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What to Do When You’re Bored With Your Closet

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If you follow other bloggers you’ve probably been seeing a lot about the big sales that just happened and are happening (Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, Target One Day, Amazon Prime Day). I didn’t do a “here’s what I got” post because I didn’t shop any of them (and I never have by the way).


While I think it’s smart to save on investment pieces you were going to buy anyways, I do tend to think shopping all of these sales are a bit overkill. I think it’s just the idea that you “need” more stuff and then you need to convince everyone else to buy it too. I know that’s not the popular opinion. And maybe that’s just me because I do consider myself somewhat of a minimalist and take great joy in getting rid of stuff.

I do have to say that there’s something about everyone buying new things that suddenly makes you look at your own closet and feel a little tired with it. One good thing to remember though is that even if you feel bored with your closet, it’s just boring to you. It’s likely that other people aren’t bored of looking at your clothes.

But here are some simple tips + tricks on what to do when you’re bored with your closet that don’t involve a huge shopping spree or racking up that credit card debt.

What to Do When You’re Bored With Your Closet

1. Find the deeper reason
Try to get to the deeper reason of why you’re bored first. Did you suddenly get bored when you started seeing everyone else’s shiny new duds? Perhaps the feeling isn’t that you’re bored with your closet but just a feeling of want. Be careful with this one, because shopping out of boredom is only a temporary fix. Things are only new for so long and you’ll find yourself right back to my post (not totally a bad thing though…go ahead and bookmark it if you want ;))

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2. Discover your style
Are you bored with your closet because you feel it “isn’t you” anymore? Have you noticed that your closet is full of trendy items that you bought just because, but you don’t even really like them? Or perhaps you’ve had some new changes and events happen. Such as a career change and now you need to trade in your cutoffs for blazers. Or a life change like me. I’m a new mom and there are just some things I will probably never wear again #mombod. Check out How to Find Your Personal Style.

3. Reorganize your closet
If you’re like me and put everything back in your closet in the same place each time, well yeah, who wouldn’t get bored of that? By simply reorganizing your closet you can trick your mind into thinking you have some new things because you’re looking at things in a new way. If you usually have your skirts in the back, then move them to the front, etc.
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4. Get rid of select items
Are there some items in your closet that you’ve had for forever, don’t really like, and never wear? When you look at these same items over and over again it’s easy to feel bored with your wardrobe as a whole. But go ahead and toss those items to instantly weed out what’s dragging your whole closet down. And if you’re feeling feisty, go ahead and do a whole closet clean out! Who knew that living with less would actually help you to realize how much you do have? When we have fewer options we are able to see what we do have more clearly. That sounds like it should be in a fortune cookie. Related: What to Toss From Your Closet

5. Switch up your hangers
Are you still stuck in the wire/plastic/store hanger mix matched mess? You can streamline all of your hangers into something that’s fun and sleek. Such as rose gold velvet hangers. This is a pretty easy and inexpensive fix that can make your clothes look more fun just by being on them.

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6. Think new
Sometimes the solution to a new wardrobe is already in your closet. Maybe you’re bored because you’re wearing the same thing over and over again. Now I’m all about a go-to look, but try to force yourself not to wear your shorts with a tee like you always do, and perhaps pair them with a kimono instead this time.

7. Do an inventory
Now I never thought I’d say this, but do you have too many basics? It’s easy to see why you’d get bored if all you have are dark denim and black tees. Not much to mix up there. Basics are key, yes, but are you in need of some statement items to jazz up your wardrobe a little? This could be an eye-catching accessory such as a statement necklace or items in a great color, print, or texture.

fur coa

Now if after all of this and you realize it’s not a mental state but truly a big wardrobe problem, there are ways to fix that. But shop smart and use my capsule/minimalist wardrobe guide to help you (will be updating that soon)!

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And if you want some fun new pieces but don’t want to buy new you can always have a swap party with friends/sisters or go thrifting.

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It’s now time for me to update some of my own basics and essentials. Because let’s be real, a white shirt can only be white for so long and no, I’m never going to find and sew on that missing button.

Ya feel me?

What to Do When You're Bored With Your Closet


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