DIY Painted Kitchen Countertops

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Countertops are probably not something you think about painting, but you actually can and it actually works!

Painting your countertops is an easy and great-looking way to have updated countertops before you can afford the ones you want. Paint is not made to last forever, but it is more durable than you think.

I have my eye on some gorgeous wood or granite countertops, but these at the moment would require lots of time or money so they move into the “one-day” bucket. 🙂 When more house projects are done and when the paint completely wears off I envision something like this:

granite counters inspiration
wood counters inspiration

But in the meantime, I love what I have now and how it turned out!

DIY Painted Kitchen Countertops

Before & After

diy painted kitchen countertops
diy painted kitchen countertops
diy painted kitchen countertops

However, it is not perfect, and this is what I would do differently in the future:

Take the time to do it right
I rushed through this process and did not follow the steps as well as I could have. I really wanted to move in and get the countertops in working order because the kitchen was chaos and making it hard to function. But make sure you take all the right steps!!

diy painted kitchen countertops
water stains that do eventually fade away

Sand (Oops, skipped this)
Prime (Oops, skipped this)
Paint (Oops, didn’t get one made for countertops)
Seal–multiple coats and give it enough time to “cure” (I didn’t give it enough time)

If I were to do it again I would look into the Rustoleum countertop kits or for sure get paint that is made for countertops with heavy durability. Just some plain wall paint will definitely not work!

Even though I didn’t do it all correctly, I’m still really pleased with how the DIY painted kitchen countertops look. It won’t last for years and years, but that wasn’t my plan in the beginning anyway.

It really transforms the kitchen and gives me a happy feeling knowing it went from ugly orange to country brown!

Even though this isn’t a tutorial I hope it shows you that anything is possible. Even if it’s not a long-term solution I think everyone deserves to be in a space they love and sometimes a little bi of paint will get you there!

diy painted kitchen countertops

*Update- We sold this house. See what the final kitchen makeover looked like!*
And check out the progress of our current kitchen makeover too!


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