how to style ultra mini ugg boots

How To Style Ultra Mini Ugg Boots in 7 Easy-To-Copy Chic Ways

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Not many things can divide the fashion world like Uggs. Are they truly “uggly” or are they a cozy and cute shoe option? 2 years ago, the Ugg Mini made its debut, and now it’s a very popular boot with both influencers and cozy lovers alike. Recently, I picked up a pair of house slippers that resembled this mini classic boot, and with the cozy shearling lining, well, I could see the appeal. As a chic fashion lover, I still can’t bring myself to wear them outside of the house, but for those that aren’t giving up their cozy slippers (er shoes) anytime soon, I put together 7 chic ways you could style them! Get inspired below.

1. With a cardigan, blazer, and straight-leg jeans

how to style ultra mini ugg boots

No one will think your outfit looks like pajamas with this look. A knit cardigan offers a cozy look while the blazer brings it up a notch.

Matching the color of your shoes to your purse is a simple and subtle way to elevate your outfit and make you look more put-together.

2. With a sweater, trench coat, and fisherman cap

how to style ultra mini ugg boots
how to style ultra mini ugg boots

Balancing out these cozy shoes with classic pieces is a great way to bring in the chic element. A classic sweater, timeless trench coat, and French favorite handbag all work together to elevate this look.

The jeans with a subtle distressing dress down to this look to match the aesthetic of the Uggs.

3. With a striped shirt, zip-up sweater, and leopard print belt

how to style ultra mini ugg boots

The print mixing with the leopard print belt and striped shirt adds interest to this outfit. A zip-up pullover speaks to the cozy vibes of the shoes, while the dark wash jeans add the classic element to this look.

Cozy shoes were just made for tote bags and this pick is another cult favorite. The darker tones are perfect for the fall/winter season.

4. With a button-down shirt, long plaid coat, and bucket bag

how to style ultra mini ugg boots

Add a touch of chic to this casual boot style with the classic white button-down shirt, timeless blazer, stylish hat, and chic purse with a gold chain.

Yet, the outfit doesn’t feel too fussy when balanced out with leggings.

5. With a striped blouse, vest, and beret

how to style ultra mini ugg boots

Are you noticing a pattern? Balancing out casual shoes and dressing them up can easily be done by adding chic and timeless wardrobe pieces to your outfit.

Some of the easiest ways to do this are with classic jeans, stripes, trench coats, and classy accessories. The end result of this look is Parisian-inspired chic!

6. With a satin dress, oversized blazer, and baseball cap

how to style ultra mini ugg boots

A maxi slip dress is an unexpected pairing with Uggs, making this a stylish and unique outfit combination. A blazer and chic handbag dress up this ensemble, while the sporty baseball cap speaks to the coziness of this look.

7. With wide-leg pants, a sweater, and a long neutral coat

how to style ultra mini ugg boots
how to style ultra mini ugg boots

These autumnal colors make this whole outfit feel cozy and fall-like. Wide-leg pants are a great pant option to wear with this shoe style because they hide the majority of the shoe, putting the spotlight on the whole look instead.

Gold hoops earrings and a chic handbag add class to this look.

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Even if they’re not my favorite, I can see the appeal of these shoes. After all, comfort is just as important as style! But thankfully, you don’t have to choose between those two with these easy-to-copy outfit ideas.

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