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  1. Oh my gosh I can’t get over how you transformed your kitchen! That looks amazing!!! Praise God that He found you a house that is gonna be a huge blessing to you and your family for years to come!

    • Thank you! The kitchen (and well the whole house) was a lot of work but it was worth it in the end! We are super excited for the new place!

  2. Love these tips. They are so spot on. I am from a family of builders and contractors so always have awesome people to take with me when I am looking. Weve snagged amazing deals on our houses both times and I am so thankful.

    • It’s so helpful to have a fresh pair of eyes, especially qualified ones like you did! That’s awesome!

  3. Okay, you know I’m definitely saving this for later. My husband and I aren’t quite ready to start home-hunting, and we’re in a townhouse right now. But in the next couple of years, it’ll be much more on our radar, and I’ll want as much guidance as I can get. It sounds like you’ve learned so much, and now you have so much valuable insight to share with others. Thank you for that!

    • Thanks for reading, Stephanie! I hope this comes in helpful when the time comes! We definitely did learn a lot!

  4. Congrats, that’s so exciting! These tips are super helpful— we’ll probably be looking at buying a house in the next year or so and will def have to keep these in mind.

  5. These are amazing tips! I’m definitely interested in buying a house in the next few years and these are great things to keep in mind. Also – I can’t get over what an incredible job you did transforming the kitchen in your old house!! Incredible!

  6. I’m so glad y’all were able to act quickly on a home when you felt like you’re going to be in a pinch! God is so awesome. Location has always been my biggest factor when looking because you can change just about everything about a house besides where it is located. Thanks for sharing!

    -xo, Azanique |

  7. Yay! I’m so glad y’all found a house and that everything lined up perfectly for y’all. As a realtor, I 100% agree with all of your tips!

    • Very cool that you are a realtor! After going through this process I think you have a pretty tough job haha!

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