how to wear a blazer with a dress

How To Wear a Blazer With a Dress Countless Ways

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Blazers used to just be thought of as something like a men’s suit jacket. Now, this menswear-inspired piece deserves a place in every woman’s wardrobe. Not only is a blazer extremely versatile, but it’s the perfect piece to add a touch of timelessness and classiness to your look. And you know what? I think we wear it better. 😉 Though wearing a blazer with a white top and blue jeans will always be a favorite outfit combo, there are other ways to wear this staple piece in a feminine and updated way. Here are style tips and outfit ideas on how to wear a blazer with a dress!

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The different styles of blazers

Before we get to the styling ideas, we’ve got to lay the groundwork first! And that starts with understanding the two main styles of blazers out there.

  • Single Button (Breasted) Blazer
    A blazer with one button that fastens your blazer. Perhaps the most classic style and generally worn for work.
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source: J.Crew
  • Double Button (Breasted) Blazer
    A blazer with two buttons on one side that connects to other buttons on the other side. Generally thought of as more formal.
Womens Double Breasted Blazers | Many On Sale Now At Editorialist
source: editorialist

Though not as popular, you also have waterfall blazers, schoolboy blazers, peplum blazers, and sweater blazers.

What blazer should you have in your wardrobe?

If you’re wondering what blazer you should have in your wardrobe, well, it depends on your lifestyle and occasion. And at the end of the day, it really depends on your personal preference too!

You can never go wrong with the classic black blazer and if you’re going to start somewhere, start there.

My favorite blazer is an oversized blazer or slightly longer blazer that allows me to put together a chic yet casual look. An oversized blazer looks a little less formal, making it work perfectly for casual-chic style. This style of blazer also looks great with leggings and joggers!

When it comes to prints and different textures, you’ll find that when the cold weather rolls around a tweed blazer will look perfect in the fall and winter.

In the summer and warmer months, swap out your everyday blazer for a linen blazer. This is a great way to still look chic without overheating.

If you wear your blazer to work functions and professional events, then you may find that your wardrobe would benefit from a formal blazer, something that is more structured and polished in nature with perhaps pearl or gold buttons. A navy blazer is a great option to have too.

It’s also nice to have a statement blazer in your wardrobe, if statement is your thing. Once you have one in a neutral color, consider getting a pink blazer or a similar bright hue for the spring season. A white blazer can be a nice refreshing option as well!

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Most importantly, make sure the blazer you get will seamlessly fit into your existing style and wardrobe. Think about the colors and patterns you already have before buying a new piece. Ask yourself if it will match everything else in your wardrobe and help you put together cohesive outfits.

What blazer for your body type

The best blazer is the one that you feel confident wearing. According to White House Black Market blog, an inverted triangle body shape should avoid shoulder pads, a triangle shape should have defined shoulders, a rectangle shape should have a blazer with buttons, a petite frame should have a blazer with a fitted and tailored style, and an hourglass can get away with almost anything!

Personally, I wouldn’t stress about the perfect structured fit too much, as in recent years, elongated blazers have become more and more of a thing, and oversized is cool, not sloppy! However, it can help those who like rules to keep a few guidelines in mind.

Another thing to keep in mind if you plan to wear your blazer over a sweater is that it should fit comfortably. You don’t want to look too bulky, plus no one wants too tight arms!

When shopping oversized, just getting a size up in the woman’s department may not always work. A woman’s blazer is generally cut to have more of a feminine and slender silhouette, and sizing up may just make it look bigger- not oversized on purpose. Instead, look for a purposefully oversized blazer or shop in the men’s department.

How to wear a blazer with a dress | Outfit ideas

Ah, the possibilities!

You probably already know that blazers look great in your work wardrobe with a pencil skirt and white shirt or black pants. But when it comes to sprucing up this wardrobe staple, wearing a dress is an easy way to do it.

And good news, there’s no one secret formula on how to do this!

For a classic look, pair your blazer with a black dress and flats, such as loafers or ballet flats.

For a stylish look, pick either your dress or blazer to be a statement. Such as a leopard print blazer with a black dress and flats, or a black blazer with a fun colored dress and shoes.

A blazer with a dress can still count as a casual outfit. Pick a relaxed-fit blazer with a loose-flowing dress and finish it off with sneakers. I love a sweater blazer for casual Fridays or other casual occasions as you still look polished with the timeless silhouette! This is one I wear a lot.

If you’re in the younger crowd or after a trendy look, you can pair your blazer with crop tops and a mini skirt to update this wardrobe staple. Blazer dresses are also a unique idea to combine these two items of a blazer and a dress. A blazer dress is better suited for a more formal occasion, however, and not necessarily something you’d wear in your day-to-day life.

But for those looking to keep a classic element to their outfit, then ditch the dress shirts and start wearing your blazer with a dress instead! It can all work. Whether your dress is structured or loose, silk or cotton. Just start by pairing your favorite blazer with your favorite dress and see what fashion magic happens!

What else can you wear a blazer with? Whether it’s a white button-down shirt or skinny jeans, the options are endless. Check out the posts below for more blazer outfits and style tips.

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how to wear a blazer with a dress


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