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11 Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

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It’s been a couple of weeks since we moved and I’m thinking… never again haha. Okay, well maybe sometime again but not anytime soon! Spin it any way you want, moving is stressful. Though it may never be a breeze, here are some moving tips to make your life easier!

Moving Tips to Make Your Life Easier

1. Pack books in rolling suitcases
Easier and lighter to move!

2. Use towels, fabric, and cloth napkins for breakables
Don’t let anything go to waste or feel like you have to buy bubble wrap. Newspaper, paper napkins, and paper towels work too.

3. Purge before you start packing
Less to pack just makes life easier and unpacking way faster!

4. Resist throwing everything into a box
Pack items by room so it’s easier to unpack and you’re not running around the house just trying to put away one box because the items all go in different places!

5. Write down what’s in the box too
Don’t just have the room on the box, but put what’s in it too. Don’t rip your hair out trying to remember where a certain item is. Write it on the box! For example: “Master Bedroom- Carolyn- nightstand (charger, books, & chapsticks)”

6. Coordinate the box with the room
Having people help? People might not know what your rooms are. Label it on the box and have a sign for each room saying what it is. Colored + coordinating ducktape works too!

7. Stock up on easy meals
Healthy frozen meals are wonderful if you really think ahead and/or have the desire, but easy foods like pastas and frozen dinners are so nice because you’ll probably be way too tired to make a big meal!

8. Check out grocery stores for free boxes
I got mine from Fareway and family, but Hyvee, Walmart, & Sam’s Club all give away free boxes. They’re usually in produce or you can just ask a worker!

9. Leave clothes on the hanger
Just cover them with a garbage bag and make a hole for hangers. This way they won’t get wrinkly and you can just pop them into the next closet!

10. Make an overnight bag of essentials
Make life easier for yourself and anticipate the things that you’ll need (toothbrush, pajamas, soap, toilet paper), so you’re not scrambling last minute to find the toilet paper when you really gotta go to the bathroom!

11. Take advantage of services that make your life easier
Services like Instacart that deliver your groceries for you save so much time and effort that could be spent unpacking or making your house a home!

moving tips

Good luck with the move! Just know that even if it gets really stressful, it will calm down soon enough and you’ll have fun getting all settled in! Now it’s on to the fun part- decorating and putting your own personal touch on this new place!

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moving tips


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