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10 Home Office Gift Ideas That Will Upgrade Their Home Office Experience

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Working from home has its perks. You get to work in your PJs, cook your lunch without spending money on expensive sandwiches, and last but not least, you get to save on public transport. However, it does have its downsides sometimes. Between distractions at home and a lack of home office desk equipment, telecommuters could sometimes need a pick-me-up to get inspired to produce great work.

And what better way to spoil your telecommuter friend this holiday season than with some amazing home office gifts? Whether your friend has just recently converted their bedroom into an office work area or if you know fellow remote workers that need visually pleasing office supplies to decorate their small spaces — gifting them chic office home essentials will make them jump for joy.

When it comes to gifting a work-from-home friend or a family member, useful gifts like desk accessories to de-clutter a workspace to a neat and stylish area are a great option. A stylish USB lamp is also a practical gift for remote employees! Any unique home office gift is a great way to help create a productive yet stylish environment.

If you need more home office gift ideas, we’ve scoured the internet to help you find the perfect gift. From noise-canceling headphones to marble pin holders — you will find an office home gift that will upgrade the office home experience for your loved one.

1. Misby Coffee Warmer for Desk

There is nothing more unappetizing than a lukewarm cup of coffee or tea on a workday. If your best friend always finds herself reheating her beverage in the microwave — we have good news! This Misby coffee warmer will keep her coffee hot long past her zoom calls.

It features an auto shut-off feature that switches on when a mug is placed on it and, turned off when it is removed. It also offers temperatures between 120℉-140℉ to maintain the heat of hot water. And in case you are wondering, it has a waterproof design. So if there are any accidental spills, the thermal conductive glass will prevent this coffee warmer from getting damaged.

What people love about this product:Bought this as a “go with” gift for my mom along with a Starbucks mug. She keeps thanking me over and over again. My mom is one of the world’s largest consumers of coffee for sure. She raves about how long the product keeps coffee warm so she doesn’t waste cold coffee and doesn’t need to “nuke” it over and over.

2. ASAKUKI 100ml Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers can instantly add décor to an otherwise boring office space. It’s the perfect present for anyone whose office space needs to feel more like a cozy productive space, than cold corporate offices.

With over 1,000 reviews on Amazon, the Asakuki essential oil diffuser is the best thing to be on your friend’s computer desk. It features a sleek white and smooth wooden exterior with 7 LED Lights. It’s not just about the appearance, this diffuser can also be used as a humidifier to improve the air quality of an office. One reviewer even wrote, “thanks to this diffuser, my space smells amazing!”

Did we also mention that it comes with an auto-switch? This important feature will prevent the diffuser from overheating just in case it runs out of water.

What people love about this product: “After doing a ton of product comparisons, I decided on Asakuki; it’s been my experience that Japanese products are made with quality. Was looking for a portable diffuser for work and this item is perfect for desktop aromatherapy! It’s better than I could’ve hoped for! Has a solid balanced base which means it won’t topple easily. My co-worker liked it so much, he bought one for his wife.

3. Spacrea Letter Tray, 4 Tier Rose Gold Desk Organizers

For starters, how cute is this rose gold desk organizer? It’s just way prettier than an ordinary acrylic desk organizer. The gorgeous style will make any gift recipient excited to immediately add it to their workspace.

What we also love about this desk organizer is that it has a stackable design that makes it well, easy to stack. This will create so much space, plus, make a desk super neat.

Additionally, the trays are large enough to keep to-do lists, folders, and more!

What people love about this product:I have been looking for a decent file organizer/tray of some kind to hold my work-related things and my journaling. This is very easy to assemble, just stacks on each other and the top has a nice little shelf as well. It was taller than I expected but it is the perfect size for my needs. I can also make it smaller if I want by taking a shelf off. It’s a solid and sturdy tray system and the rose gold is a nice color.

4. YSAGi Multifunctional Office Desk Pad

If your friend has an eye for chic design — she will love this multifunctional desk pad! It will instantly improve her work-from-home experience by protecting and organizing her desk. This pastel desk pad has a surface area of 35.4″ x 17″ which is large enough to fit items like a MacBook Pro, an Apple watch, and a water bottle.

And the best part about this desk pad is that the surface material is made from waterproof PU leather. So on a rare occasion when a drink spills, this desk pad will still be functional!

What people love about this product:Just got it today but am impressed with it already. It works well with my mouse which I was worried about since I’ve had some mouse pads not work seamlessly with my Bluetooth mouse. It’s a perfect addition to my desk, makes it just a little bit fancier, and brightens my dark wood desk. I got the green/coral color.

5. Simmer Stone Gold Magazine Holder

Make her home office a more inviting and stylish place to work in by gifting her this gold magazine holder. It features a nine-slot organizer to keep all her fancy magazines or books on display. It’s the best way to make a fashion statement in a workspace!

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Another added bonus is that this versatile magazine holder is made from sturdy iron wire which makes it really durable.

What people love about this product:Great organizers! I am using these to hold all my work files and I love them! Very good-looking, sturdy, and great value for the price. They add some style to my desk!!

6. Clear Ant Blue Light Blocking Glasses

If your loved one spends most of their days in their home office staring at their screen, you might want to give their eyes some screen relief with a classic pair of Clear Ant blue-light-blocking glasses. It truly is one of the best home office gift ideas for workaholics.

It features UV400 protection to reduce eye strain and fatigue from spending long hours on computer screens. Plus, the lightweight frame is available in different fashionable colors like toffee, clear, and black to help your friend show off their personality.

What people love about this product:Great price and easy on the eyes. I bought these because I work in front of a computer all day. I love that the polarized tint changes the white/Fluorescent light to a slight yellow tint. I’m excited about the blue light filter as well, of course. Cute and comfy!

7. Active Noise Canceling Headphones

A good pair of headphones would be the perfect birthday gift for the workaholic in your life. It’s one of the best home office gift ideas for your best friend who gets easily distracted by external noise.

The built-in digital noise-canceling technology (ANC) will help them block out any outside noises of home, so they can concentrate on their work.

The sound quality of these headphones is also great! Thanks to the dual 40 mm HD high-resolution audio driver, your friend can enjoy their work music playlist.

What is also amazing about this must-have tech gadget is that it has a long battery life and that they are comfortable to wear.

What people love about this product:A very affordable noise-canceling headphone compared to other more expensive ones from bose, sony, etc. I’ve used the high-end brand ones from friends. They are great but this headphone gives very good competition to those considering their price. Very good sound quality, fits on your ears comfortably, easy controls, fairly good noise cancellation, and good Bluetooth coverage. What more can you ask. I highly recommend this product.

8. [2 Pack] OMOTON Cell Phone Stand

Not everyone likes holding up their phone to check social media or to answer phone calls. Luckily, with this phone stand, your friend or relative can give their hands a break.

This 2 pack phone stand has silicone pads to protect a phone from slipping or scratching. Plus, it is made from reinforced aluminum to ensure that it is stable enough to hold a phone.

While it can hold iPhones, this phone stand can work perfectly for android phones as well! This includes Samsung, Google Pixel, Sony, and more!

What people love about this product:Very easily holds my Note 9 with a case and my big iPad with a huge case. I particularly like the open prongs on the bottom so there is no metal in the way of the charge card so you can pick the phone up with the cord on it.

9. MultiBey Gold Paper Clips in Elegant Magnetic Marble White

This paper clip holder by Multibey caught our attention by offering a chic design! This marble and white office decor is a perfect way to transform an office into a stylish oasis.

Beautiful design aside, this paper clip holder can store 100 clips. Now your friend doesn’t have to worry about their paper clips lying around on their office floor.

What people love about this product: “I like this because it adds a little something to my desk. The magnetic part works well and makes it easy to get a paperclip. I like the gold paperclips too. Very cute and not so boring. It’s nice to see decorative, functional things on your desk, rather than basic office hardware. The marble is smaller than I thought, but who wants a huge paper clip holder?

10. White LED Desk Lamp with 10W Wireless Charger

Help her brighten up her workspace with this stylish and functional desk lamp. Not only will it provide her with a light on busy nights, but it will also charge her phone at the same time!

It can charge smartphones like iPhones, Samsungs, and more at 10 Watts. As for the other desk lamp features, it has 5 adjustable lighting settings and 10 different brightness levels for studying, reading, and drawing!

What people love about this product: “The various shades of white light are useful based on how much other light is coming in the windows. The USB port is great way to charge up other devices. Best of all is the wireless charging feature built into the base! Charges up the cell phones quickly. Love how it bends in half for easy storage while traveling.

Working at home has turned into a new normal for a lot of people. So if you happen to know anyone that is telecommuting, these 10 home office gift ideas will help level up their office appearance.

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