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How to Have a Nice Date Night at Home

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Whether there’s a pandemic or not, sometimes it’s just hard to get out of the house. But anyone in a relationship will tell you whether it’s difficult or not, it’s crucial to carve away time as a couple. Though typically my favorite way to do that is by trotting through Europe (hehe), being at home works too. 🙂 Here are some ways you can still have a nice date night at home!

How to Have a Nice Date Night at Home

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Wait until your kids are asleep!
That probably goes without saying, but watching a movie as a family or going out to eat as a family is family time, not date time! I personally can’t wait to eat dinner until my kid goes to sleep, so date night at home may not be dinner, but it can be a wine and cheese night instead. Or…dessert! You typically don’t want to break out the treats while your kids are awake anyway…unless you already planned on sharing. 😉

Dress up
Time to get out of those sweats or whatever it is you were wearing all day. You want it to feel special and that means a fresh, clean outfit and whatever things you like to do that “signal” going somewhere. Maybe it’s shaving (guys or girls), putting on cologne/perfume, painting your nails, putting on earrings, wearing lipstick, etc. Do whatever makes you feel like a million bucks! When you look good, you feel good. And when you feel good, you are a happier person to be around. And if you both feel happy, you’ll have a great date night. 🙂

Do something a little out of the ordinary
Even if you’re “just” at home, try to think of something new to do or a new place (in your home) that you don’t normally go…or both. For us, it was new to take my bistro set (chairs + table) to the backyard and set up a classy European inspired date. Is there somewhere new in your house you can eat? Maybe you play games in bed instead of in the living room. Or maybe you cook instead of always getting take out. Try to think of something different. You’ve got to keep things fresh!

Get good food
Good food can truly make or break a night, agreed? Whether it’s snacks for movie night or a more expensive cheese you don’t normally get, here’s your permission to splurge! Better yet, plan the food out together. I don’t know about you, but I always feel happier when I think about the good food I get to eat later haha.

Set the mood
Lights, music, candles…add simple things that enhance the atmosphere and ambiance for a romantic, magical night.

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Set conversation boundaries
A date night needs to feel like a break and a way to recharge together. Whether it’s about your schedule tomorrow, what little Timmy needs at the store, or what’s left on your to-do list, “normal” talk needs to be put on pause! Lost on what else to talk about? Dream together! Talk about trips you’d like to take, bring up favorite memories, or talk about your future as a couple. Pinterest has fun conversation starters and unique questions to ask too.

Other Ideas:

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I hope this has inspired you to make some time with your special someone and enjoy a wonderful date night at home! If you liked these simple ideas, then you’ll probably like this post on simple ways you can live a luxurious life on a budget.

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