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11 Easy-To-Copy Fashion Tips for Women Over 80

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Your 80’s can be an exciting time. Whether it’s entering a new home or becoming a great-grandparent, life changes over time. Naturally, so does your style. Fashion icons who have lived through their 80s can tell you that this is a great time to explore and discover your style. If you are one of those older women obsessed with fashion, this post is for you. Inspired by Carolina Herrera, an 83-year-old top fashion designer known for her personal style, here are fashion tips for women over 80 to help you get the perfect look!

1. Sport Neutral Colors


Carolina Herrera is a paradigm for fashion lovers who want to look timeless in their 80s. For fashionable style inspiration, take cues from her and swap out bright colors for a neutral color palette.

These neutral solid colors look fresh and chic. Plus, they can be easily teamed up with pretty much anything in your closet. For instance, neutral bases like charcoal gray paired with beige shades are a great way to create a modern look. Mixing black with gold is another great way to create a chic, modern, and tastefully bold look as well.

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2. Define Your Waist

One of the biggest fashion mistakes a lot of mature women make is wearing clothes that make them look frumpy. It’s essential to pick the right clothes that don’t make you look shapeless.

There are different styles that you can choose to define your waist, such as a sheath dress with paneled sides to create the illusion of a defined waist or a belted jacket. Belting a jacket is one of the best ways to shrink the appearance of your waist.

And while you’re at it, why not try a peplum jacket as well? No matter what your body type is, you can dress up in a peplum jacket for the perfect fit. The silhouette helps to draw eyes to your waist and makes your body shape look instantly defined.

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3. Avoid Clothes With Bulky Shoulder Pads

I know shoulder pads were one of the biggest fashion trends in the 80s, but they just haven’t stood the test of time!

For a more flattering and classic look, skip the 80s fashion detail and opt for a more fitted look. Whether it is a dress or jacket, the shoulders should not be poking out in an obvious, bulky way.

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4. Wear Classic Patterns

From tried-and-true favorites like stripes, dainty floral prints, polka dots, and gingham, the next style tip to follow in your 80s is to stick to timeless prints. The best thing about these patterns is that they will leave you feeling effortlessly chic. There is a good reason why style icon Carolina Herrera only dresses up in classic prints- she knows that they are the best for creating an elegant personal style!

Keep in mind that you don’t want to mix too many prints. You don’t want the prints to compete for the spotlight. A good rule of thumb when it comes to styling prints is to create balance. The best example of a balanced look is a black dress shirt with a striped skirt. This outfit combo is not too busy and not hard to recreate for any older woman.

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5. Accessorize With Classic Accent Pieces

Accessorizing is always a great idea. It makes a huge impact on an outfit, but in your 80s, try not to go overboard by choosing accessories in bold colors and crazy designs.

For the best style, take your look to the next level by accessorizing with classic pieces like a pearl necklace and a gold watch. These accent pieces exude the chic and timeless vibes that are needed to make an outfit look fashionable. Give your lobes a chic touch with a pair of pearl earrings as well!

Adding a fashionable brooch is also a tip mature women use to elevate their looks. Follow in their footsteps and attach a brooch to a little black dress or classy jacket for your semi-casual wear. Putting on these accessories may seem like an insignificant detail to add, but it makes such a big difference to a look.

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6. Apply Subtle Yet Polished Makeup

You would be hard-pressed to find Carolina Herrera not wearing perfectly subtle makeup. She knows that a polished beauty look is just as important as wearing stylish clothes.

Show off your best features by doing subtle makeup that highlights your best features. This could be your showcasing your eyes, adding soft color to your lips, or showing off your cheekbones-making sure not to add too much face powder that creates a white cast.

Don’t forget about your hair either! Just because you’re a mature woman, doesn’t mean that you don’t care about your hair like younger women. Don’t settle for an outdated style. Get hair inspiration from Carolina Herrera by slicking your hair back. It is a stylish and modern way of having neat and manageable hair in your 80s.

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7. Stick to Classic and High-Quality Fabrics

carolina herrera

In the world of fashion, fabrics are everything. Don’t pick cheap and frumpy fabrics that will age you. But on the flipside, in your 80s, you can get away with wearing fabrics that some think are outdated, like brocade. On you, it creates an elegant look.

But no matter what you wear, choose high-quality and popular materials like cotton, linen, silk, cashmere, velvet, leather, and denim for an outfit that ensures a stylish look.

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8. Swap Out Frumpy Jeans for Slacks

When Carolina Herrera wasn’t wearing a dress or a skirt, she was still looking classy in slacks. Swapping out your frumpy jeans for a timeless pair of dress pants is the perfect way to still look stylish in your mature years.

If you don’t know what style would look fashionable on you in your 80s, choose straight-leg pants. They look amazing on women of all ages and you don’t have to leave your comfort zone as they are not constricting. Plus, you will love styling them with classic tops like white shirts!

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9. Avoid Shoes With Odd Details

Every woman needs a good pair of shoes in her closet, no matter the age. These will be the building blocks for most of your looks, so it’s best to pick a classic pair.

Avoid strange styles like ballet flats with cat motifs. Whether it’s flats or espadrilles, keep the design of your shoes simple and chic to make them super versatile.

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10. Be Cautious of Showing Too Much Skin

Trying to look young just ages you more. Avoid wearing clothes that show off too much skin. For an indisputably chic look, embrace modest styles. A white blouse, grey pants, and a pearl necklace are the perfect example of a modest and elegant look.

But if you do want to show some skin, just keep it balanced and follow the rule of exposing one body part at a time, whether that’s a low back, deep front, legs, or shoulders.

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11. Avoid Wearing Skin Colored Tights

Front Row at Carolina Herrera RTW Fall 2022

Tights come and go as far as being in fashion, but whether they’re “in” or not, they can provide coverage and comfort that women love.

For a more stylish finish, take style notes from Carolina Herrera and wear black, gray, or navy blue tights. They offer a more sophisticated appearance than nude-colored tights.

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With the help of these fashion tips for women over 80, your fashion style will remain chic and timeless throughout this new chapter in your life.

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