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11 Modest and Classic Summer Outfits for Women Over 50

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Summertime can be a tricky season to dress for, especially if you’re a woman over the age of 50. With the changing trends in the modern fashion world, it can be difficult to find classic summer outfits for over 50 that are both fashionable and age-appropriate. Fortunately, there are plenty of stylish and timeless options out there that allow you to look and feel your best! To help you out, we put together 11 of the best classic summer outfit formulas for you that are – get this – as stylish as they are modest.

1. maxi dress + sandals + gold hoops + straw bag

maxi dress women over 50 summer fashion

dress | sandals | hoops | bag

For older women who want to look chic and elegant this summer, wear a maxi dress. When it comes to elegant summer fashion, it’s the best way to look timeless while staying comfortable! And though bright colors can be fun to incorporate into your warm weather look, opt for a dress in a neutral shade, like navy. It’s a summer version of the classic little black dress.

Pair your maxi dress with a comfortable pair of sandals and some gold (or silver) hoops to complete the look. Adding a straw bag as a finishing touch can take this casual look to the next level!

2. white tee + linen bermuda shorts + sandals + gold necklace + tote bag

classic summer outfit over 50

tee | shorts | sandals | necklace | bag

Looking for effortlessly chic yet casual outfits for a summer day? Look no further than the classic combination of a white t-shirt and linen bermuda shorts. The neutral colors make it easy to pair with any accessories, allowing your personal style to shine through.

Add a touch of glam with a gold necklace and a sleek tote bag. Finish off the look with comfortable sandals and you’re ready to conquer the day! Bonus tip: This outfit can easily be transitioned to fall by swapping out the shorts for a pair of jeans.

3. floral dress + lightweight cardigan + sandals + pearl earrings + straw bag

floral maxi dress summer outfit for women

dress | cardigan | sandals | earrings | bag

Floral prints are a timeless choice for any summer outfit, and this look is especially perfect for a classic and modest ensemble for women over 50. The floral dress should be in a subtle color palette to maintain the classic aesthetic- so try to avoid loud and bold patterns. If you want some long sleeves, pair it with a lightweight cardigan for some coverage, and slip on some comfy sandals – perfect for mature women.

To elevate the look, it’s a good idea to add a pair of pearl earrings for an elegant touch and finish off with a straw bag for some summer vibes. This look is perfect for a summer brunch or a casual outing with friends. The beauty of this outfit is that it’s effortless and comfortable while maintaining style. You’ll look polished and chic without sacrificing comfort or modesty!

4. chambray shirt + white jeans + sandals + gold hoops + sunglasses + crossbody

modest and classic summer outfits fashion over 50

shirt | jeans | sandals | earrings | sunglasses | bag

This classic outfit combination is a staple for women of all ages, but it’s especially chic and age-appropriate for women over 50! The chambray shirt gives a relaxed yet sophisticated feel, while the white pants add a crisp and clean element to the look. And though there’s nothing wrong with dark denim or skinny jeans, give your dark washes a break and opt for slim/straight jeans as it’s a subtle way to update your look.

The addition of gold hoops and sunglasses brings a touch of glamour, while the crossbody bag and sandals keep the outfit practical and comfortable for running errands or lunch with friends. Even better is that you can wear these individual pieces for a long time – they’re not just restricted to summer!

5. tunic top + straight jeans + mules + pearl earrings + crossbody

summer outfit fashion over 50

top | jeans | mules | earrings | bag

Another classic summer outfit for women over 50 who have cooler climates is a comfortable tunic top paired with straight jeans. This outfit is perfect for casual outings, but can easily be dressed up with the right accessories. Tunic tops are especially good for a body type where you carry your weight in your middle, as this style is not too form-fitting.

For shoes, mules are a great option. They not only offer comfort and style but can be found in a variety of different colors to be worn with your various outfits. (But of course, we’re partial to neutrals.) To add a touch of elegance to this look, accessorize with pearl earrings. This outfit is chic and practical, making it a great choice for any spring, summer, or fall day.

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6. striped tee + midi skirt + sandals + pearl earrings + straw bag

summer fashion over 50

tee | skirt | sandals | earrings | bag

A classic look if there ever was one. This summer outfit combo is the perfect casual yet stylish look that’s suitable for any daytime occasion. Start off with a classic striped tee – a staple that should be in every woman’s wardrobe! Pair it with a flowy midi skirt that falls below the knee, creating an elegant and feminine silhouette.

For footwear, opt for comfortable sandals that are easy to walk in and give a relaxed vibe. When it comes to accessories, keep it simple and timeless with pearl earrings. These lustrous gems add a touch of sophistication and class to the ensemble. A straw bag is the perfect finishing touch to this outfit, as it adds a rustic feel that perfectly complements the breezy, summer look.

This outfit is so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down, depending on your occasion. Add a denim jacket or a blazer for a more polished look. Swap out the sandals for heels to take it from daytime to evening. The possibilities are endless with this ageless and classic summer outfit!

7. black tee + linen pants + sandals + gold hoops + crossbody

summer fashion over 50

tee | pants | sandals | earrings | bag

Looking for a chic yet comfortable summer outfit that’s perfect for women over 50? Look no further than the classic combination of a black tee and linen pants! This versatile outfit can take you from running errands during the day to a dinner out with friends in the evening.

Start with a simple black tee, which can be dressed up or down depending on your accessories. Pair it with a lightweight pair of linen pants in a neutral shade like white or beige. Not only will these pants keep you cool in the summer heat, but they also provide a more sophisticated look than denim cutoffs or shorts.

For shoes, opt for a pair of comfortable sandals. A pair of hoop earrings add a touch of glamour to this simple outfit, and a crossbody bag is the perfect accessory for keeping your essentials close at hand while still staying hands-free.

8. blouse + straight jeans + mules + pearl earrings + sunglasses + crossbody

summer outfit for women over 50

blouse | jeans | mules | earrings | sunglasses | bag

If you’re looking for a stylish yet practical summer outfit that’s perfect for everyday wear, try pairing a blouse with straight jeans and mules. This outfit is both comfortable and chic, making it perfect for women over 50 who want to look stylish without sacrificing comfort.

When choosing a blouse, opt for a lightweight, breathable fabric such as cotton or linen. Look for a relaxed fit that’s comfortable and flattering. Pair your blouse with straight jeans, which are both timeless and flattering for any body shape. Choose a light wash for a fresh and modern look.

Mules are the perfect summer shoe as they are comfortable, easy to wear, and stylish. For an added touch of elegance, accessorize with a pair of pearl earrings and sunglasses. To finish off your outfit, add a crossbody bag that’s both functional and stylish. Choose one that’s large enough to carry your essentials but not too bulky. Opt for a classic design that will complement any outfit.

9. white dress + sandals + gold necklace + tote bag

white dress women over 50

dress | sandals | necklace | bag

When it comes to classic summer outfits, you can never go wrong with a white dress. This versatile piece can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion, making it the perfect addition to any wardrobe. Paired with a comfortable pair of sandals and a gold necklace, this outfit exudes effortless elegance and style.

The beauty of a white dress is found in its simplicity. It can be styled in so many different ways and the crisp white fabric adds a touch of sophistication to any summer look. Pairing this outfit with a tote bag is not only practical for carrying your essentials, but it also adds a touch of casual chicness to the overall look. A gold necklace, on the other hand, elevates the outfit with a touch of glamour and class.

This classic summer outfit is perfect for a day out shopping with friends, a casual lunch date, or even a beach vacation. It’s comfortable, stylish, and ageless – making it the perfect addition to any fashion-savvy woman’s wardrobe.

10. chambray shirt + midi skirt + sandals + gold hoops + straw bag

summer outfit women over 50

shirt | skirt | sandals | earrings | bag

The classic combo of a chambray shirt and midi skirt is perfect for women over 50 who want to exude effortless elegance. Start by selecting a chambray shirt with a comfortable fit. Look for one that allows you to roll up the sleeves (like this one), which gives it a more relaxed and summery vibe.

Next, pair your chambray shirt with a midi skirt that complements it well. For example, you can go with a white or beige skirt for a crisp, clean look, or opt for a colorful patterned skirt to add some personality to your ensemble.

When it comes to shoes, keep it simple with a pair of comfortable sandals. The gold hoops and straw bag accessories complete the look perfectly. This outfit is perfect for summer picnics, lunch dates, and even casual work events. It’s a versatile and chic outfit that can take you from day to night.

It’s amazing how easy it is to pair together stylish, classic looks when you have all the wardrobe basics! Are you struggling to know what they are? I have a free wardrobe checklist for you (and more!) to use to build your wardrobe HERE.

Crop tops and short shorts aren’t your things? No worries. Now you know that you can look “in season” while also looking timeless and staying true to yourself. Want more style tips and summer outfit ideas for women over 50? Keep reading: A Classy Summer Capsule Wardrobe for Women Over 50


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