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Napa Valley Photography That Will Make You Think You’re In Europe

Let’s play a game: California or Tuscany? I promise these photos will keep you guessing! If you’re looking for your European scenery fix but traveling out of the country isn’t an option right now, then consider visiting Napa Valley, CA for your winding roads, picturesque old stone buildings, olive trees, and vineyards lining the rolling hills.

Napa Valley has a certain Tuscany air about it, and whatever experiences you wanted to have in Europe you can certainly enjoy here, whether it’s a wine and cheese picnic or exploring beautiful buildings. There’s even an authentically designed Tuscan castle in Napa!

There’s more to the US than you make think, and you certainly don’t have to give up on your European travel dream if you find yourself staying stateside this year.

Now keep scrolling and escape into the wonderful world of Tuscany in the US…

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