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32 Inexpensive (Yet Great) Gifts for the Woman Who Has Everything

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It can be intimidating to buy gifts for a woman who has everything. When you think you’ve found the perfect gift, you realize she already owns that necklace or book you were planning to get for her. It gets even tougher when she keeps saying “Oh, I don’t need anything.” To make finding the perfect present easier for the woman who is hard to shop for, I highly recommend getting her gifts that reflect her interests. Is she a book lover? A serious home cook? No matter what her interests are, we have the best gifts for the special woman in your life. Better yet, all of these ideas are inexpensive so if you’re on a tight budget, we have you covered. Scroll on to find inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything.

1. Hatbox Filled With Diamantes Roses (Etsy)

No matter what the special occasion is, a stunning bouquet from Etsy is always a great go-to gift. This $34.23 gift box is filled with gorgeous white faux roses that will instantly brighten her mood. (You also have the option to pick the color of roses.) The best part about this box is you can get her name printed on the box. She can use it as decor for her makeup vanity or her living room.

2. Personalized Straw Bag (Etsy)

How cute would this bag be to bring to the beach, the pool, or to carry on vacation? This is an ideal gift if your best friend or sister is a jet setter. She can take it with her on every summer adventure. Besides the bag only being $13.60, the other bonus point is that you can have her name or initials printed in a variety of colors.

3. French Bulldog Puppy Ornament (Etsy)

An easy way to make her smile this holiday season is with an ornament that suits her personality. If she has a French bulldog, spoil her with this cute ornament from Etsy! (I’m sure her dog will love it too). The ornament will make her Christmas tree look so unique and fun.

4. Custom Friend Portrait (Etsy)

For something unique and fun, gift a custom friend portrait this year. Plus, for the price point? This $7.70 gift will not leave a dent in your bank account. Get your favorite picture of her and the seller will illustrate the image. All you have to do is print it off and find a frame. She can hang it in her office or living room.

5. Personalized Stationery (Etsy)

Sure, we live in the age of the digital notepad, but these personalized note cards from Etsy are a thoughtful way of gifting the woman who has everything. Her name will be printed in a chic and feminine script. You can also select the color of the font in her favorite hue. And for only $14? You could get another set of digital cards for the other special woman in your life.

6. Paint By Number (Michaels)

If one of her favorite things to do in her free time is painting, this painting by number is an excellent choice. This set from Michaels is complete with brushes, paint canvas, and a wooden display hanger. Basically, everything she will need to paint the beautiful country cottage. Once she’s done with her painting, she can hang it up in her country kitchen or living room.

7. Custom Stickers (Etsy)

Custom stickers are a good choice for the stationary lover. It is a more thoughtful gift than ordinary stickers from the store. You can have her name or her favorite phrase printed out as stickers.

The seller also allows you to pick the font color and paper choice. This useful gift can be used for her calendars, home address return label, side hustle, or business.

8. FJS Ceramic Face Vases (Amazon)

Is the woman in your life always picking fresh flowers for her living room? Spoil her with this fancy face ceramic vase. Her fresh flowers will look so beautiful in this vase. Plus, it will add the right dose of elegance to her living space!

9. Personalized Ring (Etsy)

Think of this ring as the grown-up version of the friendship ring you gifted her in middle school. It can be personalized with her name or her kid’s or pet’s name in a chic gold or silver material.

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10. House Plant (Home Depot)

If her living space is lacking some greenery, surprise her with this house plant from Home Depot. It is easy to maintain and a great manageable gift idea for the woman who doesn’t need little knick-knacks.

11. 21 Pcs Silicone Macaron Baking Mats Kit  (Amazon)

The sweet tooth in your life will appreciate receiving this macaron baking kit. It has everything she needs to make homemade macarons. The kit includes baking mats that don’t need greasing, piping bags with different nozzles, and much more. Amazon reviewers love the piping guide on the baking mat, as it helps bakers make the perfect-sized macarons. Baking kits like these are perfect inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything.

12. Lip Balm Trio (Goop)

As we’ve said before, when it comes to shopping for a woman who has everything, your best bet is to gift her consumable products. Maybe she has enough jewelry, but her chapstick must be nearly finished. So gifting her this trio of lip balm will be a good idea. They will be her new go-to lip balm. On top of being chicly packaged, these lip balms are soft on the lips and hydrating.

13. Plush Blanket (Amazon)

You can never have enough cozy blankets. They are a winter necessity. Plus, they are one of the best inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything. And who doesn’t love receiving a new blanket when your old ones aren’t plush anymore? She will love cuddling under one in her living room or in front of a fireplace.

14. La Droguerie Leather & Wood Care Lotion (Nordstrom)

Are you shopping for a home decor enthusiast who takes great pride in her home? For something unique yet practical, consider getting her this wood care lotion. This is a great gift idea if her furniture needs some nourishing and shining.

The lotion also does the same for leather pieces like biker jackets and handbags. Its woody fragrance has notes of beeswax, cedar, and patchouli that will leave her home (and handbags) smelling amazing. Plus, how beautiful is that bottle?

15. Mora Ceramics 8oz Cappuccino Mug Set Of 4 (Amazon)

If she has everything, chances are she already has a coffee pot or French press. To accompany and encourage her coffee love, get her a set of chic ceramic mugs. This is a practical gift that she can use every day to sip her French gourmet coffee. These vanilla white cups will also give her mornings a Parisian cafe feel!

16. Glass Ice Cream Cups (Amazon)

Your ice-cream-obsessed family member will enjoy serving their frozen treats in these ice cream cups. These desert bowls look elegant and would be perfect for entertaining, or even just as decor on the kitchen shelf.

17. Nail Cuticle Oil (Amazon)

Figuring out inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything doesn’t have to be complicated. I’m sure she could use this cuticle oil, especially after an at-home manicure. This oil has honey and vitamin E to help hydrate and soften her skin. She will also love the heavenly scent of the vanilla, as well as the cute floral branding and packaging.

18. Book Pendant Necklace (Etsy)

Getting an avid reader a new book seems like a no-brainer, but she most likely has read the book you’re planning to get her. But chances are, she doesn’t have this small piece of jewelry. This is a subtle and dainty way for her to showcase her love for reading.

What makes pendant book so special is the folded message inside. You can ask the seller to add a sweet message.

19. Personalized Notebook (Etsy)

A notebook is such a practical gift that’s made even more special when it’s personalized with her name on it. This can be used as a travel diary, journal, or place to jot down notes for work.

20. Personalized Rolling Pin (Etsy)

How fun is this idea for the baker in your life? Everyone in the family will know the cookies were made by her. And if she sells cookies, it will help upgrade her branding.

21. Premium Makeup Brush Cleaner  (Amazon)

It can be taxing to clean brushes when you have a busy schedule, so make her life easier with this premium makeup cleaner. The set comes with an electric brush cleaner. It is also portable, which makes it perfect for traveling with.

22. The Exquisite Book Of Paper Flowers  (Amazon)

If she’s the creative type and loves flowers, help her learn a new skill! This book will teach her everything she needs to know about creating realistic-looking paper flowers.

23. Spoon Rest (Amazon)

If she loves spending quality time in the kitchen, this small gift will make her day. She doesn’t have to worry about staining her counter while she’s making a home-cooked meal.

The spoon rest is made from a tough porcelain material to help prevent scratches. It also has a corrosion-resistant surface. This means any acidic ingredients like tomato sauce will not stain the spoon rest. The utensil also comes in a wide variety of colors, so you can find one in her favorite color!

24. Shower Steamers Aromatherapy (Amazon)

Does the woman in your life have an affinity for long showers and luxurious soaps? This shower steamer aromatherapy would be a great gift to get her for an at-home spa day. What makes the shower bombs so soothing are the 7 sweet scents of mandarin, grapefruit, and more! They are designed to create an aromatic oasis right in her bathroom. The heavenly scents of these shower bombs will surely lift her mood after a stressful day.

25. ASAKUKI 500ml Premium Diffuser (Amazon)

Need more inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything? Elevate her self-care with this highly-rated diffuser. It has everything she needs to make her space more relaxing and calming. This includes a quiet fan to allow her to sleep while it processes her essential oils. The diffuser also has a convenient remote control, so she doesn’t have to get up and adjust it.

26. Lipstick And Libre Mini Ornament Gift Set (Nordstrom)

If you’ve started holiday shopping and you’re on the hunt for a luxury gift, this is a great pick! The gift set has everything she needs to look and smell expensive. It comes with the iconic Mini Libre Eau de Parfum, mascara, slim lipstick in shade 21, and a chic makeup bag.

27. LA JOLIE MUSE Vanilla Coconut Candle (Amazon)

Soy candles are perfect for filling the home with lovely and cozy scents, which makes them a great gift for a woman who loves aromatherapy. Not only does it have a fancy case, but the candle also smells divine. It has rich notes of vanilla, tonka bean, and coconut to make a home smell fresh.

28. DOSS Bluetooth Speaker (Amazon)

Thanks to this modern-looking Bluetooth speaker, her yoga sessions and workouts are going to be extra fun! It is waterproof, so she can take it to the beach or pool. What’s more to love about these speakers is the portable design.

29. LA JOLIE MUSE Wicker Storage Baskets, Set Of 2 (Amazon)

Still can’t find inexpensive gifts for the woman who has everything? Consider baskets. These handwoven wicker baskets are beautiful as they are practical. She can use them as decorative baskets on her coffee table or makeup vanity.

30. Glass Water Bottle (Amazon)

If she’s always talking about the importance of drinking water, update her water bottle with this sleek design. It has a protective silicon sleeve for extra grip and a leak-proof lid.

31. Bistro Tile Bonjour Mug (Anthropologie)

How elegant is this mug? It’s the perfect gift for any woman who loves the design of French bistro cafes. The 24K gold accents, plus the black and white tiles make it the perfect statement piece in a kitchen.

32. Custom Leather Passport Cover (Etsy)

Help her travel in style with this leather custom passport cover. Get her initials engraved in gold font for a chic look.

Finding inexpensive gifts for a woman who has everything is no easy feat. You don’t want to waste money on something she already owns or doesn’t follow her interests. But luckily for you, this affordable gift guide has everything that will tick her boxes.

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Gifts for the woman who has everything


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