bathroom makeover on a budget

Budget-Friendly DIY Master Bathroom Makeover

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2021 UpdateWow! My style has changed. Check out our current home and our current master bathroom makeover.

Hubby & I decided we needed to take a break on house stuff and start saving our money for future trips we want to take.

This is a little hard because I see so much I want to do, but also a good exercise for me to live in contentment and find all the things I like about our house now.

Even though our break has started (ish), I can use our break to catch up on projects that we’ve finished but haven’t had the time to blog. Truthfully, I’ll probably just have to get really creative and find ways to do projects without spending any money. ;P

Recently, we’ve finished our master bathroom makeover. Before it was pretty much a nightmare. But if I’m thinking positively, how lucky are we to have a bathroom in our bedroom that is just ours!

Back to the nightmare though.

Ugly carpet…in a BATHROOM…gross! Blue tub. Blue sink. Straight out of the 70’s. Just to name a few things.

bathroom makeover on a budget
bathroom makeover on a budget
bathroom makeover on a budget

DIY Bathroom Makeover

Now it fits our brown and gold bedroom and feels a bit dreamy.

diy-bathroom-makeover (3 of 11)

The ugly carpet got ripped out for a clearance white and gold linoleum. Rustoleum’s Tub and Tile paint proved to be a winner once again by painting the blue tub and this time the sink too.

bathroom makeover on a budget
bathroom makeover on a budget
bathroom makeover on a budget

Drop clothes are so, so amazing, and here’s the curtain I was talking about. They also work for chair covers and slipcovers.

bathroom makeover on a budget

The tall “shower curtain” is a cream sheet elevated to the ceiling using a tension rod. There is a curtain rod behind it that hangs a shower liner. All the warm, creamy colors create such a nice atmosphere when the sun shines.

Having this bathroom done is great because I use it not once, but multiple times a day and it’s so nice to feel happy every time I walk into it!

*Update- we sold this house!*


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