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Authentic French Gifts for the French Girl at Heart

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Though my genetic makeup may say differently, I’m a French girl at heart. You too? With the shopping season picking up for Christmas, parties, and gift exchanges, now is the time to start getting your holiday gifts! Better yet, French gifts. This post focuses less on the wonderful “cliches” and more on the authentic French gifts that French women would love to have themselves.

Use this list to shop for your mom, sister, niece, cousin, friend, or BFF. No shame if you shop from this list for yourself or forward it to your honey! Because you already know that’s what I am going to do… 🙂

French Gifts for the French Girl at Heart

French gifting, just like French fashion, is an art form. It’s not about finding the “perfect” gift or measuring how much money you spend. French gifts are meant to be thoughtful and sometimes, even luxurious. Though that doesn’t mean you have to only gift a Chanel item, sometimes it’s a vintage poster you found at a flea market or a second-hand book you just know they would love to have. Use this list to find something that would fit the personality of the person you’re gifting it to!

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1. Hermes Scarf// An investment gift that will be cherished for a lifetime!

2. Guerlain products// Guerlain is a favorite French girl beauty and skincare brand. Though some things may be pricey, that makes it feel even more like a special gift for that special someone. Related: French Girl Beauty Guide to Effortlessly Beautiful Skin

3. Gold Pendant// Pendants are a jewelry staple in a French woman’s wardrobe as is this Sezane brand. It’s even more special that you can get the pendant personalized!

4. Chanel La Crème Main//We all need lotion, right? It may as well be Chanel!

5. Vintage Art// French culture and art go together like croissants and coffee. Yet, instead of gifting your French girl at heart something that says “Paris”, why not go for some vintage landscapes or vintage French posters?

6. Chanel Lipstick// A lipstick that will look just as good sitting on your vanity as it will be applied to your lips.

7. Chanel No. 5// Looking for a signature scent? This could be it! Some say you can’t improve the Chanel No.5…

8. Diptyque Candle//These are pretty pricey candles yet that hasn’t stopped this Parisian brand from becoming a French (and non-French) girl favorite.

9. Body Sculpture Vase// It’s no surprise that French culture doesn’t shy away from the human form. In a French woman’s apartment, you’d most likely find lots of vases filled with flowers sitting on top of a marble fireplace.

You’ve got French gifts down, now it’s time to get the French fashion down!
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