gifts for hairstylists at Christmas

Show Your Hairstylist You Appreciate Her With These Fun and Practical Gifts for Hairdressers at Christmas

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After all the times your favorite hairdresser has saved you from bad hair days, you probably want to treat her to something special for the holiday season. However, it can be tough to find gifts for hairdressers at Christmas, especially if she already has a sprawling collection of hair dryers, conditioners, and hair sprays. So what do you get for salon owners that seem to have it all? To bulk up her already expansive collection of hair products, we have combed through the internet to help you find the best gifts.

From cute scissors-shaped bobby pins, hair salon decor to a fashionable tote bag — these are unique gifts that any hairdresser would love to receive for Christmas

So scroll on to find the best hairdresser gift ideas that are worth adding to your shopping cart.

1. Mobile Salon – Portable Inflatable Rinse Basin for Washing and Cutting Hair

‘Tis the season to spoil the special hairdresser in your friend circle with this portable inflatable rinse basin. It is an ideal gift for any hairdresser that gets new clients who use wheelchairs. With this rinse basin, clients don’t need to get up from their chairs to have their hair rinsed. All your best friend has to do is inflate the basin with a few quick breaths and wrap it around their client. Plus, the adjustable flaps allow clients to lay on their back and have their hair rinsed comfortably.

Did we also mention that this practical gift can work well for hair cutting, too? The grooved design allows hair (and water) to flow neatly in a container or sink without leaving a mess. One enthusiastic Amazon reviewer even wrote, “Would give it more stars if I could! This mobile shampoo bowl is amazing. No water gets on my client’s back and, they say it is very comfortable.”

What people love about this product: “Incredible! I never write reviews. However, I felt obligated to do so upon using this product. Kudos to the design team. It’s sleek, comfortable, easy to use, and even easier to clean and store away for future use. Anyone who cuts or colors hair should be using this! Anyone who has an elderly parent, friend, or client that needs assistance washing their hair would benefit greatly from this. I loved it so much I ordered one for my hairdresser whose been cutting hair for just about 27yrs. She loved it so much she went on and ordered one for all of her employees. You won’t find a better mobile salon than this one! Excellent work!

2. Yueton 4pcs Gold and Silver Scissors Shape Barrettes Bobby Pin Hair

Sure, you could get her a new pair of scissors — but she probably has a ton of them already. So why not stock up her accessories collection with some new scissors-shaped bobby pins, instead? This special gift is the best addition to any hair lover’s stash of hair accessories. It comes in two different finishes: gold and silver. So whether she has long hair or short hair, these bobby pins will give her hair a little razzle-dazzle.

What people love about this product: “A gift the recipient loved! These were a gift so all I can comment is that my hairdresser couldn’t believe I found something like this and loves them. She said she wears them all the time.

3. Hairdresser Tools On White Breathable Face Mask

With masks being a requirement in many public spaces, a lot of brands are offering pretty options. So if your hairdresser is on the hunt for pretty face masks, gift her this hairdresser tool mask, so that she can stay safe and cute during any styling session at her beauty salon.

What people love about this product: “Bought this as a gift for my sister who is a hairstylist, she loved it. Says it’s cute and fits well.

4. Golden Scissors Necklace Hair Dresser Gift

NOUMANDA Steampunk Jewelry Golden Scissors Necklace Hair Dresser Gift

Jewelry is a woman’s best friend, which is why this little gift will be a perfect gift for the holidays.

It’s a great way to show your hairdresser that her craft is always appreciated.

What people love about this product: “Bought this for my daughter as a gift. She is a stylist. She loved it! It’s well made.?? Super fast shipping as well. 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

5. Because Clients Funny Stemless Wine Glass 15oz

At the end of a long day dealing with not-so-nice clients, your funny hairstylist will enjoy pouring her favorite bottle of wine or cold drinks in this funny wine glass.

It’s also one of the best gifts for hairdressers at Christmas that is guaranteed to make the whole family laugh.

What people love about this product:An outstanding gift idea for anyone who deals with the public in a clientele-type atmosphere. I gave this beautifully etched glass to my hairdresser and she absolutely LOVED it! I highly recommend it! Very good quality, size, and weight. Thank you! It was the perfect gift for my hairstylist!

6. Shiatsu Neck and Back Massager with Soothing Heat

Hairstylists spend a long time standing up styling, shaping, and washing the hair for dozens of clients nearly every day. So what they need after spending busy days at the beauty salon is a massage to kick their discomfort away. That’s where the Shiatsu massager comes in! Trust me, it will be one of the best gifts for hairdressers at Christmas,

According to enthusiastic Amazon reviewers, this neck and back massager is the next best thing to going to a massage therapist. And we are not surprised why thousands of shoppers love this product. For one, it offers 8 Deep kneading massage nodes to alleviate muscle soreness and to ease neck stiffness. Plus, it has a built-in infrared advanced soothing heat function so that your hairdresser can ease herself into the right level of relaxation.

What people love about this product: “Love is not a strong enough word- I never would have thought that a $40 neck massager could be this good but it feels like a person massaging you. WHAT IS THIS WITCHCRAFT!?! I use it for my entire body- feet, calves, thighs, lower back, upper back, neck. My husband is jealous of this thing (I’ve named him Tyrone). Bottom line, YOU NEED THIS!!!!

7. AXUAN Hair Dryer Holder Wall Mount

Your hairdresser will be thrilled to open this professional salon organizer. It will help her create a clutter-free environment in her beauty salon. Plus, she will no longer have to worry about her expensive hairdryer cables getting tangled and damaged.

What people love about this product:I like the way I don’t have to store my items in a drawer and the cords are all tangled up. we hung it in our walk-in closet so it is out of sight but yet within reach. I did however have to take off the front piece of the hairdryer for it to fit securely. I also like the fact that I can put the hot curling iron in the holder and don’t have to leave it on the counter to cool.

8. Sanis Enterprises, Silver Hair Dresser Clock

Give any hair expert a hairdresser clock and they will love you for life. We can say that it’s one of the most unique and practical gifts for hairdressers at Christmas.

This unique clock is the perfect way for any hairdresser to decorate their beauty salon front desk. It’s the perfect alternative to a basic wall clock.

What people love about this product: “My hairstylist/friend loved it!!!!!!! As did the rest of the girls in the salon! I’m sure they all wish they had one now!

9. Laptop Tote Bag for Women – Waterproof PU Leather Work Briefcase with USB/USB-C Charging Port

For the hairdresser on your Christmas list who also happens to be a style-savvy fashion lover, gift her this chic tote bag. It will be her new favorite bag to carry to her beauty salon. Not only will it make her work outfits look amazing, but this tote bag will help her charge her phone while she’s on the move.

What people love about this product:Fashionable and Functional, Good for daily use and also events happy about this purchase! This bag comes exactly like the image—its black leather surface is gorgeous and thick. There are many pockets in the bag to fit in a laptop, notes, phones, pens, and all things separately, which makes this bag super helpful for use. I like the design of the USB cable. The purse is also elegant and nice. Great quality. Love the bow-knot attached!

10. Uplift Joy Essential Oil Blend

Having a beauty salon that doesn’t just smell like hair chemicals is instantly calming. It will help your hairdresser create a relaxing salon experience for her clients. Plus, the sweet orange and lavender oils will help your hairdresser keep her mood uplifted during busy days at the salon.

So skip the gift cards and get the special hairdresser in your life this sweet essential oil blend.

What people love about this product:I use Uplift in my home office every day to keep focused and energized. The fragrance is pleasant and strong without being overpowering like some other oils I tried. If you don’t like overly floral, Uplift is a clean and balanced blend that doesn’t scream spa or another easily identifiable scent. It’s not very thick and the drops come out fast, which is a plus for me.

11. Hairdresser 11 Oz Ceramic Coffee Mug

Your hairdresser will ditch her ordinary coffee mug with this thoughtful gift.

She will love starting her day off drinking a cozy cup of joe from this beautiful coffee mug.

What people love about this product:I didn’t actually get to see the cup, as I ordered it as a gift, for my stylist (ex) girlfriend. Honestly, I think it’s a little pricey for what it is, but what am I gonna do? She loved it.

There is nothing like the perfect gifts for hairdressers at Christmas to demonstrate how much you appreciate them. After all, what would you do without your favorite hairdresser? So to make your hairdresser feel the love on Christmas day, pick one of these gifts and get ready to hear her squeal.

Since you no longer have to worry about what gifts to get for your hairdresser, it’s time to find the perfect curling iron to give you the best curls for upcoming Christmas parties.

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Gifts for Hairdressers at Christmas


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