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Best Curling Iron for Long Hair To Create Beautiful Curls

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Waking up with perfectly curled hair or beachy waves is a dream for most of us. But just because you were not born with them naturally doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get the long curls and waves that you want. The good news is that with the right curling iron, you can emulate the same beautiful curls that you saved on your Pinterest board.

You might be wondering what curling iron would work best on your long, luscious hair? Well, the type of curling iron you choose depends on what size or kind of curl you are trying to achieve. Whether you want tight curls, classic bouncy curls, or voluminous beachy waves, the right size of the barrel (and shape) makes a world of a difference in the type of curl you are looking for. Another amazing feature that will wrap your hair and give you the best results is a long rotating wand.

But with so many options available, it can be hard to find a good curling iron that can style long hair– let’s be honest: longer hair comes with its own set of challenges. Not only is it hard to manage in comparison to short hair, but trying to accomplish the curls of your dreams can be tiresome! Your arms start to cramp and, you accidentally burn yourself.

Luckily for you, we have taken away the guesswork out of finding the best curling iron for long hair. After reading countless reviews and doing some research, we have rounded up the 6 best curling irons that you need in your beauty arsenal.

It’s time to grab your favorite heat protectant, and scroll on to find the best curling iron for long hair:

1. Best for Long Fine Hair

Bed Head Curlipops Clamp Free Ceramic Curling Wand, 1 inch

For anyone that has long, thin hair — say hello Bed Head’s 1-inch curling wand! Boasting an overwhelming number of glowing reviews on Amazon, this curling iron will help you achieve glossy voluminous waves and effortless loose curls. The 1-inch barrel uses tourmaline ceramic technology to create amazing body and frizz-free curls. As for the cord length? it features a 6 feet swivel cord for easy styling. So if you are new to curling hair, this is the perfect tool! It’s user-friendly — no learning curve in how to use it whatsoever.

Did we also mention that it comes with a protective glove? When it comes to curling tools, the heat from the wand can cause burns on your hands or fingers. However, with Bead Head’s handy heat protective glove, your fingers will not get burned while you’re styling your hair.

At an affordable price point 0f $30, this curling wand is definitely worth your money.

What women are saying: “I’m not big on writing reviews but this wand has truly impressed me. Over the years my hair has thinned and will not hold styles like it used to. I was shopping for a new one and was prepared to spend a lot more. I couldn’t ignore all the reviews this one had even though I thought it was impossible for a wand of this price to be THAT great but figured I’d give it a shot. It’s everything!! Super easy to use and my waves last all day. I’ve even slept on them and the next day though not as defined, they’re still somewhat there. I wanted bigger beachy type waves with body and that’s exactly what I get. Don’t waste your money on more expensive devices, this here is what you’re looking for!

2. Best for Long thick hair :

Lanvier 1.25 Inch Clipped Curling Iron with Extra Long Ceramic Barrel

Different hair types need specific kinds of curling wands for styling. So If your hair texture is thick, try this clipped curling iron from Lanvier. The pretty rose gold packaging aside (but seriously, this would look so good on your vanity) Lanvier’s nine-inch barrel makes it a great curling iron for creating perfect loose beach waves in less time. And if you are tired of running out of space on your wand to curl your long hair, Lanviers one-inch wide tool works well for longer hair, thanks to the extra-long barrel.

This curling iron has a 360° power swivel cord that gives you the flexibility to style your long coarse hair at any angle with ease. The safety features are also a huge plus with this pick. The curling iron boasts a 60-minute auto-shutoff feature to prevent accidental fires or electricity damage. So if you’re a little bit clumsy at times, this will come in handy!

Boasting an impressive 4.3-star review on Amazon, this oh-so-pretty hot tool is built with an adjustable temperature control (between 300°F – 450°F) designed to make it easy for you to choose the best temperature for your hair type. The other best feature is the temperature lock. It allows you to lock your desired temperature while styling. And since this hair tool heats up to the high temperatures of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, your thick hair will be able to hold a curl for a long time.

What women are saying: I’m really surprised how well this works on my hair. I have very coarse, thick, curly (mostly), and dry hair. This gave me glossy waves and didn’t pull.

3. Best for quick results:

HAUEA Auto Hair Curler, Automatic Curling Iron Wand 1″

Are you a busy mom who doesn’t have the time to spend hours trying to get magazine-worthy curls? Consider this tool to simplify your morning routine. It will help you get the perfect curls without all the effort. With a 4.3 star rating on Amazon, It has a ton of hype, and for a good reason! It is the best curling iron for long hair because it has a 1″ heating barrel and curling slot that allows you to curl a lot of hair at once. The iron automatically wraps your long locks around the barrel and helps you achieve voluminous curls within 20 minutes!

What women are saying: “Absolutely love this!! I was very skeptical at first because I suck at doing my hair. I’ve never been able to make curls look nice and it took me forever to do it. With this tool, I was able to get my hair done in 10 minutes. Super easy to use. Picked it up almost immediately. My favorite hair styler!!!

4 Best for minimizing hair damage

BESTOPE 1.25 Inches Curling Iron

If you’ve spent years growing your long hair, I’m sure you don’t want to lose all that progress due to heat damage. So it’s time to ditch that traditional iron for an up-to-date ceramic curling iron. The beauty of a ceramic iron is that it emits negative ions into your hair when you’re curling it. The ions close your hair cuticle, which shields it from damage and retains moisture.

This anti-scalding curling iron from Bestope has a ceramic coating (and a safety glove), so you can get bouncy, smooth curls with less damage and less frizz.

What women are saying: “I like how easy it is to use, especially because I’m not a professional and I have thick, long, crazy hair. This has helped me be able to style my hair easily and keep up with some of the trends. Heats up quickly and does not burn or damage hair. Great value for a quality curling iron!

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5. Best for versatility

Inglam Professional 8-in-1 Curling Iron Wand Set

The fun thing about having long hair is that you have more room to play with many styles. If you want to switch your hairstyle depending on your mood, this 8-in-1 curling wand will do the trick! It has eight interchangeable barrels in different sizes — so you can get any style you want. There is a 1-inch wand for beachy waves and a 1.25-inch wand for loose curls.

This travel-friendly set is dual voltage (110-240V), making it perfect for your next international trip! You can take it with you to any country in the world without worrying about frying your tool or damaging your precious long hair.

What women are saying: “I absolutely love that this is the only styling tool I need now. It actually has more styling tools in this set, eight, than I had before and I can easily store these. I can style my hair in a wide range of styles and also travel with it easily. This wand set styles my long, thick hair well. It comes out looking smooth, frizzless, shiny, and with well-defined curls and waves.

6. Best for budget:

HOT TOOLS Professional Black Gold XL

You don’t need to break the bank to find the best curling iron for long hair. If you are on a tight beauty budget, the Hot Tools Professional Gold Curling Iron is the perfect option.

It may be inexpensive but it has all kinds of great technology that makes it a professional curling iron. This particular iron has a game-changing feature: patented pulse technology. The electronic heating system diagnoses heat loss and quickly restores it so that your iron remains evenly hot the entire time — cutting styling time by more than 30 percent. So get ready to say goodbye to annoying styling cramps!

What women are saying: “Out of all the hot tools that I own….. This XL barrel wand is my favorite tool and it gives me beautiful spiral curls that turn into beach waves when they fall! My hair goes down to just above my buttocks and this wand is the perfect length for my hair. I use clips to hold the curl in place while they cool which keeps the curl from falling too early. This is the best money I ever spent!

Finding the best curling iron for long hair might have seemed impossible; but, with these six great hair curlers, you can achieve flawless bouncy curls. Your curls will be so good that people might think that you spent $100 on a professional blowout.

Now that you have the right curling irons for your long hair, it’s time to learn the ultimate curly hair styling guide for perfect curls!

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The best curling irons for long hair


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