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  1. I definitely strive for quality! I gave up fast fashion long ago. I LOVE the idea of kind of forcing myself to wear pieces I don’t use often and also looking at pieces in a new light. Yay for trying to be sustainable!!

  2. You inspired me so much with this post today, that I basically emptied out my entire closet, and spent HOURS trying on pieces and mixing and matching and layering and styling things differently – and then writing all the pairings down for future reference. This way, in the future, I can’t say that I have nothing to wear 😉 I’m excited about the endless possibilities!

    • Oh my goodness! So happy it inspired you! But I’m even happier that you took action and are finding new ways to wear your clothes!

  3. OK I have so much to learn from you in this area! I used to be so good at shopping my closet and not spending much on clothes! I love shopping so much but seriously I think we have so many things that are so cute right in our closets!

  4. These are great tips! I always like to reimagine my seasonal pieces for different seasons! Like how to wear a dress even in the winter! It makes choosing outfits so fun!

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