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How to Have a Modern-Day Grace Kelly Style

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You may know Grace Kelly as a famous, Academy Award-winning actress with an illustrious film career in the 50s, but did you know she later became a princess after marrying Prince Rainier III of Monaco? This Hollywood starlet was classic, timeless, and poised, and I can’t think of anyone better to gather outfit inspiration from. Keep scrolling for some major fashion inspiration from an American actress that is the epitome of elegance (tied with Audrey Hepburn) as well as easy tips on how you can get the Grace Kelly style yourself for this modern age!

Grace Kelly Style

Want to know one secret of a stylish woman? They always know what they like and what looks good on them and they stick to their uniform while adding in different pieces to make it look like a new outfit. This makes creating stylish new outfits a breeze for them and keeps them looking effortless! In this post, you’ll see a lot of the same things over and over again that make up Grace Kelly’s style.

1. button-up + a-line midi skirt

Starting with the first look, and one of Grace’s most famous looks, you’ll see that she’s wearing a button-up with sleeves (cuffed), tucked into an a-line midi skirt. You’ll also see the start of a classy silk scarf.

dress like grace kelly

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To update this look: A-line skirts are still feminine and classic. I would just update the print as well as the heel. You may also want to forgo the hat and possibly the scarf so it doesn’t end up looking too costumey.

2. silk scarf

Though we can’t see much of this outfit, if you take a closer look, we can see enough that still proves it’s a classic today. The tailored trousers and sleeveless black turtleneck may be simple, but they scream luxury and effortless style. And, of course, you can’t forget Grace’s signature silk scarf, this time tied to her belt loop!

get grace kelly style

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To update this look: Keeping on theme with tailored trousers, I added pointed heels and a structured bag to make this look a little more modern.

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3. tweed

Grace Kelly makes it clear why she is one of the most stylish leading ladies of all time with this put-together look. She looks so effortlessly chic in her coordinating tweed outfit. You’ll notice that she also is an expert at showing off her figure! Tucked-in shirts, cinched waistlines, and flattering silhouettes are some of her go-tos.

grace kelly outfits

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To update this look: I would just make the skirt hemline a little shorter and forgo a coordinating jacket. Go for a smaller pearl earring shape so they look less like costume jewelry.

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4. nautical-inspired casual

Grace manages to make a casual summer outfit just as stunning as an evening gown with this casual summer look. The flattering fit of this striped tee and tailored high-waisted shorts accentuate Grace’s tiny waist and instantly transport us to the south of France.

grace kelly style

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To update this look: By simply losing the collar and matching jacket, you’ll realize that this outfit is already perfectly suited for the 21st century! Simply update the flats to a more current style and you’re good to go, although the original outfit would still be 100% chic today.

5. classic elegance

Becoming Princess of Monaco only further solidified Grace Kelly as a fashion icon. Her elegant style was practically made for high society and we can see her here looking just as stunning coming off a plane as she would on the big screen or red carpet.

grace kelly style

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To update this look: This elegant dress and long coat combination are already great, but by removing the tights, gloves, and rounded hat, it will look more modern, yet still classic. You could also throw on a string of pearls for even more added elegance.

6. white shirt + gold jewelry + red lipstick

If there’s any look that fully represents Grace Kelly’s timeless style, it’s probably this one. The chic look of a white button-down paired with gold accessories and a red lip is one that will always be stylish, no matter how many fashion trends come and go.

grace kelly style

To update this look: While Grace’s style here is clearly immaculate, there are a few points that could be updated. I would likely pair this look with slim or straight-leg jeans and opt for a different style of gold earring.

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7. cuffed button-down + tailored pants + silk scarf

Here, Kelly is looking polished and poised with all of her signatures: tailored pants, cuffed button down, belt, and scarf. You’ve got to love how she uses her scarf in such a unique way. Having it drape out of her pocket is a great way to add a pop to her look.

how to dress like grace kelly

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To update this look: I love the idea of each piece she’s wearing – I would just update the style and silhouette into something more appropriate for this day and age. A pair of slim-fit trousers and an updated button-down will do the trick perfectly.

grace kelly

As you can see, it’s clear why this movie star turned princess was immortalized in one of the most famous bags, the Hermès Kelly bag. From her French twists to having one of the most famous wedding dresses of all time, Grace Kelly continues to be one of the most elegant women in history and a textbook example of what makes classic style so timeless. What she wore 70+ years ago would still look fabulous today and will surely look just as amazing in 70 more years!

If Grace Kelly’s classic and timeless style is what you love, then keep reading!

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