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Easy Ways To Invest in Rest and Create a Great Bedtime Routine

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We’ve all been through a lot during these uncertain times. And you might be feeling drained, burnt out, and beyond exhausted. And if you are a working mom doing back-to-school runs while trying to get to your 9:30 AM board meeting on time, or trying to juggle your work from home life and maintain relationships with loved ones — you might feel like your stressful daily routine is making it hard for you to wind down and get good sleep. 

Constantly thinking about work or regular life tasks before bedtime can really make it a challenge for sleep to come by. According to Sleephub,, “chronic stress and busyness” may cause problems trying to fall asleep or stay asleep. 

When it’s 3 A.M. and you’re staring at the ceiling feeling guilty about not getting 8 hours of sleep, it can be easy to feel like you’re the only one going through this. But the reality is that millions of people also have this same problem. Research from the CDC shows that about 70 million Americans have sleep problems. And with Google searches for “how to sleep better” increasing by 129% every year, it’s clear that a lot of us aren’t getting good shut-eye.

Thankfully, you don’t have to try to count sheep anymore because there are easy ways to invest in rest and create a great bedtime routine. From slipping on silk sleepwear to get you in the perfect mood for some ZZZ, reading night affirmations, to adding sleep blends to your diffuser to transform your bedroom into a serene haven.

Scroll down to meet the products that will give you the most soothing sleep:

Silk Sleepwear

Believe it or not, sleepwear can make or break a good night’s rest. So if you’ve been using your worn-out t-shirt or old sweatpants as pajamas, it might be a good idea to ditch them for something more high quality. What constitutes quality sleepwear? Durability and comfort are definitely key factors to look out for if you want to get your best night’s sleep.

To ensure that you choose sleepwear that has superior quality and feels cozy, recommends focusing on the fabric of your sleepwear. And when it comes to choosing the best fabric, silk tops the list. I mean, what sounds nicer than nestling into silk sleepwear? You’ll feel like royalty. 

This luxurious fabric is super soft — making it ideal for getting the best sleep results. It consists of 18 amino acids that are aptly labeled ‘the sleep factors.’ These molecules make the human nerves in a relatively stable state to boost the quality.

Even though silk sleepwear promises comfort, ease and style — it is a huge splurge for most of us. That’s why we have compiled a list of budget-friendly silk pajamas that are perfect for an evening spent cuddling up under a cozy blanket, especially after a long day. 

100% Washable Silk Tank & Shorts Pajama Set

With nearly 100 reviews and a 4.8-star rating, you’ll never want to take off this beloved 2 piece set. This silk tank top and short set can be washed amongst your other clothes, but best of all, it has thermoregulating technology to help maintain your comfortable body temperature.

You can pair this subtly sexy set with your favorite sleep mask and silk pillowcase — and you will be having the sweetest dreams. Oh, and did we also mention that it comes in other chic colors? From toasted almond, indigo, mist to light grey — there’s a color for different preferences. 

What women love about this product: “Just Delicious. I’ve been drooling over silk pajama sets for years now, but I am unwilling to pay the high sticker price. At Quince’s price point, I couldn’t resist these. I’m a confirmed believer now: totally in love, and my sleep has never been more comfortable and beautiful! The shorts are definitely short and the top is comparatively large, but in my opinion, that’s the perfect fit for a sleep set! I’m tall, and the medium is perfect. And it’s washable!! I’m so happy. Can’t wait to buy more colors and styles.

Ginia Silk Long Gown

If a pajama short set or a chemise is too revealing for your taste, try this silk long gown instead. It’s just as cozy but more modest. 

What women love about this product:Purchased the emerald color which is so beautiful. I got the longer-length gown for winter wear, the fit was perfect. Love the look, the feel of silk lingerie.

Silk Pajama Pants

What better way to invest in rest than to treat yourself to new pajama pants?

Call it a night in these classic Nordstrom pajama pants. They are made out of 100% silk, so you can expect to feel comfortable through the night. Just add a silk camisole and this look will instantly double as a fashionable Zoom meeting outfit.

Plus, these machine-washable pants come with pockets for added functionality.

What women love about this product: “Very soft and comfy. Love love love these pajama pants! It’s Like wearing clouds. Super smooth. Only wish it could come in a set.

LilySilk Silk Pajama Set for Women 100% Real Mulberry Silk Sleepwear

Let’s face it, we could all need an upgrade in the PJ department, and this luxe pajama set will certainly level up your sleepwear. According to the brand, this 100% silk pajama set is temperature regulating, so it will keep you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

This cute set is described to be perfect for delicate sleepers that want enjoyable sleep. One reviewer even wrote “The silk is very soft and nice to sleep in.’ For a price point that isn’t above $200, this is most certainly a great deal.

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What women love about this product: I will buy more. I’m so impressed. Not just with the PJ, but with the package it came in. Really adds to that luxury feel. These PJs are soft and feel so nice to sleep in. I purchased an XL. I’m pear-shaped. I like PJs to be loose, especially on the bottom. A large would have been fine.

Sleep Blends For Diffusers

Ahh, there’s nothing more pleasant than the scent of a soothing essential oil to help you snooze. Anyone who has struggled with sleep and has used essential oils would know what exactly I’m talking about. But if you’ve never tried aromatherapy before, your complete guide is right ahead!

What are essential oils?
Essential oil bottle laying flat on wood board and plant to invest in rest
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The world of essential oils may seem confusing but it’s actually pretty simple. Basically, essential oils are the essence of flowers, seeds, bark, and other plant products. Some people might think that it’s a new self-care trend – but these oils have been used for centuries in religious ceremonies, healthcare, and beauty treatments.

How to use essential oils

The most effective (and common) way essential oils are released into the air is with a diffuser. But if you don’t have one, there are all sorts of diffusers on the market. From Ultrasonic diffusers to nebulizing diffusers. And they cost between $25 to $200, so there’s one available for any budget. If you need some help choosing a diffuser, here are the best ones Amazon reviewers swear by:

Breathe Essential Oil Diffuser

Why we love it:

  • Star rating: 4.6
  • Reviews: 2,273
  • 18-hour run time
  • Chic design
  • 16 LED light options
  • 4 timer settings

What people love about it: “We have had several oil diffusers, and this one is remarkably better than all of them. It has a great aesthetic and diffuses all day. The packaging was sleek and the instructions were clear. We highly recommend this product to anyone looking to buy a diffuser!

Hathaspace Marble Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser

Why we love it:

  • Star rating: 4.5 stars
  • Reviews: 3,394
  • 18-hour run time
  • Auto-shutoff
  • Dual diffuser and humidifier
  • Aesthetically pleasing

What women love about it:This diffuser is absolutely beautiful! It looks like genuine marble. It is so simple to use and holds lots of water, so no need to keep refilling. The light rings do not disrupt your ability to fall asleep. It’s so nice to fall asleep to the smell of lavender!

The best essential oil blends for diffusers:

A great way to invest in rest is to stock up on some essential oil blends to help you fall asleep quicker. The right blend will instantly turn your bedroom into a calming sleep environment. Just place your diffuser by your nightstand, add a few drops of essential oils an hour before bedtime and you’ll have the best sleep ever. 

If you’re ready to integrate calming essential oil blends into your nighttime routine, but you’re unsure which one to choose, we have rounded up the best essential oils to add to your diffuser for a more peaceful rest.

Paddywax Unwind Essential Oil Blend

This essential oil blend from Paddywax is infused with earthy clary sage, sweetly floral geranium, and fresh, calming lavender to create a serene atmosphere. Add a few drops to a water-filled diffuser and just watch (or, smell) the magic happen!

What women love about it:Awesome Aroma. Used in my bedroom, has a nice calming feeling in this stressful environment that we live in. The aroma of lavender lasted mostly all night and the next day.

Dream Essential Oils for Diffusers

If you struggle to sleep because you can’t switch off your mind from thinking about endless to-do lists, adding this dream essential oil diffuser to your cart is the best way to invest in rest. It features a mix of lavender, chamomile, clary sage, and Ylang-ylang essential oils that can help relieve you from stress.

What women love about this product: I have ordered this over and over! I love the is so relaxing and really helps me wind down and fall asleep at night. I really can’t recommend this enough! It’s always sold out here lately when I need some, and that should speak for itself 🙂.”

Plant Therapy Essential Oil Stress Relief, Sleep, Peace & Calming Blend

Are you set on getting the most luxurious night’s sleep, ever? Look no further than Plant Therapy’s calming essential oil blend. It’s the perfect way to invest in rest.

This undeniably cute bottle contains 100% pure, undiluted essential oils of Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Orange, Patchouli. These all-natural essential aromas were selected to encourage mental relaxation before bed. 

What women love about this product:

I’ve tried several of the Plant Therapy Synergy blends and this is one of my favorites. I have hip bursitis and a thyroid condition that can make sleep really difficult. I decided to try this because I figured it was worth a shot AND it doesn’t contain lavender (I really dislike the smell of lavender but most sleepy-type EO blends contain it.) This smells great and really does seem to help enormously- I sleep like a rock when I diffuse this in my bedroom at night. I’m massively impressed. I highly recommend this if you want something to help you sleep that doesn’t contain lavender.

Night Affirmations Sleep

Are you interested in finding more ways to invest in rest?

Reading a relaxing and uplifting list of affirmations before bedtime can really help quiet the mind and wind down the body for a good night’s sleep. So if your thoughts are loud enough to keep you up at night, read these night affirmations:

Sleep Rituals: 100 Practices for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep

If your second half of the year goal is to invest in rest by splurging on sleep affirmations — then this copy by Jennifer Williamson deserves a spot on your bedside table. It is filled with 100 short affirmations to get you into the best mindset to have a refreshing night’s sleep.

What people love about this book: As a lifelong insomniac, I am so excited about this book. It is set up beautifully with practices for making your room conducive for sleep.”

Begin with Yes – Nighttime Affirmations

For those who are desperate for peaceful slumber, try reading these nighttime affirmations. It will help you reduce stressful thoughts and soothe you to sleep.

What people love about this book:Each night for several months, I have read the daily entry. I am always amazed at how in tune with what I need each passage has been. I look for an especially meaningful sentence to ponder as I’m falling asleep. It is a welcome relief to trade negative ruminations for hopefulness and support.

Sleep is so crucial, yet everyday stressors and responsibilities cut in when you want to get a good night’s rest. However, when you invest in rest, you can drift off to dreamland with ease.

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