet gift, try this idea.

The Etsy seller let’s you pick the skin tone, hairstyles, clothes and wine glasses to help you create a picture that looks like you and your bestfriend.

39. Knitted Mix Bouquet (Etsy)

Surprise her with a bouquet of flowers for her birthday. But instead of getting fresh flowers, try knitted flowers. They won’t wilt overtime time and the flowers look very realistic. The bouquet also comes packaged in beautiful wrapping.

40. Audrey Hepburn T-shirt (Etsy)

Is your friend a big fan of Audrey Hepburn? Has she watched every movie of her? Get her this t-shirt! Your friend will look so cool and fashionable wearing it with straight-leg jeans and sneakers.

41. Personalized A5 Undated Weekly & Organizer (Etsy)

Your stationery-obsessed friend will scream with joy when she receives this. What makes the planner special is you can add her name on it! But the cherry on the cake is the “make it happen” quote.

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While popular retailers immediately come to mind when looking for a gift, don’t forget about lending your support to small businesses on Etsy. Not only can you find some unique gifts for your loved ones, but your support can make all the difference to their business. I myself even bought a few things for gifts off this list!

Now that you have found cute gift ideas for women from Etsy, it’s time to find a gift for your sister.

Gifts for women from small businesses on Etsy

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