diy bathroom makeover

Super Budget-Friendly DIY Bathroom Makeover

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2021 Update- Wow! My style has certainly changed. Check out this post to see our current house and current bathroom makeover!

I’m so happy to blog this DIY bathroom makeover because I can reflect on a totally made over bathroom that I love. I’ve seen it go from ugly to worse to beautiful. It just shows you how much you can do to totally change a space without breaking the bank. This was definitely not the worst room in the house but it encourages me enough to know that we can tackle the next big thing. After a nice long break of course. 🙂

DIY Bathroom Makeover

diy bathroom makeover
diy bathroom makeover

Isn’t it grand?? Would you believe me if I said you could get this for under $400?

diy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverdiy bathroom makeoverNow let’s see…how much did all of this cost for our DIY bathroom makeover? Here’s the fun/scary part!
 *Estimates- not exact costs*

Bathtub paint- $25
Floor (with grout & tools)- $45
Paint for cupboards- free, the owner left it behind
Wall paint- leftover from a bedroom
Concrete counter & tools- $40
Shower curtain, rod, & rings- $30
Rug- $10
Shelves- sitting around from a previous thrift store find
Toilet- $90 (didn’t need to be replaced, but was old and gross)
Hanging basket- from my mom
Bathtub faucet&drain-$60
The rest of the stuff are things found from second-hand stores or Dollar Tree

Estimated total: $330

What?? There were tools we had to pick up here and there but I think all in all the total cost would be under $400. But who knows, I’m a bad estimator ;P

Now you see what a little (okay, a lot) of hard work and time can do!

*Update- We sold this house!*


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