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8 Classy Accessories To Improve Your Outfit

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Happy day after Christmas! I don’t know about you, but I’m feeling pretty allergic to spending money now. So what’s a girl to do when she wants to freshen up her look but spend next to nothing? Accessories!

Accessories are not just the finishing touch to an outfit, sometimes they become the outfit! Well not really, but you know what I mean. Accessories should not be overlooked and these 8 classy accessories will seriously class up your outfit and improve your outfit instantly!

8 Classy Accessories

1. silk scarf
Silk scarves are amazing because there are so many different ways to wear them! They can dress up your hair and outfit at the same time and there are always a million other ways to style these.

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scarf (thredup, similar)

2. suspenders
Suspenders may more add to your outfit than class it up, but I’ll take it. I get that suspenders aren’t for everyone, but they’re a really fun way to take a basic top and make it more exciting and unique!

t-shirt | suspenders

3. faux fur collar
Instantly transform any coat by adding a faux fur collar. Every coat can look different now with barely any effort! And nothing permanent too, so double score!

coat | collar

4. beret
Even if the French aren’t wearing berets all day, who cares? They instantly add that classy and Parisian flair that I can’t get enough of.

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sweater | beret (old, similar)

5. pearl clips
These pearl barrettes came in hot as a trend and though it may die down, I think they’re here to stay. I mean, they’re pearls…that will never go out of style! And holding back our hair never will either. 😉

clips | top

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6. statement chandelier earring
Dainty jewelry is classic and timeless, but give me a good ol’ statement earring every now and then! They can take a simple graphic tee or sweater and dress it up to the nines!

tee | earrings

7. statement belt
Double G’s? Why not a double lion head instead 😉 Unique statement belts are so fun to add a twist to an otherwise basic piece! I mean, we all need belts after all!

belt (thrifted, similar) | blazer (thrifted, similar)

8. brooch
I think we need to see more of these personally. So not “old lady” and they’re such a fun, surprising way to add a little bit of class.

brooch | turtleneck 

Some of these are not surprising (silk scarf, beret), but I hope some of these other ideas like the brooch and statement belt give you some ideas on accessories you can use to class up your outfits!

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