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Your Guide to Rocking Trendy Aesthetic Outfits for Upcoming 2024 Fashion

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Looking for trendy aesthetic outfit ideas? We’ve got them for you! No matter your individual style, popular trends have a surefire way of influencing our closets as they make their way into our favorite stores. While trendy aesthetic outfits aren’t for everybody and we don’t recommend basing a wardrobe around trends, learning about new combinations and designs can be an engaging and fun way to experiment with your own way of dressing.

Of course, it’s no secret that figuring out what the 2024 trends are and how to implement a new trend into your existing style and wardrobe is a challenge, but that’s exactly why we’re here! Follow along as we explore different styles and the current and upcoming trends of the fashion world. We’ll walk through a selection of trendy outfits that might just warm their way into your heart and closet. 

1. The Trend: Adidas Samba Sneakers
flared pants + sweater + samba sneakers + shoulder bag

trendy aesthetic outfit

pants | sweater | sneakers | bag

Cool, casual, and chic – this look bets on some of our favorite closet staples and an eye-catching modern touch. If you always lean towards classic styles, this trendy outfit is the perfect way to dip your toes into contemporary fashion without sacrificing the timeless essence you want for your looks. 

Start with some simple and flattering flared pants for your base. This choice keeps things sleek and clean while still adding some visual interest through its silhouette. On top, pair with this large and cozy Merino sweater for the perfect dose of texture and warmth.

Here, the accessories are really what makes this outfit shine! While white sneakers are definitely a versatile staple, there’s nothing quite like a tasteful use of color. These green Adidas Sambas have successfully made their way to the top of the trend charts this year, and we couldn’t be more on board.

Sleek, fun, and chic, this green pair adds a little modern touch to your outfit while still maintaining its effortless appeal. 

Finish things off with this shoulder bag, which once again works to add subtle texture and shape to your look without overpowering the classic proposal of the look.

2. The Trend: Denim Column Skirts
denim skirt + off-the-shoulder top + leather bag + ankle boots

trendy aesthetic outfit (2)

skirt | top | bag | booties

Long denim skirts may have started off as slightly controversial fashion statements, but have also managed to win their spot as one of the top trends in 2023. Giving off a versatile and casual look, they are an interesting way to integrate a modern vibe into your wardrobe without being overwhelming to style. 

Pair your denim skirt with this off-the-shoulder top that beautifully balances the rough texture of the denim with a feminine silhouette. 

For accessories, keep it very current with this small patent leather handbag, that continues bringing a more modern touch with its shape and stunning brown color. End on a high note with these brown ankle boots that complement the bag with a gently adorned block heel. 

3. The Trend: Vintage Logo Bags
t-shirt + sweater vest + tailored pants + gazelle sneakers + logo handbag

trendy aesthetic outfit (3)

t-shirt | sweater vest | pants | sneakers | bag

Another quick trendy yet casual outfit that can work for a number of occasions throughout your week! 

This stunning combination works to keep things very much timeless while still implementing a couple of elements that take it to the next level. 

The accessories aren’t the only part of this outfit that makes it trendy. Start things off with an oversized white tee – playing around with proportions is a great way to add a modern flair to your outfit in an understated yet effective way. By opting for a fit that gives you longer sleeves you’ll be creating a totally different feel for your look (with minimal effort, too!). 

On top, this tan sweater vest continues to bring in trendy aspects without straying from the timeless appeal of the tried-and-true design. 

Scared of color? These Adidas Gazelle sneakers might change your mind. Infusing a subtle and charming touch of blue to your neutral ensemble, these shoes take this outfit from classic to trendy just like that and are super easy to integrate into your personal style. 

Accessorize with this Jacquard bag that brings a trendy vintage fashion touch to a well-balanced, interesting, and stunning outfit! 

Looking Ahead: Trends to Look Out For in 2024

Whether you loved or disliked the trends that have taken over our social media platforms this year, there’s something exciting about looking ahead to see what’s to come.

For 2024, fashion trends seem to be becoming more interesting than ever, providing us with plenty of inspiration to create and experiment! 

These budding trends aren’t only fun to learn about, but also a great way to start the year off with creativity and plenty of inspiration. Let’s get into it!

Vintage Americana

This style takes on the quintessential Americana look, featuring a nostalgic and familiar palette filled with reds, plaids, and different shades of denim. While often hyper-feminine and geared towards a younger crowd, this aesthetic style can be easily translated into different versions for more modest and versatile looks that are easy to wear.

Knit sweaters, short skirts, denim shorts, tank tops, and dresses – the popular items for the Vintage Americana aesthetic bring along with them an undeniable summer vibe, making it the perfect aesthetic to daydream about as we get through the cold winter months! 

4. Polo + American sweater + plaid mini skirt + sneakers + bracelet + sunglasses

vintage americana outfit

top | sweater | skirt | shoes | hat | bracelet | sunglasses

This trendy outfit takes some of the main principles from the Vintage Americana aesthetic and transforms it into a fun and wearable outfit that can be easily integrated into the majority of our closets.

This adorable plaid mini skirt sets the mood, offering a gorgeous silhouette that truly defines vintage style. On top, the polo and layered sweater combine both the characteristic features of vintage Americana as well as an additional punch of color, offering an aesthetically pleasing look to this fun, vintage outfit. 

For shoes, red, white, and blue Veja sneakers are the ideal choice, complementing the color palette of this outfit and creating a casual yet stylish look. Red and blue accessories seal the deal, integrating the iconic colors of this aesthetic into the final product! 

5. cotton rib tank + linen skirt + western boots

vintage americana outfit (2)

top | skirt | boots | bag

This next look takes us a little deeper into the true world of Vintage Americana, integrating popular patterns and silhouettes of the style into a breezy look we might be seeing a lot of during the summertime. 

This fitted white top kicks things off with its simple design. While mini skirts are certainly a part of this vintage aesthetic, they are far from our only option. On the bottom, this linen maxi plaid skirt complements the simplicity of the tank, bringing in a rich pattern and color. 

Pair with a classic pair of western ankle boots to bring in a touch of southern charm, and accessorize with a bold patent leather bag to include the beloved trademark color touch of the aesthetic! 

Western Gothic 

Think vintage Americana characterized by a darker color palette and mood. The Western gothic fashion trend works to merge the popular gothic allure with the charm of the American West, creating a whole new style using the colors, silhouettes, and accessories from both aesthetics.

While this trend certainly extends to fashion, it doesn’t end there. Like many of the trends featured here, the Western Gothic aesthetic can be seen to be reflected in various different ways – from furniture and paint colors to clothing and makeup. 

For many, this unique style can be said to go beyond traditional fashion norms, inviting enthusiasts to explore a shadowy frontier alongside tradition. Whether it’s lace-draped prairie dresses or distressed leather jackets, Western Gothic leads you to explore a whole new horizon of style. 

6. turtleneck + blouse + jeans + buckle belt + western boot

western gothic outfit

turtleneck | blouse | jeans | belt | boots

A black turtleneck is the first piece of this Western Gothic look, followed by a ruffle-trimmed muslin blouse. While these pieces may be considered opposites in other contexts, they complement each other beautifully under the lease of this upcoming trend. Layered under the blouse, the turtleneck works to provide an edge to the otherwise delicate and feminine top as it peaks out from under it. 

On the bottom, a dark pair of high-waisted black jeans work to complete the main part of the outfit. Accessorized by a classic buckle belt, the denim contributes the beloved Western touch alongside the detailed, classic boots.  

Jazz Aesthetic Outfit

Techno who?! It looks like Jazz is going to be earning back its top-tier genre status in 2024. While the music is certainly a part of it, dressing for it is just as important – after all, what is a night out at your favorite jazz club without a fabulous look? 

Anchored by sleek styles such as long dresses, this “old-new” aesthetic can be defined as a modern version of formal wear, appealing for its classic and timeless flair that’s just perfect for a chic night out. Whether you’re listening to live jazz or enjoying date night at a romantic, dimly lit bar, this simple aesthetic wardrobe has something in it for you. 

From long satin slip dresses to fur coats, the Jazz aesthetic promises generous doses of elegance and a great time for those of us who love to dress up in just what you would wear to a modern-day Gatsby bash. 

7. satin slip dress + leather strap sandals + pleated clutch

jazz aesthetic outfit

dress | sandals | clutch

From what we know so far, the jazz aesthetic can be defined by the sleek and classic, meaning we can bet on slip dresses and satin numbers to get us through! 

While simple and straightforward, this outfit encapsulates the spirit of the aesthetic, giving off a classic and elevated vibe that immediately transports us to sipping martinis and listening to great music. 

This gorgeous midi dress is the centerpiece, providing a jaw-dropping silhouette, texture, and color all at once. For accessories, opt for the ones that are as classic as it gets – a small black clutch and strappy black sandals make for the epitome of elegance. 

8. faux fur coat + satin tank dress + leather pump

jazz aesthetic outfit (2)

coat | dress | pumps

If you love the concept of jazz aesthetic but want to take it a step further, this outfit does the trick. Still maintaining its chic, understated, and simple aesthetic, this look relies on one piece for some extra edge. 

Start with yet another gorgeous silhouette, this time featuring an elegant high-neck detail that makes for an added, undeniable air of sophistication.  

On top, layer this stunning faux fur coat. With an oversized fit, this coat matches the exuberant energy of famous jazz clubs around the world. Wear your hair into a sleek bun for an undeniable jazz aesthetic look. Finish things off by elongating your silhouette with a foolproof, classic black pump. 

Country Club Aesthetic

Who says you can’t dress up to lie back and relax? 

Classic elegance meets sporty sophistication in this new 2024 trend. If you’re into this style, prepare to find your wardrobe adorned with chic yet athletic pieces that range from pickleball dresses and crisp polo shirts to tailored shorts and visors that capture the stylish essence of leisure and old money.

By effortlessly and subtly integrating classic fashion elements in more contemporary designs, this aesthetic turns your casual pickleball match into a photo-worthy occasion. 

9. tank top dress + half-zip sweatshirt + socks + sneakers

country club aesthetic outfit

dress | sweatshirt | socks | sneakers

Whether you’re heading to the club to hang out with your friends or play your weekly tennis match, there’s no going wrong with this outfit for the occasion. 

Simple, athletic, and ever-so-classy, these pieces blend all of the best principles of the country club aesthetic into one well-executed look. 

This short-lined tennis tank top dress is made to keep you comfortable without worrying about sacrificing style; a high neck detail and beautifully placed seams make for a luxurious feel and look. 

Throw this warm and cozy half-zip over the top of your shoulders and tie it on top of your chest for a little undeniable club charm. Finish off by adding yet another subtle but fun touch with tall socks and trendy sneakers that perfectly complement the navy dress.  

 10. sweatshirt + short-sleeve polo shirt + tennis skirt + socks + sneakers

country club aesthetic outfit (2)

sweatshirt | polo shirt | skirt | socks | sneakers

If you’re into the country club aesthetic so far, you might want to take notes for this next look.

Representing some truly trademark pieces of this aesthetic, this look flaunts comfort, preppy style, and classic elements. 

A pleated white skirt and a brown polo shirt give us the key pieces of this outfit, already working to determine the direction of the rest of the pieces. On top, a simple white crewneck softens the vibe and takes this look to a slightly more casual place while still maintaining its put-together and curated feel (remember to pull your collar out from underneath your sweatshirt!).  

Finish off with some beige socks and a pair of New Balance sneakers for both comfort and a very trendy final touch. 

Metallic Aesthetic

We’ve seen sprinkles of this eye-catching trend this past year, and it seems like we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the months to come. 

The metallic aesthetic is exactly what it sounds like – big sculptural earrings, chunky silver jewelry, metallic clothing, and accessories take center stage, fearlessly defining fashion looks as bold, fun, and modern.

We know how much we’ve all come to love our neutrals, but this trend is here to flip the script. Steering away from subtle and toned-down choices, the metallic aesthetic invites fashion enthusiasts to take a step out of their comfort zone and embrace the new. 

11. cotton tank + hoop earrings + metallic leather pants + pointed toe pump + mini tote 

metallic aesthetic outfit

tank | earrings | pants | shoes | tote

Metallic looks can be overwhelming to try out, but styling them with the right pieces can be a complete game-changer. 

Start with our statement piece – these metallic leather pants that will turn heads wherever you’re headed. To balance out the rich texture of the bottom of the outfit, pair these pants with a simple cotton tank, tucking it in to make for a more put-together feel. 

Refined accessories further work to refine this look, with their elegant and timeless appeal. Black slingback pumps and a mini tote add an added air of sophistication while still bringing in even more trendy elements to your final look. 

To finish things off in the true metallic aesthetic, include these chunky silver earrings in your outfit. 

12. stud earrings + off-the-shoulder top + wide leg jeans + bracelet + pumps

metallic aesthetic outfit (2)

earrings | top | jeans | bracelet | pumps

If you want to give the metallic aesthetic a shot but prefer to rely on accessories to do it, there are plenty of amazing options out there.

For the base, let’s begin with a pair of wide-leg jeans that bring with them a heavier texture to perfectly balance out the more delicate feel of the metallic details to come. 

On top, this off-the-shoulder white top makes for a flattering fit and a beloved décolletage moment, while also directing the focus to your face and earrings. 

These teardrop studs mean business, framing your face beautifully and claiming the spotlight at once. A hinge bracelet continues the metallic aesthetic, bringing an interesting shape to your look. On your feet, a metallic pair of pointed-toe pumps peek out from under your jeans to make for one last touch of silver. 


Say goodbye to coastal grandmother and hello to grandpacore, the up-and-coming fashion trend that is about to take over our feeds and closets.

Also known as “eclectic grandpa,” this aesthetic takes cues from the classic styles of our grandfathers and tops it off with a fresh twist – and we predict it might just be one of our favorite ways to dress in 2024.

Featuring pieces from cardigans and sweater vests to loafers, denim, and tweed blazers, this aesthetic seems to cover comfort just as much as it does style, and we’re very much on board to see where it takes us!

Skyrocketing in both Pinterest and TikTok, this 2024 trend is here to prove that age is just a number when it comes to your fashion game. Gender-neutral and effortlessly cool, grandpacore invites anyone to adopt its mesh of true classic and contemporary styles for comfortable, fun, and current style inspiration! 

13. long-sleeve tee + vest + houndstooth blazer + jeans + loafers

grandpacore outfit

tee | vest | blazer | jeans | loafers

Especially as we continue to battle through the cold winter months, it won’t take much to convince us to go all into the grandpacore aesthetic. 

Reminiscent of the dark academia aesthetic, this first look relies on layers and earth tones to bring us right back into our grandpa’s closets.

In this look, different fits and silhouettes are necessary for all of the elements to work together seamlessly. Starting with a fitted brown long-sleeve and classic blue jeans, this base gives us the perfect foundation for the remaining pieces to fall together.

The pinstriped vest speaks for itself – whether worn open or buttoned, this layer really does the trick when it comes down to channeling the cozy and charming grandpa style. On top, a houndstooth blazer ties it all together with its trendy fit and comfy feel. 

Chunky sneakers can move over to make way for our favorite grandpa loafers! These elegant loafers contribute one final neutral tone to the color palette of this outfit, resulting in a cohesive, fun, trendy, and classic look all at the same time.  

14. turtleneck + cardigan + drape pants + leather belt + loafers

grandpacore outfit (2)

shirt | cardigan | pants | loafers | belt | sunglasses

For a softer and more casual grandpacore option, this outfit gives us the epitome of cozy and style. 

Tan pleated pants set the tone, adding elegance and an undeniable classic touch to the look (beyond its famously great fit!). On top, a micro-rib turtleneck sweater adds some more subtle color and texture to the ensemble without detracting any attention from the other pieces. 

A timeless leather belt adds some visual interest to the midsection, while this gorgeous thick cardigan brings all of the elements together into one cohesive look. 

For this outfit, we’re dropping the platform shoes and going full grandpa mode. These stunning loafers tie in beautifully with the belt, and some modern sunnies give the look some extra trendy points and a fun edge. 

Make Your Fashion Statement With Trendy Aesthetic Outfits in 2024’s Trend Forecast

Whether you plan on mostly sticking to your particular style, investing in individual pieces, or branching out and giving the latest trend a shot, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from to create the perfect look for you.

From nostalgic trends to current popular styles, learning about the current fashion scene can do wonders when it comes to informing our different looks – it’s all about observing and experimenting! 

At the end of the day, there will always be endless types of aesthetics to get inspiration from as we continue to enrich our personal fashion style and cater to our current mood – good luck, and let us know what you find! 

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