French Country Kitchen Decor

15 French Country Kitchen Decor Pieces That Will Add Rustic Elegance

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When looking to adorn your kitchen in a beautiful French style, look no further than French country style. Cozy yet glam, warm yet elegant, French country kitchen design combines the lived-in feel of a modern farmhouse look that many love, with the elegance that the French are known for. By drawing inspiration from the French countryside, we’re able to design a beautiful kitchen that feels like home. Of course, no design is complete without the finishing touches. Here you’ll find French country kitchen decor that will add that final element to your space!

french country kitchen decor
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Before we get to the French country kitchen decor, it’s important to have the right foundation first in order for your decor to shine.

Key Elements For Your French Country Kitchen

Neutral Colors

Whereas in an English country kitchen you may find more wallpaper, patterns, and prints, in a country French kitchen, you’ll typically find a subdued color palette and soft colors.

Of course, this doesn’t mean your kitchen has to be stark white! Get inspired by the different colors in the countryside such as sage green and sunset yellow.

Try to balance out the colors as well. If you have white walls, then choose sage green or blue cabinets or vice versa. You could also consider wooden cabinets. It gives a rustic look and you don’t have to worry about paint chipping on the cabinet doors.

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Farmhouse Sink

Along with your pale colors, a farmhouse sink is another must-have foundational piece for this style of kitchen. It’s not just for traditional farmhouse kitchens!

Rustic Kitchen Island

In many French country kitchens, you would find a dining table in lieu of a traditional American kitchen island. Yet, the functionality of this item can’t be ignored. For the best of both worlds, consider swapping out your island made out of kitchen cabinets for a stand-alone piece.

Stone Backsplash

In French country design, you will find a lot of natural materials used in this cooking space, such as stone walls. To add that rustic element and natural touch, consider adding a stone backsplash if you’re in the middle of a remodel.

Of course, if your kitchen is already designed, there’s no need to tear everything out and start over. You can bring in the element of stone through vases and other decor items- which we’ll get to!

Range Hood (i.e no microwave over your oven)

A range hood is technically more for function, but it definitely acts as a decor piece as well, as it affects the way your kitchen will look as a whole. For a French country look, opt for wood or plaster.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are another decor choice that brings European charm to your french country-style kitchens, but stone, terracota, or patterned tiles will also work.

french country kitchen decor pieces
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French Country Kitchen Decor

Look for natural elements and keep your decor in earthy tones. If you want to update the style a bit and have modern French country decor, then look for classic French brass elements.

Unless you lean towards the more farmhouse style, try not to have too many rustic accents, but good news, you can blend French farmhouse kitchen decor!

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When it comes to searching for French country kitchen ideas, you’ll find that there are many can’t miss elements to include in your space, such as:

  • Lamps
  • Copper pots
  • Vintage Wall Art
  • Sideboard
  • Open shelves
  • Wicker bar chairs
  • Vintage wood box planter
  • Bowl that houses fruit or potatoes
  • Farmhouse table and chairs
  • Trays, baskets, vases
  • Stand alone kitchen island
  • Roman shade window treatments
  • Sconces
French Country Kitchen Decor


Whatever your home style is, an interior designer will probably tell you to incorporate a few vintage pieces because this adds that finishing lived-in look. This is especially important in a French country kitchen, however, because traditionally, vintage items are passed down and collected in the family over time.

So whereas we may display a vintage photograph in our kitchen that we found from Hobby Lobby, Europeans are displaying a hand-painted art piece from great-great-grandma or an antique item they found at a flea market. A flea market is a perfect place to find vintage items by the way, should you not have any family heirlooms sitting around!

On your kitchen wall, consider having open shelving instead of the traditional feature of kitchen cabinets. Open shelves are an easy way to display your favorite decorative accents, but they also give you quick access to your daily dishes.

In a French country kitchen, you’d find other elements such as iron details, wooden floors, a copper apron sink, wooden beams, and natural stone. For more tips on how to design a French country kitchen, keep reading!

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