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Kitchen Vision

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Ah, the kitchen. The heart of the home. I’ll be honest with you, we are not big kitchen people. Sure we make the majority of our meals at home but neither of us have a burning passion for cooking or baking. Everyone talks about wanting a big kitchen. Us? We don’t care! Ironically, the kitchen in our new home is big. Well, it feels big to us but it’s probably small to other people. And another thing that’s ironic? Out of all my home boards on Pinterest, my kitchen board has some of the most pins! Why pin so much for something you won’t really use? Well, that’s Pinterest for you hehe.

Anyways….you’re here for the kitchen vision. I’ll share with you what I’m thinking, but we will not be tackling this project for a while. 3 reasons why.

1. We want to live in it and see how we naturally use it
2. I don’t want to do little things here and there or “quick fixes”…I’d rather save up for the big thing and do it all at once. I’m not even decorating!
3. Money! In our first home, we went the budget-friendly route and I’m glad because it’s what we could do at the time and we would have priced ourselves out of the neighborhood if we did more. This second time around I want to get my “dream” (ironic again because I don’t really like cooking haha) and that will take time to save

Here’s what we’re working with:

Removing soffits and updating light fixtures & appliances are all given. As well as getting rid of the green. And that mini table. But as far as adding personal style? Well, I want hardwood flooring that we want to do on the main level eventually. And a French country cottage feel.

Yes to a brick backsplash, open shelving, and wood elements. Those are all things I had in my last kitchen that I want again.

But I want to make these cabinets work because they’re in good condition and I’d rather put kitchen money to countertops (like marble)!

I did white painted kitchen cabinets in our first home and loved it, but want to do something a little different this time. I thought it would be fun to try something new and do something not everyone is doing. I’m really drawn to warm, cozy kitchens and I’m loving how brown looks. I’m thinking I could have brown lowers and white/open shelving uppers. Except I want a light medium brown. I’ve never tried to stain cabinets before so that will be interesting. Will have to do more research there!

Now here’s my vision:

french country cottage kitchen inspiratiobn

You’ll see touches of glam (chandelier, marble), but it looks lived in too (rustic table, brown cabinets). The copper pots add a French country touch!

I’m really excited to do something a little different here and see how it all turns out!

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