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Styling a Classic Linen Outfit: My Mom vs Me

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It was a cool spring day. The clouds threatened rain, but something amazing was on its way. Oh wait, you’re not here for my birth story. Let’s try this again. It was a cool spring day. The clouds threatened rain, but I met up with my mom anyway to chat and compare our new linen outfits from Talbots. We both love Talbots because we can each find quality clothes that fit our personal style – and sometimes they end up being the same pieces! Because it doesn’t matter if you’re 28 or 60, you can never go wrong with a classic linen outfit. I may not have gotten my mom’s singing ability (What’s a B note? I’m lost), but thankfully, her great style runs in the family. What can I say? I got it from my mama. And Talbots!

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My mom, Amy, has been a mom for 3+ decades and was a single mother to 6 kids for the majority of those decades. To say she taught me about life is the understatement of the year, and as mothers do, she has greatly influenced my style as well.

The first time I went to Barbados to meet the other half of my family (I’m half Bajan/Barbadian!), my mom sat with me and helped me plan out all my outfits. We got a pen and paper and together we came up with a week’s worth of outfits using just a handful of my clothes.

I didn’t know it then, but I had just put together my first travel capsule wardrobe! The whole trip I was amazed that I could mix and match my clothes together and thanks to my notebook of planned outfits – I was never stuck figuring out what to wear. From that moment on, my love for classic and versatile clothing grew.

I was only 14 at the time and I didn’t have much to my name (let alone my wardrobe), but if I were to pack or dress for warm weather now, you better believe I’d be wearing one of the top must-have pieces – a linen boyfriend shirt!

The quality to the versatility to even the charm of the wrinkles – what’s not to love? Buying a linen boyfriend shirt is like buying 3 shirts. You can wear it buttoned-up like me, wear it as an extra layer/jacket over a tank like my mom, or even wear it as a swimsuit coverup.

My mom especially loved that “the linen shirt is an easy-on-easy-off layer that you can add to an outfit if you need a little more coverage or warmth in these changeable spring weather days!”

Keep in mind the fit is oversized, but you should be good to order your normal size (I’m wearing a S and my mom has an XL, for reference). The white is a little sheer, but if you wear skin-colored undergarments you’ll be more than fine!

Okay, now pants. Navy blue is the perfect darker neutral for spring and summer. It’s visually lighter than black, but still grounding and slimming. Plus, navy blue pants offer the perfect nautical vibes and make a great backdrop for a Breton top. Très chic!

Let’s talk fit. The linen pants run a little long, but if you choose the petite sizing (I’m wearing 4P and mom has XL), then you get this really cool and current crop. These are the type of pants you can wear out in the garden, on vacation, lounging around at home, or even dressed up to go out.

And if you want to get dressed up to go out, what’s the perfect outerwear piece to throw on?

(Did you guess a blazer?)

Ding ding, you got it!

A blazer instantly elevates your outfit and now thanks to this linen blazer, you don’t have to reserve this extra layer for just the cooler months.

You can wear it over a button-down shirt or even a sundress. When the weather cools down at night or is constantly fluctuating throughout the day, a linen blazer is the perfect way to add posh and polish to your outfit.

Okay, you’ve heard enough from me. Let’s hear from my mom:

“What I like about these clothes is the balance they show between structured and loose. The blazer has just the right amount of form to it so that it finished my outfit and adds polish. But it isn’t fussy or overly detailed and neither are the linen pants. That makes them comfortable to wear.

They also exude quality that you can feel when you slip them on. Having a blazer and pants in neutral colors helps make them more wearable, especially when you can pair them with a more intense color. And as someone with big bones, I like the way these clothes drape my figure without suffocating it.”

I’ve seen (and felt) the power of what classic, quality clothes can do for your mood. And if there was ever a month for mothers and mother figures to invest in their style, and maybe even pass it on, then it’d be now. Because after all, your spring and summer wardrobe is not complete without linen pants, a linen button-down shirt, and a linen blazer!

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