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14 Overlooked Fashion Tips for Women Over 60 That Will Transform Your Style

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If your personal style is due for a makeover but you don’t know what fashion tips can work for mature women, then you are in the right place. From updating your hairstyle to choosing the right fabrics, here you’ll find 14 overlooked fashion tips for women over 60 to help you have great style in your mature years!

1. Update Your Hairstyle

Believe it or not, your hairstyle plays a big role in your fashion style. The wrong hairstyle can not only age you, but it can also ruin a stylish look and stop you from feeling your best. So with that being said, avoid hairstyles that add more years to your face. Instead, pick a look that flatters your best features.

Don’t feel like you have to shy away from certain styles just because younger women are sporting them either! I’m not talking about rainbow-colored highlights, but a trendy hairstyle, like balayage, can actually do wonders for your overall look, especially when balanced out with a classic outfit.

I know a lot of women in their mature years opt to go shorter as they age, but long hair can give an elegant look too. The point is: pick a hairstyle based on what you feel more comfortable with, whether that is long or short. But just make sure that you actually pick a hairstyle! The temptation as you age is to not pay much attention to your hair and that would be a mistake. Choose an intentional look.

From a short white hairstyle, à la Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada to Helen Mirren’s long blonde bob with waves in Red 2, the options are endless. Consider visiting a professional so they can help you shape your hair into the best style for your texture and lifestyle.

Okay, so a trendier hairstyle can be a great way to update your whole look. But if you pair a trendy hairstyle with a trendy outfit, you may potentially come across as a woman that’s “trying too hard” to be young.

Fashion trends are for women of all ages, but if you are a 60-year-old woman or above, try to be picky about the trends you follow. Some trends like the cut-out dresses are geared toward younger people, so instead, focus on the classic trends.

For example, the Coastal grandmother trend from TikTok is perfect for your age group. The trend is a minimalist ocean-side aesthetic inspired by Nancy Meyer movies. Channel your inner Diane Keaton to elevate your style!

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3. Choose a Luxe Texture Over Too Many Patterns

When adding pieces to your wardrobe, opt for luxe textures instead of too many patterns. Overloading your outfit or wardrobe with too many bold prints will not give you the best look at your age. The best way to dress chic is to stick to choosing luxe textures!

Luxurious fabrics like brocade and jacquard can look elegant on older women. They ooze elegance and class, which makes them perfect for instantly elevating your personal style. You can mix the luxurious fabrics with tailored pieces like dress pants in solid colors for a balanced look. If you want to give your outfits a statement-making touch, then consider jacquard and brocade fabrics.

But for your day-to-day life, you can’t go wrong with quality fabrics such as cashmere for sweaters or linen for dresses. Most women want to ooze class at this age, and luxe textures and high-quality fabrics will do just that.

4. Accentuate What You Like and Camouflage What You’re Insecure About

As you age, things…shift. That’s just the way it is! And instead of spending all your mental energy wishing things were different, you can just embrace your new body and season of life. And the best way to do that is to accentuate what you like about yourself and camouflage what you’re not so confident about.

Because yes, it is okay to hide what you are insecure about and highlight your best features. Young women do it as well! Do you need shapewear to give you a slender look? Then invest in high-quality shapewear.

If you have beautiful eyes, add a little bit of mascara or eyeshadow to show them off. Slip on a long-sleeve white blouse if you feel insecure about your arms. Do you have long legs? Then have a leg moment in a little black dress.

The hype: 4/5. 16k+ ratings. “Like a tummy tuck”

5. Evaluate Your Skin and See if You Need New Products

Just as bodies change, skin texture does too. Have you noticed some age spots or fine lines recently and want to cover them up? It may be time to evaluate your skin and upgrade your skincare routine with new products.

Not only may your skincare needs change, but your makeup needs may as well. Maybe as a teenager, you were focused on hiding a recent breakout. And at this age, perhaps you are more focused on achieving supple skin. So instead of a foundation with acne-fighting properties, you may want a foundation with hyaluronic acid and collagen-building properties. The same brand and products may not work for you anymore and that’s okay!

Not only is investing in your skin investing in your mental health, but working on giving your skin a glowy and supple finish is an important step to round off a perfect outfit.

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6. Choose a Simple and Clean Purse

A purse is usually an overlooked item for an older woman, but it shouldn’t be! A lot of older women I know don’t put much thought into their purses, but this is an area where you can really update your style and polish off your overall look.

Choosing a simple and clean purse doesn’t mean choosing something dowdy or outdated. Instead, choosing a minimalist purse means you are choosing something polished that can be used on a regular basis. You can use it for a casual look or formal wear, and the best part is that a simple design won’t overwhelm your style or frame.

Whether that be denim jeans or an a-line skirt, this purse should have a classic design and a neutral color to work well with the different pieces in your wardrobe.

The hype: 4.7/5. 83% 5-star reviews. “I absolutely love this purse! The quality is great and it looks fantastic!”

kate spade purse

7. Keep Clothing Items Clean and Simple

On the topic of keeping your purse clean and simple, that tip applies to your clothes as well. Bold colors and floral prints are not the only combinations for a fashionable look; there are other glamorous ways of putting together an outfit.

Sometimes all you need to do is to keep your outfit simple. It is the easiest way of learning how to look chic in your 60s. And the best part? It’s not complicated at all! Minimalist silhouettes and neutral solid colors will help you create a stylish yet simple outfit.

Plus, simple and timeless clothes make the perfect backdrop for your luxe fabrics, should you choose to take them out for a spin.

8. Avoid Orthopedic Shoes if You Can Help It

As much as orthopedic shoes are great for people with plantar orthoses, sadly, they don’t have the best look. If you don’t have any problems walking and you don’t need them for a medical reason, then avoid them. It’s hard to incorporate orthopedic shoes into chic looks. If you’re picking them just because they’re comfortable, there are better-looking options!

One of those is stylish sneakers. If you pick a “current” brand, such as Parisian favorite Veja, p448, or Golden Goose (if you want to splurge) then you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style for comfort.

If you want to give your casual wear a feminine and classy touch, then choose simple flats. They are versatile and comfy footwear that you can wear all year round. This cushiony ballet flat is especially comfortable.

Want to dress up your look? Then stick to dress shoes like kitten heels or slingbacks. Slingback heels or kitten heels are the best options for women over 60 to dress up their look. The heel is manageable to walk in, and the design is versatile enough to wear with many looks. So take style cues from Carolina Herrera and slip on kitten heels!

The hype: 4.3/5. “They are very comfortable right out of the box. I put them on immediately and my daughter saw them and has purchased them as well. This is an awesome shoe and a GREAT price for an all leather shoe of such quality. Again, all the reviews were spot on! I give this shoe 5 stars!!!”

9. Invest in High-Quality Accessories

Are you sensing a theme here? Quality matters! The right accessories do a great job at upgrading an outfit; that’s why I highly recommend investing in high-quality accessories along with your clothes. An obviously fake gold necklace that’s discolored and leaving your skin green is not going to make you look classy.

Plus, you don’t want to spend years collecting $20 purses because not only will they easily fall apart, but they can make your entire outfit look cheap.

Of course, we would never recommend going into debt trying to afford luxury items or high-quality clothes. Spend within your means and buy the best you can afford, whatever that number may be. Thankfully, there are affordable and high-quality clothing pieces that won’t break the bank.

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10. Add a Splurge Designer Accessory to Your Outfit

I know buying designer accessories is quite intimidating (and I’m definitely not saying it’s a must-have), but the right piece can be worth the splurge. When you choose to spend a significant amount of money on one designer bag, you’ll find that you don’t need all those $20 bags anymore. Because you don’t need to buy a dozen designer bags to create new looks. All you need is one accessory to transform a basic wardrobe!

There are so many legendary designer brands with a great selection of accessories, so the decision-making process can be hard. The key is to pick the right designer brand that is well known for the accessory you need.

For instance, Chanel is a good luxury brand for timeless, feminine, and high-quality handbags. Burberry is known for its iconic trench coat. Celine makes classy sunglasses. Hermès and leather sandals go hand in hand. For a designer belt that not everyone has, choose Celine, YSL, Celine, or Hermès. (If you’re tired of seeing the double gs that is Gucci everywhere.)

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11. Don’t Be Afraid To Take Chances (You’re Not “Too” Old)

The idea that women over 60 are “too old” to experiment with new styles is boring and far from the truth! When it comes to fashion, don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. If there is a new color you want to try, go ahead! Finding the perfect style is all about trying different aesthetics until you discover a look that works for you.

There is no harm in trying the latest fashion trends, but don’t overload your closet with them. Fashion trends come and go, so it is best to have a wide collection of classic pieces you can rely on all year round. Classic clothes have the ease and elegance you need to look your best in your 60s.

12. Shop at the Right Stores (Don’t Shop at Stores for the Younger Generation)

Have you scrolled on some fashion sites and wondered why you can’t find anything you like? You are probably shopping at the wrong store! A key to picking the right pieces for your age is shopping at the right places for your age.

And even though it may feel like most stores are for younger women, there are some great places available for women over 60. Stores like Madewell, Everlane, J. Crew, Banana Republic, and Nordstrom have a diverse selection of classic clothing you will love.

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13. Choose Colors That Flatter Your Skin Tone

The shades you choose for your outfits are just as important as the shades you choose for your hair color. Picking colors that do not complement your skin may wash you out or make your skin look dull. To ensure you don’t select colors that clash with your skin tone, study your undertones. There are three different undertones to look out for: neutral, cool, and warm.

You are a warm undertone if you have an olive or golden complexion. The perfect match for this skin tone is earthy colors. Women with cool undertones tend to have a fair to dark complexion. Colors that look great on this skin tone are cool-based with high contrast, such as cool blues, true white, and black.

And lastly, neutral undertones are people with a skin tone between warm and cool. Style experts recommend sticking to neutral tones to flatter the skin tone.

If you’re unsure what you are, consider visiting a color professional. Spending a few hundred bucks to know the best colors for your clothes, makeup, and hair color will be invaluable and a decision I’m sure you’ll never regret. It’s never too late!

14. Don’t Just Consider What’s “Age Appropriate” – Consider Lifestyle and Body Type Too

As you age, the term “aging gracefully” is thrown around a lot. This means something different to everyone, but here we believe this means embracing your age while dressing for your new season. It doesn’t mean trying to force yourself into the clothing styles you wore 40 years ago (unless you really want to), nor does it mean “letting yourself go.”

A part of creating fashionable looks in your 60s is centered around outfits that suit your body type and lifestyle, not just your age. So if you tend to buy clothes based on an “age-appropriate” approach, you may actually be limiting yourself. Just because you’re over 60 doesn’t mean you have to wear elastic jeans and orthopedic shoes.

Your new clothes should reflect your personality. Do you travel frequently? Buy clothes that are stylish and travel-friendly. Love spending time in your garden? Buy fun and wearable clothes to wear outside.

Remember to dress for your body now, not when you were 25. Wear clothes that fit your current body shape and age. You don’t have to wear those pair of jeans you rocked in your mid-20s to look fashion-forward. Focus on the right fit that suits the current, beautiful you!

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Elevating your wardrobe might seem unimportant or too hard at this age, but the effort is never wasted. With these fashion tips for women over 60, putting together chic outfits will be a breeze!

Now that you’ve got these fashion tips for women over 60 under your belt, it’s time to ban frumpy dresses. Pick one (or two) of these dresses for a classic and chic style.

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