habits of women who always have money

12 Life-Altering Habits of Women Who Always Have Money

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This post may contain affiliate links.

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How many of us dream about what our lives would be like if we had a little more money in our bank account? I know I’m raising my hand! As much as I wish it wasn’t, money plays a big part in our lives. It determines what activities we can participate in, what we wear, where we live, etc. But, there are ways you can optimize your income, no matter how much you make. Here are 12 habits of women who always have money that you can implement in your life too!

1. They Don’t Have Credit Cards

Yes, there are women that primarily use a credit card for points or protection, but for most people, credit cards can be a hindrance for a couple of reasons. First, they can promote bad money habits by giving you the opportunity to spend money you don’t have, which can be dangerous if not done responsibly.

Second, you pay interest, which can make you lose money in the long run. Credit card debt can be a hard hole to climb out of and when the monthly bills and late fees keep coming, it can be hard to get ahead!

2. They Cook at Home

We all love the experience of going out to a nice restaurant for dinner, and the thought of not having to cook a meal is probably the best part of it all. But, eating out comes with a price! If you’re looking to save money and build your savings, making a meal plan and eating at home will be your best bet.

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3. They Have a Portion of Their Budget for Extra Spending

Contrary to what you might think, smart women can still save money AND have a little fun. 😉 A great option is to have a “frivolous spending” section in your budget. This money can be set aside for a new handbag, getting your nails done, or a getaway weekend with the girls. Since you’re using funds specifically set aside from this, you aren’t draining your account and you’re still building your savings.

4. They Keep Their Emotional Spending In Check

Good day? Bad day? A woman that shops on a daily basis just based on her mood is bound to not make some great decisions in her financial life! A woman that always has money has learned not to use shopping sprees or impulsive purchases to cheer herself up.

Does this sound like you? Instead of shopping based on feelings (which are always changing, am I right?), a better money habit would be to shop with a list or when you’re feeling overall level-headed.

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5. They Don’t Buy Things Full Price

An easy way to keep a little extra cash in your pocket is to buy things when they are on sale. I know buying the new arrivals is exciting and fun, and many have a hard time saying no to the latest trending item, but consider waiting for the right time until they go on sale.

However, there are items that are always excluded from the sales. If that’s the case, make sure it’s something you really need/want before making that investment!

6. They Have a Classic Wardrobe

You don’t have to be under the camp of “wealthy women” to have a classic wardrobe. A classic wardrobe is doable for all ages and income brackets. One main benefit of a classic wardrobe (though there are many) is that you’ll save a large amount of money because you’re shopping less and not chasing after every trend!

A classic wardrobe is primarily made up of high-quality staple items and though it may be a bigger investment upfront, you will save money in the long run because your clothes last longer and you won’t have to replace them as often.

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7. They Take Advantage of Little-to-No-Cost Places

A trip to Disneyland or a tropical vacation sounds amazing, but also very expensive. Take advantage of cheaper or even free options by going to National Parks and nature preserves near you instead. You’ll save money, and you’ll still have a great time!

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8. They Save Consistently

Don’t put money into savings when it’s “convenient” or when you feel like you have a little extra. Structure savings into your regular budget. The best way to do this is to put a portion of your paycheck into your savings every time you get paid, even if it’s a small amount and you can only afford $5! Check out this budget planner if you’re someone that likes to put things down on paper.

9. They Plan For The Future

While it’s smart to save for things like vacations or that luxury handbag you’ve had your eye on, one of the most important things to remember is to save for your emergency fund first. This is a good chunk of money set aside for any unexpected financial emergency that may come up in the future, such as big car repairs or your furnace going out.

And if you were to, unfortunately, lose your job, you wouldn’t have to worry about your home being foreclosed on the next month, because you would have enough money that would cover all of your expenses. Are you wondering, “How much is enough?” It will look different for everyone. The first step would be to total up your necessary expenses. Dave Ramsey recommends having an emergency fund that can last 3-6 months. On the habit of saving for the future, it’s a good idea to start (or continue) your retirement savings.

10. They Have Dedicated “No Spend Days”

The frequency will look different for everyone, but the idea is to have days where you don’t spend a single dime. You’d be surprised by how many small, simple purchases throughout your day add up. Having a day where you don’t swipe your debit card can save you so much money and show you ways you can cut out unnecessary spending!

11. They Find Ways To Make Extra Money

A side hustle is all the rage these days. And though being an entrepreneur may not be in your life or financial plan (that’s okay!), it’s never a bad idea to have another source of income. Whether you want to work for someone else on the side, start a business to create passive income, invest in real estate, or make your money work for you through mutual funds, financial success comes from multiple streams of income!

12. They’ve Learned To Be Content

Want to know one of the top habits of women who always have money? They’ve learned how to be content with what they have. It’s important to know that at times there will never seem like there’s enough money! Even if all your needs are taken care of and then some, it’s easy to think you need to upgrade your car or your house. Once you get used to living a certain way, it just so happens that you tend to want more and better.

Money itself isn’t going to make you happy, but it’s true that when you have a budget and money set aside, it allows you to not live paycheck to paycheck. That makes life a little less stressful! Learning to be content with what you have will lead to happiness and financial freedom will definitely lead to a life of more peace and put you in a better position of financial control and achieving your long-term goals!

habits of women who always have money
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It’s important to note that a successful woman doesn’t have to make 6 figures in order to be considered successful financially. First, you have to decide what’s success to you. But most importantly, it’s all about how you manage your money, not how much you make per year. A woman that makes 35k per year could actually have more money in the bank than a woman that makes 100k per year, as long as you develop good financial habits and remember these 12 habits of women who always have money!

You can start implementing any or all of these habits into your life to help you have a little extra money in your account without having to put in extra hours at work! I know I know, creating a budget, meal plan, and savings plan don’t sound fun. But! If it can help your financial situation and get you further along in your financial goals, it might be worth it!

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habits of women who always have money
habits of women who always have money


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