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  1. We just redid our deck. I’m so glad we did too. We almost didn’t redo the base, but it turned out so much nicer that we did.

  2. Deck transformations can be really awesome. So many people think that you need to tear down and build new but that just isn’t the case.

  3. A color scheme is such a great idea – I love neutral ones! It┬┤s a key to stylish outdoor space for me! Thanks for the tips!

  4. These are some really nice ideas to class up decks. I am a bit inkling in these things and your post gave me a good insight on how to make a deck looks good.

  5. Let me know how that stain holds up over time. We went with what I thought was a quality brand, but a year later it’s not doing very well. The nice thing about a beautiful deck is it delights your eyes even when you’re just looking outside, not just when you’re on it!

    • I’ll let you know! Bummer that it’s not holding up well. And I agree, I love looking out our back door now!

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