french country outdoor deck makeover

7 Ways to Class Up Your Deck or Patio

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Outdoor spaces are usually thought of as hang out spots, not something that’s classy, but that doesn’t mean you have to give in to the bird poop and rodents! I mean, ICK! Sorry, I just saw a mouse the other day and at the risk of sounding like #thatgirl…it gave me nightmares.

Though I’m still recovering from that near-death encounter with the mouse, I wanted to class the deck up and have it be an extension of our house and my French Country style…not just some random slabs of wood where we collect mildew and where my kiddo’s toys go to die!

As I was decorating, I found that it came down to a certain set of things that seemed to give beautiful results. And on that note, here are the 7 ways to class up your deck and give it a makeover!

7 Ways to Class Up Your Deck or Patio

1. Start with a good foundation
Just like I talk about in fashion and how to look expensive, you can’t look good if the base of your outfit is stained, old, pilling, or ripped. But in the home decorating world, just replace all those things for deck words!

You can’t decorate and class up a deck if the deck itself is patchy, mildewy, flakey, or just downright disgusting. I would know. Look at my before picture!

Thanks to Sherwin-Williams for gifting this awesome deck paint that completely changed the foundation of our outdoor space. I went with SuperDeck IR Reflective Exterior Waterborne Solid Color Stain in Lodge Brown. The staining process went way better and quicker than I thought, and as you can see, it looks a million times better!

So before you go any further with classing up your deck, take the time to give your deck a good scrub or completely start over with new paint or stain! Because a deck that resembles lake water is so not classy.

french country outdoor deck makeover

2. Pick a color scheme
Maybe you’ll do this before staining or if you go with a neutral color then it won’t really matter, but picking a color scheme or theme that you’ll stick to will keep your outdoor space cohesive and looking stylish! I’m partial to neutrals as you may know and I don’t think many things are classier than black and white, so that’s what I picked, but other ideas include shades of beige, blue & silver, or purple. Purple is the color of luxury! Or is it royalty? Either way.

french country outdoor deck makeover

3. Find a big rug
Just like interior decorating, rugs pull everything together. My deck size is maybe small to average, and an 8×10 was the best size. A 5×7 looked itty bitty and weird, so buy as big as you can. Bonus points if the rug ties in with your color scheme or theme too!

french country outdoor deck makeover

4. Get the right flowers
The flowers and plants you choose all play into the bigger picture of your deck. For my French country style, I chose roses, lavender, and rosemary. They’re totally in theme, plus, what could be classier than roses? Take a look through your local garden store and pick up whatever gives off luxe vibes! TIP: think about high-end gardens that you’ve been to or have seen online and make note of what you find- I saw a lot of roses, boxwood, ivy, and topiaries on my European travels!

french country outdoor deck makeover

5. Accessorize with pillows & throw blankets
Not only are these pieces functional, but they add depth and layer to your design, as well as being cozy. You can be matchy matchy here if you want, or use it as a way to add in pops of color and prints.

french country outdoor deck makeover

6. Don’t forget the ambiance
Things like candles, lanterns, and lights will set the mood and add that perfect glow!

mother and son outdoor lifestyle photography

7. Add a tablecloth
Even if your table is in good shape, a tablecloth adds a certain elegance! Mine is just a drop cloth so I don’t worry about ruining anything super nice or wasting money.

mother and son outdoor lifestyle photography
french country outdoor deck makeover

Setting up your table with delicious fruits and goodies doesn’t hurt either! Hopefully, you see that these ways to class up a deck are pretty easy and inexpensive when all is said and done! And bonus idea, just shop around your house! A lot of these things I just borrowed from other rooms in my home!

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