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  1. We just got finished remodeling our kitchen. We opted for painting our cabinets due to price and I’m glad we did!

    • Thank you for the kind words, Mitch! I don’t think the DIY life is for everyone!

  2. Always can find great home tips here. Today yet another great share on restoration that many new homeowners will find useful!

  3. These are great tips. I’ve been looking for ways to give my cabinets a facelift and this is just the boost I needed.

  4. Dear Carolyn & lovely family-

    I have been thinking of repainting my 25 year old kitchen cabinets for the past several months (was still contemplating which color); have decided a soft pastel grey (thought white was too hard to keep clean – yet want a clean light modern look) . You have INSPIRED and motivated me to feel I have the knowledge and best product insight to get this project started with my husband!!! I LOVE the feeling of accomplishment with these types of projects (not to mention the satisfaction of saving money ). I am a little intimated with the concept of using a spray painter (seems messy), although I am going to embrace this and open my mind with this!!!

    • Thank you so much for this sweet message!! You’ll have to send me pictures because I would love to see the finished product. I like the idea of doing grey too! Good luck! You definitely got this!

  5. I did the EXACT same thing when we moved into our 70’s house three years ago and I’m so encouraged by this blog to try again. Thank you!

    • We all make mistakes 🙂 Good luck with your project and doing it again. I know it will be worth it!

    • I used European/hidden hinges so they are on the inside! It’s something you would generally see in more updated homes.

  6. Amazing work! I’m so glad to find your tips. Did you use the sprayer only on parts that were removable (doors/drawers) and the brush on all fixed portions? I have a sprayer but don’t want to use it inside the house because of the mess/prep work. (But, I don’t want the large ends of my cabinets looking amateur.)

    • Thanks, Rachel! I did not use the sprayer inside and only did it on removable parts. Honestly, I don’t think using the sprayer inside is *completely* necessary…as long as you have a high-quality brush/roller for the other parts. I think the only parts that will matter the most are the end sides of the cabinets. So all in all, I didn’t find it necessary for myself, but could see how using a sprayer could potentially be even better.

  7. I painted my lower cabinets a couple years ago and yep I see my mistakes to. Didn’t sand enough, didn’t wait long enough to cure was a grueling process for me and I said never again haha but a person forgets the pain of these things thankfully. I do still love my cabinets and since they’re supposed to look vintake its ok. Loving your home posts

    • Yep, I can definitely relate to the whole living and learning thing haha! Good thing pretty much anything can be fixed 🙂 And I like the idea of vintage cabinets!

  8. Thanks for this great informatio! However you didn’t mention if the paint should be oil bad or water base. Does it make a difference?

    • I know there are pros and cons to each, but I don’t know a crazy amount to tell you which one you should use! I used Benjamin Moore advance which is recommended by many professionals and that line is alkyd (oil-based).

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