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  1. I read this with great interest. I am not going to Italy soon, but I am going to Spain and I hope that some of the information I learned here will help me there! How are the bathrooms in Spain?

    • If I remember correctly, there aren’t a ton of public bathrooms, but I did find some nice ones in the malls and main shopping areas. Have fun on your trip. I loved Spain and would love to go back!

  2. I’m hoping we’ll go to Italy someday. These tips will come in handy. Having been to Europe earlier this year (Paris), some of these are the same there. Thanks for sharing this info!

  3. Going to Italy would be a dream vacation for me. It’s in my top 5 bucket list places to visit. I’m going to put your post to good use if I ever make it there.

  4. Such beautiful clicks.Makes me want to go to Rome again. You’re right most of the attractions are within walking distances. Free toilets–the yuckiest and I thought we had dirty public toilets only in Kenya and India. Some paid ones too were dirty. Italy is a must see country. And don’t forget to enjoy all the flavours of gelato 🙂

    • Yes to the gelato! I had so much when I was there. It was so amazing! And it’s a bummer that the bathrooms aren’t better!

  5. Italy quickly became one of my favourite places to travel to — partially because of the fact that my family is from there, but mostly because of its beautiful, history, and rich culture. I hope everyone reading this has an opportunity to go and see this amazing country firsthand. 🙂

    • Family would be a big pull to visit. But I agree, it’s an amazing country and I hope everyone knows that!

  6. I would love to visit Italy after learning your great tips!. Im so stoked by your review and images of this place!

  7. First, your Italy travel photos are all amazingly gorgeous! Whenever we travel abroad, we opt to rent a car around than use the public transport, because it is more easier for us (and sometimes surprisingly cheaper).

    • Thank you! That’s cool that sometimes it’s cheaper for you! You gotta do what works best!

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