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  1. Love those trellises! They are going to be amazingly gorgeous once your flowers are full grown. Such a fab idea!!

  2. What a creative idea! I can’t wait to see how those trellises become covered in beautiful blooms and vines over time. It’ll be like a fairytale in your backyard! I’m sure you’re so excited to see the changes!

  3. Haha I think if I bought a house, the first thing I’d do is put up fences so I’m with ya! Also, I have a dog so we can’t have him running off.
    Also, putting up trellises is such a great idea and executed beautifully!

  4. That’s really lovely! We have lots of plants in our garden that provide privacy but I’m looking around for ideas to make it more interesting. Most gardens in our area are just open. No fences, no bushes or anything. But I like creating a hidden spot 🙂 (and I was lucky that the previous owners left so much green around the house.

    • Thanks, Fenne! I totally agree with you on wanting a hidden space. We too have lots of green…but also lots of neighbors! I’m loving the trellises so far. They really do make the space feel more secluded!

  5. These are lovely! I have a back porch privacy trellis that I planted honeysuckle at the bottom of last year- it has returned beautifully this year and is climbing quickly. The aroma!!! The flowers are light yellow to white- I have another along a side fence that has pinky orange flowers, but have learned that this colour has no aroma. I bought all the plants from the wilting sad clearance shelves at the hardware store garden centre; I have some wonderful thriving perennials in my garden that were purchased this way, which simply required some nurturing and TLC to become robust.

    • That sounds lovely! We have morning glories going right now in hopes that they’ll climb quickly, but I don’t plan on them returning. Honeysuckle is a good idea! Thank you for sharing more about your garden space, Helen!

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