goyard in Paris

Getting to Know French Designer Goyard in Paris

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I have to admit – before our trip to Paris this fall, I didn’t know much about Goyard. I may have heard the name once or twice, but I wasn’t familiar with their designs, or their history in the French city. There are so many iconic luxury brands that have come out of France – it’s difficult to get to know them all! However, after seeing Carolyn’s Goyard tote – and just how much it fit for a busy day walking around Paris – I was intrigued. Not only is it a chic piece that is the perfect touch to finish off any look, but it is truly worth its weight (and all that it holds) in gold.


goyard in Paris

The story of Goyard bags can be traced back to 1792 when Pierre-François Martin created Maison Martin (Maison means “house” in French) – specializing in box-making, trunk-making, and packing.

It turns out he was ahead of time when it came to skilled artisans – the 19th century would bring a boom in demand for these types of products. And Maison Martin had something special, honing his craft on the delicate art of garment folding and packing.

Fast forward to 1853, when talented apprentice François Goyard took over the business and renamed it “Maison Goyard.” And if you’re wondering about how the iconic Goyard bag print (or canvas) came about, that’s thanks to Francois’ son, Edmond Goyard – also known by the brand as “Edmond Goyard the Innovator.”

When he took over in 1885, he took Goyard international by creating the first ads for the brand, participating in World Expos, and opening branches and trade offices around the world.

However, it wasn’t until 1892 that Edmond created the iconic Goyardine canvas pattern that references the log drives conducted by his ancestors in the shape of a Y – the central letter in the Goyard family name.

The Products

goyard in paris

Goyard has a wide selection of products that you can browse on its online catalogue. Going back to their roots, Goyard still offers luggage and trunks. And if you’re looking for everyday pieces, they have a wide selection of bags, wallets, and other small leather goods, bracelets, and even textiles, like scarves.

Plus, attention to all of my fellow pet parents out there – they also carry pet accessories, so your dog can be the best-dressed pooch on the block.

Whether you’re looking for tote bags or small trunks, Goyard products won’t disappoint when it comes to craftsmanship and timeless designs.

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The Totes

goyard in paris

The Goyard Anjou PM and Saint Louis GM Bag are perhaps the most recognizable pieces that the designer produces. This makes sense to me – they’re perfect for taking on a long flight, a weekend trip, or even just a day out and about.

They can fit everything from your laptop to overnight clothes and are a practical choice if you’re looking to invest in a designer bag.

The most iconic Goyard handbag may be their St. Louis tote. The Saint Louis GM bag is made with Goyardine canvas (a special mix of linen and cotton fabric), is extremely light, and is completely reversible.

It also features a removable inside pocket, which you can attach to one of the handles. This style measures 13.3 inches x 7.8 inches x 15.7 inches and comes in a great selection of classic colors.

The Goyard Anjou PM Bag is the little brother to the Saint Louis GM bag (you can also find the Saint Louis a smaller size, called the PM version). It’s slightly smaller in size: 11 inches x 5.9 inches x 18.5 inches.

If you’re looking for an everyday bag, this may be a better choice than its older brother. Goyard lines the bag with the Goyardine and constructs it with a leather exterior.

Where to Shop

If you’re looking to purchase a Goyard piece of your own, you don’t have to go all the way to Paris to get it! There are six Goyard boutiques here in the United States: San Francisco, Beverly Hills, Dallas, Miami, Chicago, and New York City.

But of course, there are benefits to visiting one of their Paris locations (besides the excuse to book your flight to France, of course). With the VAT refund and the euro-to-dollar conversion, you could very well end up saving hundreds on your bag.

These are situational as the conversion rate fluctuates, so you might want to do your research prior to your trip. But chances are, you’ll end up saving on your Goyard purchase if you buy on Rue Saint-Honoré rather than Rodeo Drive or Fifth Avenue.

A caution to you however if you’re shopping in Paris – whenever we passed by one of the Goyard boutiques, there always seemed to be a long line outside the store.

goyard in Paris

Consider arriving early, or make sure to slot out plenty of time in your day if you don’t mind waiting in line. Or if you don’t want to spend any part of your trip in line, consider visiting the smaller boutique front located in Printemps, which didn’t appear to be as crowded.

Buying Pre-Owned Goyard Bags

goyard in paris

If you’re not someone who needs to buy new, there are plenty of options out there to purchase verified, authenticated luxury bags. For instance, Fashionphile is a great site to shop for pre-loved designer pieces from a wide variety of brands, including Goyard.

Bags submitted to Fashionphile for resell are verified to be real by two qualified authenticators who specialize in that designer. And if you’re not satisfied with your piece for whatever reason, you can return it for a full refund within the first 15 days. If you look elsewhere when buying used, make sure to do your research – there are plenty of sites out there that are selling counterfeit versions.

There are also a variety of conditions that are available for purchase, so depending on what you’re looking for, you can find a range of price points as well. Buying pre-loved items can be a sustainable, cost-effective way to acquire your dream bag at a fraction of the cost.

Goyardine Reversible Anjou PM

GOYARD Goyardine Saint Louis GM

Now that You Know Goyard

Brands like Goyard with such a rich history are still around today and are in such high demand because of how they prioritize the quality of their products and the needs of their customers. However, all that to say is that you don’t need to purchase designer to find well-made products for your wardrobe!

Whether you’re shopping online or in person, pay close attention to the materials that are used. If you invest in quality materials, your pieces will last much longer – whether they’re considered “designer” or not.

And if you’re looking to purchase designer, consider purchasing pre-loved pieces for a sustainable, more affordable alternative. It adds to the thrill of the hunt!

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