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  1. This looks like the most amazing get together! I have a “collecting” problem too, haha!

    PS – LOVE your outfit for the party!!

  2. I love all of the things that you have collected! I am the exact same way. I totally need to host a little get together to get out all of the things that I have but never use. So inspiring!

    • Glad this inspired you to break out some of your favorite things! No use having them if you can’t use them. 🙂

  3. Every single thing about this is beautiful! You look beautiful – and so do your sisters – and the tea party is stunning! Like a whole other level of stunning! I wish I was this classy haha. I gotta try something like this eventually. It’s so creative and… have I mentioned “beautiful” yet? 😉

  4. That dress was $15??
    You and Titus are the most talented, ambitious couple I know ( well, not literally know but since you’ve shared so much it feels like it!)
    High tea is the epitome of Chic and you did it beautifully.

    • Thanks so much, Wren! I was pleased with the dress at such a low price. Thank you for your kind words as well 🙂

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