hermes sandal dupe

Quite Possibly the Best Hermès Sandal Dupe

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If you’re like me and love the classic look of the Hermes Oran sandals but not the price, then you may be looking for an alternative. Over the years I’ve been trying to find a sandal that looks almost exact, but I always came up short. Until now. Here’s a brief rundown on the classic Hermès sandals as well as quite possibly the best Hermès sandal dupe!

What makes Hermès sandals so expensive and iconic?

Hermès is a French luxury brand that’s famous all over the world. They are most known for their expensive handbags (the Birkin) that can fetch a price similar to a new car. And if you don’t recognize them for their expensive handbags, then you may know them for their classic silk scarves.

Fashion influencers and celebrities like Jennifer Lopez and Alessandra Ambrosio started wearing these sandals, driving up the value even more. Whether it’s a scarf, bag, or designer shoes, Hermès accessories are well-crafted, good quality, and the epitome of luxury.

The iconic Hermes sandals are natural calfskin leather and made in Italy. Comfortable and timeless, these are a pair you won’t regret having in your summer capsule wardrobe or in your suitcase for vacations to escape to some warmer weather.

Though the “H” stands for Hermès (I assume), this cut-out feature is simple enough to match every outfit but it’s interesting enough to add some pizazz too. This type of sandal can easily be dressed up or down.

Plus, they’re versatile enough to be worn with anything from skinny jeans to summer dresses. The bad news is that a new pair will cost you around $630. The good news is that you can get a great alternative for a fraction of the peace!

Key Hermès Oran sandals details:

  • “H” cut-out
  • Brown leather (the authentic sandals come in 10+ different colors, but brown is the most popular)
  • White stitching
  • Very minimal heel lift

Now, if you’ve searched for Hermès sandal dupes before, then you’ve probably come across the similar style of Steve Madden Greece sandal.

Though the style is similar, it could be better. The cognac color looks more orange than brown, it lacks white stitching, and the cut-out looks bigger and less defined. It has many great reviews, however, so it could still be a great sandal option!

Another dupe style you’ve probably come across is the Sam Edelman Bay Flat Sandal. Now, I love some Sam Edelman shoes as I find this brand to be very comfortable. This sandal is a closer dupe to Hermes in some ways, but further in others. It has the rich brown color and the white stitching, but it doesn’t have the exact iconic “H” cut-out.

sam edelman sandal

And lastly, Goodnight Macaroon offers probably the closest pair out of the previous bunch, as it has the stitching and defined “H” cut-out. But sadly, there is no classic brown and they are not real leather.

goodnight macaroon sandal

Okay, we’ve talked about some different options, but now I want to share what I think is quite possibly the best Hermès Oran sandal dupe!

The Best Hermes Sandal Dupe

French Sole Alibi Sandal Cognac Leather

Now that I’ve had a chance to test out these sandals all over Tulum, I can now confidently say they are worth it!

They are pretty comfortable, as far as sandals go. I’ve certainly walked a lot more in a lot less. For $150 they are more expensive for dupes but think of them as a solid player in your summer capsule wardrobe instead of “just” a look-a-like.

They are 100% leather and are very well-made. I didn’t have any issues with them sliding off my foot either. Though to be fair, I don’t have that issue with many sandals. In full transparency, there are some mixed reviews about them on Amazon. To be honest, I don’t know why, but keep that in mind as it sounds like some women got sent some bad pairs.

Now, are they 100% like the Hermès Oran sandal? Well, no. The Hermes sandal is a light gold chestnut brown, while the French Sole sandal is darker. Also, the contrast of the white stitching on the Hermes sandal is a lot more noticeable than the stitching on the French Sole pair.

That being said, they are a good purchase as they are not only beautiful and high-quality, but they are the closest dupe I’ve found!

If you pick up a pair of these, don’t stress about what to wear them with. Jeans, shorts, dresses, skirts, you name it, they’ll match it all. And if you get a classic neutral color, then you don’t have to worry about color matching either! Though to be fair, I do try to match my browns in the same outfit.

If you’re looking for other outfit inspiration for your spring and summer wardrobe this season, keep reading!

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hermes sandal dupe
hermes sandal dupe

2024 Update and New Affordable Designer Dupes

One great recent find of mine is the Steve Madden Hadyn sandal. This awesome look-alike of the Hermès “H” style comes with a price tag you can handle. They’re made from leather, so they look good and won’t empty your pockets. I’ve also stumbled upon the Dune London H sandal which has lots of color choices and a fancy look without the Hermès price.

Now, the Birkenstock brand might be what you need if you’re after a laid-back feel, right? Famous for their comfy designs, their special footbed means you can wear them all day. They’re the perfect choice for events like a New Year’s get-together or just an easy going day out. Don’t forget Tuckernuck and Shein. They’ve got a bunch of designs, from simple to complicated, that make sure you’ll find sandals to match any outfit or taste.

It’s well worth it to take a look at the Patricia Green “H” slide. This stylish sandal goes well with everything in your closet. Throw it on with a t-shirt or a summer dress and you’ll add a touch of class to your wardrobe.

Creating a look that shows who you truly are needs a balance of fashion-sense and personal taste. The right example of this is when we look at Hallie Slide Sandal and Stratuxx Kaze. These brands offer a bit of wealth without a high price tag and they work well with a simple but modern style like most people want.

  • The Hallie Slide Sandal sets a new level of class. It comes in a variety of colors. You can pair it with a glam New Year’s Eve outfit or casual coffee run clothes. When you wear these sandals, every outfit seems professional and smart.
  • If we talk about Stratuxx Kaze, it gives a fresh look to the usual H sandal design. If you want to stand out, these sandals are perfect. Besides their unique appearance, they are pretty solidly built. So, when you invest in them, you pay for style that lasts.
  • For those who love comfort, Birkenstock and Patricia Green top the list. Their sandals make sure your feet stay relaxed no matter how long you wear them. These can go well with jeans or just a basic t-shirt.
  • You can find all these lookalikes on websites like Zappos. On these platforms, finding the perfect Hermès sandal knock-off turns into a fun and simple task. Whether you’re looking for an affordable pair or something to splurge on, Zappos has a sandal for every fashion taste and desire.

It’s all about finding shoes that fit your life. They should match your style, and work with your budget – but that’s not all. They should also be comfortable and high-quality, right? You want shoes that let you look stylish and feel great every time you put them on!


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