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  1. Thanks! I suffer from the “shiny object syndrome” or like my family likes to call it “you’re just like a magpie” (Dutch saying if you hoard shiny things/want everything). I’m currently very frustrated with my wardrobe, as it doesn’t exactly fit in my closet and has pieces that are still “good” but bought “under influence” (of the shiny object syndrome) and not exactly my style (or the style I want to have). To curb my wardrobe, it is essential that I first curb the hoarding-instinct! So thanks for these tips!

    • You are welcome! It’s normal to suffer from shiny object syndrome. Obviously, I do too which is what made me want to write the post! Shameless plug here, but I’ve talked to lots of women that are frustrated with their wardrobe and that’s what inspired me to write my ebook- How to Build a Wardrobe from Scratch. It takes you through all the steps to create a wardrobe you love and one that will last. I’ll leave a link here if you’re interested!

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