french country kitchen tables
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10 French Country Kitchen Tables To Add French Flair to Your Space

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When it comes to creating a beautiful country dining space, the French are experts. These spaces boast 19th-century cabinetry, rustic country candle holders, and neutral counter space. But one feature that stands out in every French country-style dining area is a French farm table. This beautiful table has such a charming and chic flair that makes it the perfect focal point in a room. If you love French countryside dining areas, then your space begs for a French Country table to achieve your country dining room dreams. To pick the perfect table, there are a few key elements of a French Country dining table that you will need to know.

Elements of French Country Kitchen Tables

Material: A French farmhouse table is usually made from solid wood like birch, oak, and pine. This solid wood furniture features a warm, naturally aged wood finish with ornate carvings. It makes the dining room table look effortlessly elegant, especially when it is paired with French medallion or bistro chairs. You can also expect to see marble used on French Country table tops too.

Shapes: French Country kitchen tables come in a variety of classic shapes and styles. This includes rectangle, round, and oval tables.

french country kitchen tables

Finishes: To keep the rustic appearance, the tables are dull as opposed to glossy. A wax finish is also typically used to preserve the raw wood look of the table.

Styles: Some French-style country kitchen tables are given a classic look with features like end drawers. These drawers are equally functional and charming.

Table leg styles: Common leg styles you can find on French Country kitchen tables are trestle bases, fluted, and cabriole legs.

Now that you know what elements to look for in French Country kitchen tables, it’s time to pick the right one for your dining room. But what to choose with so many chic options available? To make the decision-making process easier for you, here is a list of 10 beautiful French Country kitchen tables!

French Country Kitchen Tables


1. Harvest 72″ Dining Table

This hand-built wood table exudes elegance. It perfectly captures the aesthetic of the French Countryside. You can add 6-8 seats to the table, making it perfect for large family gatherings over the holidays. The solid wood table also boasts classic fluted legs for a charming finish.

2. Chapman Oval Marble Pedestal Dining Table

Create a chic and inviting look by adding this tulip dining table to your living space. It boasts a veined white marble table top that looks effortlessly polished. It sits on a sculptured base that makes the entire table stand out.

3. Raw Cedar Solid Wood Pedestal Dining Table

If you need a comfortable gathering place for your friends and family, pick this beautiful French Country table. The delicate carvings give this table style and character. You will also love the unfinished wood finish that gives the table a shabby chic look.

4. Cloake Brown Rectangular 4-Drawer Dining Table

This table has a polished and lived-in look that would fit in perfectly in a French Country dining room. It boasts rustic four drawers which are punctuated with bronze knobs. You can complete the table with antique seats for a rustic yet refined finishing touch.

5. Banks Extending Dining Table

extendable French Country dining table

Drawing inspiration from the French countryside, this dining table features trestle bases and feminine carved elements. Its rustic beauty is a must-have in a traditional dining space.

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6. Mark French Country Brown Elm Oval Dining Table

The ornate fluted table legs give the dining table a sense of history while the large, oval table top remains simple and chic. With its natural brown finish, the table remains versatile. You can team it up with French Country chairs that have a shabby chic look.

7. Logan French Country Brown Wood Extendable Dining Table

The natural wood finish, trestle base, and oval tabletop define this French Country kitchen table. Just place a crystal chandelier above the table and your dining space will look perfect.

8. Dolce French Brown Reclaimed Pine Wood Extendable Dining Table

This French Country kitchen table is simply irresistible. It is constructed from pine wood and is finished in a family-friendly clear coat finish. You will also love that the table is extendable.

9. French Country Reclaimed Elm Parquet Round Dining Table

This elegant dining room table lends a classic look to any dining room. The distinctive parquet pattern gives the tabletop a traditional French flair. Picture how well it would match with parquet floors!

10. French Country Brown Reclaimed Wood Trestle Dining Table

Achieve a French Country dining style with this 14-seater table. The table perfectly captures the old-world style and charm of French Country dining. Traditional details like the trestle base and carvings provide an elegant spot for a family meal.

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Incorporating French Country kitchen tables is the best way to nail the lived-in and elegant look of a French dining room. The wonderful styles of these tables will give you a unique look to your entire space.

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