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A No-Frills Cider Clothing Review

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Whether it was from targeted ads, Tiktok, or your favorite Instagram influencers posing in that ever so popular and cute orange sweater, if you’ve been on social media at all lately, you’ve probably heard about Cider.

And no, I’m not talking about the hot apple drink that means it’s fall, y’all – though that’s popular too.

No, this Hong Kong clothing brand seemed to come out of nowhere, and you couldn’t scroll without seeing new Cider hauls. With affordable prices and unique styles, young women everywhere started raving about this brand, and it didn’t take long for their social media presence to skyrocket (currently over 5m IG followers).

Unless you’re on TikTok, you don’t see many clothing Shop Cider reviews. So consider this my no-frills Cider clothing review from someone who’s just a little bit picky with her clothes.

2023/2024 Update

It’s been almost two years since I wrote my original post. Cider stepped up in the fashion industry during 2023 and into 2024 by giving greater attention to the quality of their products. Their range combines modern designs brought to life with top-notch materials. Their extensive range includes categories like “All Curve & Plus,” “Bestsellers,” “Casuals,” “Dresses,” and “Knitwear.” They also offer a unique ‘Pick A Mood’ option, allowing shoppers to choose styles based on moods such as “Feeling Dreamy,” “Feeling Elegant,” or “Feeling Sexy.”

Feedback from customers has been mixed when it comes to quality. Although thicker knit clothes don’t quite compete with pricier brands, they do meet the satisfaction bar. As for fit, most items match their sizes well. But watch out – some pieces might end up shorter than expected.

What stands out about Cider though are their unique styles and bold options, offering a change from regular daily-wear clothes.

Making your shopping experience at Cider a good one requires vigilance on a few points. Reading product reviews carefully, using Cider’s sizing guide, and being ready to take care of the garments after buying will all help. Tops in the popularity chart for customers are blouses, dresses, coats, and good-looking sweaters.

When looking at its place in the fast fashion arena, Cider turns out trendy clothes really quick. They promise that they use production methods that are eco-friendly and can keep up with on-the-spot demand. They are seen as superior to other fast fashion players like Shein in terms of quality. Yet, thoughts about the durability of the products vary among buyers.

First off, is Cider a scam?

Simply put, no. Though I won’t say it’s the gold medal of online clothing stores, they don’t steal your money, send you fake clothes, or purposefully hold back your order, at least not in my experience. It’s a legitimate clothing company, and my experience was pretty cut and dry. Online shop for hours. Have a shopping cart that’s way out of budget. Spend more time narrowing it down. Fork over money. Receive my clothes in a timely manner.

Why I wanted to try out Cider

Though I think I’m a bit older than the targeted audience (it’s aimed at Gen Z), I’m not immune to a targeted ad every now and then. I’m only human, after all. On Instagram, I kept seeing these adorable tweed sets in my stories, and I’ll admit, I got really interested.

Their goal was accomplished, and I headed over to their website, seeing more unique styles that I hadn’t really seen before. All for an amazing price! The customer reviews seemed pretty good, too. I kept eyeing these pieces and decided to pull the plug.

It’s worth mentioning that you get free shipping on orders over $49. Also, I followed the size chart so I didn’t end up with anything two sizes too small.

My experience

I love the unique styles at an affordable price tag. They have different collections, also called drops, tailored to specific styles. Whether you are “feeling sophisticated” or “feeling retro,” you’re bound to find 2 (or 20) items that give you all the heart eyes. These are the items that gave me the heart eyes!

Knitted Casual Suit

I’m always on the hunt for comfortable and cute work-from-home outfits since both of my jobs (mom and online business owner) involve being home-like all of the time. This set caught my eye for the chic and neutral look while also being a comfy knit material.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t a big winner. The button closure of the cardigan didn’t lay flat, but that’s not the end of the world if you wear it open. The shorts had a little bit of a weird fit, with the crotch having a strange bubble bulge. Maybe it’s just me, but otherwise, it looked cute and felt comfortable!

Stripe Knitted Vest

I loved the idea of this sweater vest as a spring-to-summer transition piece. Unfortunately, it had the same issue of the button closure not laying flat. It didn’t feel tight on me, but it looks way better on the model!

You could wear this open, however, and it would look French girl chic over a swimsuit with denim shorts, red cat-eye sunglasses, and a straw bag in the summer.

Contrasting Trim Knit Cardigan + Contrasting Trim Knit Pants

Okay, so I loved this one and was very pleased! If Chanel were to lounge around the house, I bet this is what she’d wear.

Though it had a few stray threads, the quality overall seemed good, and with nude undergarments, it wouldn’t be see-through. I liked the fit and comfort, but I loved the style even more!

Knit Mid Waist Shorts + Knit Long Sleeve Cardigan + Knit Tank Top

This set is incredibly cute and close to being perfect, with a few small cons. It’s a bit scratchy and the buttons are a little wonky on the tank top, but it’s not too bad and maybe worth overlooking for the cuteness of the set!

The fit of the shorts was a little weird around the crotch for me, but if you are just wearing the shorts at home then it may not be a big issue. Also, I love how you can break this up and wear the top set with jeans for a classy chic look.

+ Letter C Beanie + Letter C Baker Boy Hat

Though I’m pretty sure “C” is meant for their shop name, I’m just pretending that it stands for “Carolyn” and “chic”. So cute!

Though the beanie is a little on the tight side, I think it will stretch out and they seemed pretty well made!

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Is Cider good quality?

Well….not totally. As I previously said, I’m pretty picky about clothes and this is a no-frills review. The majority of my order had loose threads or a weird fit. I even didn’t picture a pair of pants in this post where the button popped off the first time I ever tried to put them on.

On most of my sweaters, the button closure wouldn’t lay flat, even though I got the proper size. It wasn’t tight enough to pull and gape, yet it looked like it was. Also, on some of the shorts, the crotch seemed really off.

But with that being said, I can’t say that everything was bad. You know the saying, you get what you pay for. Some of my items at the higher price points were of nice quality!

As far as fast-fashion companies go, they do have a pretty unique standpoint. They are committed to a pre-order model, meaning when you “preorder items”, your item isn’t made until it’s paid for. This is meant to reduce waste and the fast fashion practice of making clothes in bulk.

Final Verdict | Cider Clothing Review

Though it’s a Hong Kong brand, it doesn’t take long to get your clothes if you live in the United States. I had some problems with my order, but customer service helped resolve the problem for me in a few days.

If you are on a budget, want cute clothes, and aren’t all that picky about quality and fit, then this may be the best place for you. Shop here for a special occasion or to add a few unique and trendy items to your wardrobe, but I would avoid shopping here too much and filling your wardrobe with these pieces.

So, don’t consider this an entirely negative review. Their new products are tempting and their sale prices even more so. Just don’t expect the world and know that you may be taking a bit of a risk, as the quality is lacking on some pieces.

What I do recommend though is building a timeless wardrobe and filling your wardrobe with staple pieces in order to have a chic and timeless aesthetic!

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Cider Clothing Review
cider clothing review


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